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Members Night 4th Mar 2020 Sharing Our Brickwalls
Ken Doughty 5th Feb 2020 My Ancestor Was a Brushmaker
Ian Waller 8th Jan 2020 My Average Ancestor
Jef Page 4th Dec 2019 Christmas Traditions
Where our traditions come from and how our ancestors  celebrated Christmas
Steve Beaman 6th Nov 2019 Was Your Ancestor a Transport Police Officer
Researching the lives of police officers and particularly those who served as railway, dock and canal police
Dianne Sutton 2nd Oct 2019 Down Among The Gypsies
The history and culture of this often maligned community
Dave Annal 4th Sep 2019 The Enumerator Strikes Back
A fascinating look at the stories of the men and women who created the UK's census returns
Ken Griffin 7th Aug 2019 Bucks Convicts 1770-1870
Convicts tried in the County between 1770 and 1870, the last 100 years of transportation
Colin Oaks 3rd Jul 2019 Coram and The Foundling Hospital
The Coram Foundation was the personal creation of a former sea captain, philanthropist and ship builder
Kathy Chater 5th Jun 2019 Film and Sound Archives for Historians
How to find records of ancestors walking, talking and maybe acting
Stephen Barker 1st May 2019 Bucks in the Civil War
The part Buckinghamshire played in the Civil War
Julian Hunt 3rd Apr 2019 Woughton on The Green
How  open-field agriculture worked in possibly the most surviving ridge and furrow in Buckinghamshire
Members 6th Mar 2019 Members' Meeting
 What my Granny did - a look at our female ancestors
Jef Page 6th Feb 2019 Chaucer - A Poet's Tale
A look at the life of the poet (and comptroller of customs) Geofffrey Chaucer and the medieval England of the time
Geoff Swindells 9th Jan 2019 Life During The Commonwealth and Restoration
How the Commonwealth and Restoration affected the lives of middle class families during the mid 17th century, with reference to some named Buckinghamshire residents of the time
Alan Ruston 5th Dec 2018 Look Out, He's Behind You
The pantomime phenomenon, occupations and professions
Tom Doig 7th Nov 2018 Old Photographs
Great Grandma didn't write the names on the back of the photos, as she knew who they were. Clues to identifying them
Ian Waller 3rd Oct 2018 All Roads Lead to Smithfield - Drovers and Cattle Dealers
Drovers were very hardy men (originally Welsh or Scottish)
Tom Jones 5th Sep 2018 The History of Olney
Gwyneth Wilkie 1st Aug 2018 Coping With Kew
An introduction to the National Achives
Colin Oaks 4th Jul 2018 Prisons, Punishment and Pain
Meryl Catty 6th Jun 2018 Brandy for the Parson
The activities of smugglers who were often referred to as ‘gentlemen’
Alan Ruston 2nd May 2018 Maps for Family Historians

David Frost 4th Apr 2018 On Being an Agony Aunt for Family Tree Magazine
David has been researching his family since 1967 and compares how reader's questions mirror his own experience
Members 7th Mar 2018 War Time Memories
Short talks by members about family wartime connections
Marion Swindells 7th Feb 2018 The Life and Times of the Gamekeeper
This talk covered the life of the country gamekeeper from the eighteenth century to the 1980s
Tom Jones 3rd Jan 2018 Bawdy Georgians
Tom introduced poet William Cowper and featured some of the scandals of his day
Jef Page 6th Dec 2017 Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens
Jef Page's talk was about Dicken's life, the London that he knew and saw - he knew it well, and how his family, experiences and imagination, particularly when growing up, influenced him and came out in his books, ie. "Oliver Twist", "David Copperfield", and "Great Expectations"
Colin Oakes 1st Nov 2017 Calendars: The Many Ways of Counting Our Days
Colin Oakes examined how our calendar developed from Republican Rome's through Julius Caesar's "Julian calendar", then the Augustinian changes, Anglo-Saxon modifications, and onto the Gregorian calendar. He examined the great changes in 1751 and 1752 and the missing days, with some ramifications for dates before 1752, ending with even more changes and leap years, seconds and Atomic clocks
Anthony Marr 4th Oct 2017 Civil Registration - A Registrar's View
After taking early retirement Anthony became a registrar at Beaconsfield.  He said that he learnt more about civil registration on his first day than he had ever done in previous years of researching his own family history
Dave Annal 6th Sep 2017 Brick Walls & Lost Ancestors
Everyone left a paper trail and it's almost always possible to find it. Dave Annal's talk will introduce a number of strategies to help you to get round the brick walls and dead ends in your research, including getting the most out of online databases, and advanced techniques such as "family reconstruction"
Richard Heaton 2nd Aug 2017 Your Ancestors in the Newspapers
Richard Heaton's talk provided an overview of the principal historic newspapers and periodical websites, both free and pay per view/subscriptions. Also, what you are likely to find and why.
Simon Fowler 5th Jul 2017 Researching Publican & Brewery Ancestors
How to start researching your brewery and publican forebears, looking at the major sources in which to find more about these men and women. Simon is an experienced genealogist and a member of the Pub History Society, and will also provide a brief history of brewing and pubs since medieval times
John Frearson 7th Jun 2017 The History of Morris Dancing
John Frearson has danced the Morris for nearly 30 years, and was the Bagman (National Secretary) of the Morris Ring for 7 years
Ian Waller 3rd May 2017 All Drawn by Horses
This talk looked at the horse drawn transport age from the mail coaching networks to transport on the estate or farm
Geoff Swindells 5th April 2017 Olney Poor Law Records 1744 to 1820
The Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney was given the Overseers of the Poor's levy and disbursement books covering the years 1744 to 1820 in 1900. These books paint a detailed picture of life in Olney at the time
Members 1st Mar 2017 Members' Meeting
Tom Doig 1st Feb 2017 Wills and Inventories
The oldest Wills survive from Anglo-Saxon times but the difficulty was recognised from earlier times
Julian Hunt 4th Jan 2017 Steeple Claydon: Before & After Enclosure
How enclosure affected people's lives in Steeple Claydon, featuring members of the Verney, Busby and Hubbard Families, contrasting with the nearby village of Addington
Colin Chapman 7th Dec 2016 Christmases Past
A profusely illustrated talk examining the origins of the Christian festival, and looking at customs traditionally celebrated at Christmastime
John Hanson 2nd Nov 2016 One Name, One Place
Many of us create one-name or one-place studies without really realizing it.
Sarah Doig 5th Oct 2016 A Job for Life: the history of apprenticeship and guilds
Exploring the wealth of surviving records of apprenticeship and guild administration
Kathy Chater 7th Sep 2016 Tracing Huguenot History
Some 50,000 Protestant refugees came to Britain from 17th and 18th century France
Meryl Catty 3rd Aug 2016 Mrs Goodwin's Little Book
The discovery of an18th century book of personal jottings was the inspiration for this speaker's talk about her husband's ancestor
Paul Blake 6th Jul 2016 World War 1 Military Records
What records survive for researching those who served King and country
Maggie Loughran 1st Jun 2016 Locating Origins of Irish Ancestors
Undertaking research into generations of Irish ancestors
Geoff Swinfield 4th May 2016 DNA Tests for Family Historians
What commercial products are available and how should results be interpreted?
Ian Waller 6th Apr 2016 Mending Bodies, Saving Souls
The social history and effects medical science had on our ancestors
Members 2nd Mar 2016 Members' Meeting
Members recounted their family research
Nigel Lutt 3rd Feb 2016 Available Records
Available records to research  family history in the twentieth century highlighting some possibilities and some problems
Bill Griffith 6th Jan 2016 Milton Keynes Museum
A talk as the museum is embarking on a major expansion project
Ian Currie 2nd Dec 2015 Frosts, Freezes and Fairs
A 1000 years of famous winters when rivers froze and remarkable events took place on the ice
Members 4th Nov 2015 Member's Evening
Your research, your brick walls. A chance for members to exchange details of their research, and how they overcame brick walls
Julian Hunt 7th Oct 2015 Buckinghamshire Workhouses
Tracing the early history of parish workhouses
Stephen Barker 2nd Sep 2015 The Ox and Bucks Light Infantry on the Somme
Highlighting four significant battles in which the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry battalions fought  
Judy & Chris Rouse 5th Aug 2015 Murder and Mayhem on the Midland
An illustrated talk on Midland Railway records at the National Archives - an accident, a suicide, and a murder
Ann Leaver 1st Jul 2015 2000 years of the History of Milton Keynes
Being on a busy Roman and Medieval road, history did not pass us by
Ian Waller 3rd Jun 2015 Electoral Registers, Rate Books and Land Taxes
Valuable resources to locating ancestors
Pat Hilbert 6th May 2015 My Ancestors Were Thames Watermen and Royal Watermen
Pat's talk related to her father's family - the Greens - 69 of whom were Thames Watermen
Kevin Varty 1st Apr 2015 The Great War Through the Magic Lantern
Images taken from popular newspapers and glass slides
Members 4th Mar 2015 Members' Evening
Member's own research
Michael Gandy 4th Feb 2015 Quaker Ancestry
Where to find Quaker records
Audrey Collins 7th Jan 2015 Discovery - The National Archives Catalogue
The key to over 1000 years of history
Elizabeth Knight 3rd Dec 2014 The History of Lace Making
in the north Bucks area
Members 5th Nov 2014 Members' Evening
Member's own research
Alan Ruston 1st Oct 2014 Non-Conformity
The history of the various denominations since their foundation in the 17th century
Richard Ratcliffe  3rd Sep 2014 What's in The Parish Chest
The records to be found in the Parish Chest, from the 15th to the early 20th century
John Hanson 6th Aug 2014 The New FamilySearch Website
The latest changes, and how to get the best from them
Prof. Rebecca Probert 2nd Jul 2014 Tracing Marriages
Legal requirements and actual practice, 1700 -1900
Kathy Chater 4th Jun 2014 Turning Your Tree Into a Tale
Ways to present your research in an interesting way
Julian Hunt 7th May 2014 A E Housman, A Shropshire Lad
The family history of the poet A E Housman
Brian Horridge 2nd Apr 2014 Members' Evening
Bucks FHS Digital Resources
Ian Waller 5th Mar 2014 Debts, Debtors and Bankrupts
Tracing records of ancestors living beyond their means
Bruce Smith 5th Feb 2014 Local Drove Roads
The lives of drovers taking livestock to market before railways
Michael Kushner 8th Jan 2014 A Journey to Station X
The Bletchley Park Story
Edna Dickenson 4th Dec 2013 Wartime Christmas
Demonstration of how women coped in the kitched during WW2
Members 2nd Nov 2013 Members' Evening
A snippet from your family history?
Judy Davies 2nd Oct 2013 Pressed or Volunteer?
Tracing the life of John White the Boatswain
Dave Foster 4th Sep 2013 Beginners' Family History
Sue Donelly 7th Aug 2013 Mapping Rich and Poor
Charles Booth's enquiry into London life and labour
Ian Waller 3rd Jul 2013 20th Century Army Records
Louise Taylor 5th Jun 2013 Adoption and Fostering
Entry removed at speaker's request
Dr Gillian Gear 1st May 2013 Saving Dickens' Children
Certified Industrial Schools
Dave Annal 3rd Apr 2013 Death and Taxes
Understanding the death duty registers
Members 6th Mar 2013 Members' Evening
Peter Maggs 6th Feb 2013 Smethurst's Luck
The story of Dr Thomas Smethurst
Tom Doig 9th Jan 2013 Births and Baptisms
Phil Morris 5th Dec 2012 Fire Marks and Insurance Tokens
and Christmas nibbles
Mermbers 7th Nov 2012 Members' Evening
Members told their ancester's stories with an occupational theme
Meryl Catty and Audrey Gillett 3rd Oct 2012 Leave No Stone Unturned
Looking for those elusive ancesters
Alan Ruston 5th Sep 2012 Was Your Ancester a Civil Servant?
Looking at the records to search
Louise Taylor 1st Aug 2012 This talk was based on a study of sixteen women from Stepney in East London, each of whom was admitted to Middlesex County Lunatic Asylum - Colney Hatch, in the perion 1877 to 1889 
Peter Barratt 4th Jul 2012 Peter gave a stirring and passionate account of  his great-grandmother's fight to vote 100 years ago
Trevor Owens 6th Jun 2012 Trade Tokens
What they can tell us about a local economy
Ian Waller 2nd May 2012  What is available?
Judy Davies 4th Apr 2012  Judy's quest to uncover the events in the life of her convict ancester who was from Bedfordshire 
Members 7th Mar 2012 Members shared information, tips, and resources
Julian Hunt 1st Feb 2012 Coaching Inns of Bucks
Greg Davies 11th Jan 2012 A One Name Study of the Village of Nash
Frank Banwell 7th Dec 2011 Christmas Party and Old Films
Members 2nd Nov 2011 Members recounted their ancester's stories
Joy & Geoff Dawe 5th Oct 2011 Living the Poor Life
The two-way correspondence between the Poor Law Commission & Newport Pagnell workhouse
Meryl Catty 7th Sep 2011 The Breadwinner
Occupations - sources for trades and occupations with case histories
Richard Harvey 3rd Aug 2011 Bribery and Corruption
The unreformed electoral system and its records
Tom Doig 6th Jul 2011 Village Friendly Societies
Before the welfare state
Kathy Chater 1st Jun 2011 Coroner's Inquests
The Coroner's job explained
Peter Bailey 4th May 2011 British India and Indian Records
How to trace your Indian links
 and the Families in British India Society
Jane Burrell 6th Apr 2011 Caring For Your Heirlooms
How to preserve your precious  family archives
Maurice Clarke 2nd Mar 2011 The Heir Hunters Association
The work of tracing missing heirs to unclaimed legacies
Julian Hunt 2nd Feb 2011
House History
Tracing the story of a house throughout history
Members 5th Jan 2011 Members brought their own resources to share
Michael Gandy 1st Dec 2010
Christmas Party, and Seeing It Through Their Songs
This talk looked at music hall songs of the 1890s and early 1900s to show us what our grandparents thought about their lives
Members 3rd Nov 2010 Having learnt how to date and identify photographs earlier this year, members brought in their own photographs
Laura Cotton 6th Oct 2010 For those of us who missed Laura's talk in June 2006, a welcome return. An introduction to old handwriting, and then we were each asked to test our skills at reading old documents
Geof Lee 1st Sep 2010 An outline of their origin and arrival in Britain; History of the laws and persecution; Description of most aspects of their life, including homes, food, medicine, work, music, marriage and death; How to research gypsy family history
Ian Currie 4th Aug 2010 Can you rely on seaweed or pine cones?  Is ‘Red Sky at Night’ a shepherd’s delight?  Does April have the face of a monk and the claws of a cat?
Liz Carter 7th Jul 2010 A Victorian widow in her ‘weeds’ recalled her husband’s funeral and described what it was like to be a widow in 1890
Tom Doig 2nd Jun 2010 How to date and identify your old photographs
Audrey Gillett & Meryl Catty 5th May 2010 A dramatic reconstruction of the 1851 census
Anne Pegg 7th Apr 2010 Maps, tithe documents and terriers are some of the lesser known documents but can throw interesting light on the daily lives of our ancestors. Who knows, you might find a personal signature or mark or even details of their turnip crop! Some background information on the history and varied illustrations
Richard Heaton 3rd Mar 2010
An insight into what resources are available on-line, pre-research information required, and the strategy for searching newspapers that are not on-line. A selection of the many newspapers dating from the 1750's to the 1870's that Richard has collected
Ian Waller 3rd Feb 2010
Many families will find domestic servants, both male and female within their ancestry. This talk looked at their lives and their appearance in records
6th Jan 2010 Meeting cancelled due to bad weather
Brian Horridge 2nd Dec 2009 Christmas Party
And a talk by Brian Horridge on the Society's Church Finder project
John T Smith 4th Nov 2009 With the surname Smith you would be worried if you were trying to trace a grandfather who had "abandoned" his family....
Wendy Anderson 7th Oct 2009
A useful guide on sources for Scottish ancestry
16th Sep 2009 Evening visit to Sulgrave Manor
John Hanson 2nd Sep 2009
How to get the most out of it
John Wooley 5th Aug 2009
John was a local Bobby who helped capture the perpetrators of this terrible crime
Ian Waller 1st Jul 2009
A strategy for modern research
Tom Doig 3rd June 2009
- and how to avoid being hag-ridden
Nigel Lutt 6th May 2009
Jennifer Cooper 1st Apr 2009
Group AGM - followed by
"The Milton Keynes Heritage Association"
A talk on the MKHA
John Smith 4th Mar 2009
A well illustrated talk highlighting WW1 sources available.
John is chaiman of the Cheddington History Society
4th Feb 2009 Meeting Cancelled
Ian Waller 7th Jan 2009
A look at how marriage problems affected our ancestors
Thea Young 3rd Dec 2008
Christmas party
and a talk on Sulgrave Manor
Bill Duperouzel 5th Nov 2008
Janet and Bill Duperouzel's story
Geof Lee 1st Oct 2008
Unfortunately, samples weren't available!
Stuart King 3rd Sep 2008 A talk by Stuart King
Jennifer Cooper 6th Aug 2008 A talk by Jennifer Cooper
Anne Pegg 2nd Jul 2008
A one-name study of the Twentyman family
Greg Davies 4th Jun 2008
Using Excel for family history
Runnells Davis 7th May 2008
Another fascinating talk about life on the canals
Members 2nd Apr 2008 Interesting ways to record and display your research.
Robin Brown 5th Mar 2008
A talk with slides of old Bletchley and places nearby
Derek and Pam
6th Feb 2008 The Men Who Served in Nelson's Navy
Members 2nd Jan 2008
Members talk about their own ancestors
Alan Simpson 7th Nov 2007
How to create your own website
Pamela Birch 3rd Oct 2007
How to look after our valuable documents
Runnells Davis 5th Sep 2007
A talk describing the lives of canal people
Members 1st Aug 2007
Members talking about their research
Marion Maule 4th Jul 2007 The Bedfordshire Map Sampler
 Another entertaining talk by Marion Maule
Tova Irving
(William Cowley)
6th Jun 2007 The History of Parchment Making
 A talk by Tova Irving, BSc, member of
the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists
Derek Ayshford and Keith Williams 2nd May 2007 Computer Group Evening
A presentation on the BFHS School Log Book Project
Members 4th Apr 2007 Annual Meeting and Members' Queries
Members discuss family history queries
Dr. Richard Smart 7th Mar 2007
The National Archive of Memorial Inscriptions being run by DeMontfort University
Ted Legg 7th Feb 2007 Clockmakers of Bucks
A fascinating talk on a local trade
Greg Davies 3rd Jan 2007 Using Your Computer
Getting to grips with Word - It is not just for writing letters!
Members 15th Nov 2006 Computer Group Evening
Visit to Bletchley College
Tom Doig 1st Nov 2006 Folk Cures & Remedies
How our ancestors dealt with disease and illness
Marion Maule 4th Oct 2006 Weird & Wonderful Weddings
Wedding customs and traditions from around the world
Members 20th Sep 2006 Computer Group Evening
Member's software on display
Wendy Anderson 6th Sep 2006 Resources in London
London resources available to family historians
Members 2nd Aug 2006
Members talking about their research
Greg Davies 19th Jul 2006 Computer Group Evening
Greg Davies gave another talk about using computers
Ruth Meardon 5th Jul 2006
Examples of the many sources available in your local library
Laura Robertson 7th Jun 2006 Old Handwriting Workshop
Old wills, manorial rolls, etc.
Brian Horridge 17th May 2006 Computer Group Evening
A talk on the new version of Family Historian
Sandra Barker 3rd May 2006 Straw Plait Talk & Workshop
Straw plait making from an expert
Rex Watson 5th April 2006 Annual Meeting and Talk on DNA
An explanation of the role of DNA in family history
Greg Davies 15th Mar 2006 Computer Group Evening
Nash – a one place study and the use of IT
Robert Ayres 1st Mar 2006 Stony Stratford Past
An interesting look at Stony Stratford's history by a local author
Arnold Francklow 1st Feb 2006 Railways to Royalty
The story of an Anglo-German family
Members 18th Jan 2006 Computer Group Evening
Member's software on display
Julian Hunt 4th Jan 2006 Wills and Their Usefulness in Family History
Wills from a family history perspective
Stuart Boreham 2nd Nov 2005 Bucks People
Presenting The Bucks People Database
Elizabeth Knight 5th Oct 2005 The Medical Men of Olney
A history of medical practice with relevance to Olney
Wendy Anderson 7th Sep 2005 Riots, Strikes & Arson Attacks
Agricultural uprisings
Members 6th Jul 2005 Memorabilia Evening
Members talking about their research
Neil Rees 1st Jun 2005 Czechs and Chequers
Story of the Czech Government Exile in Bucks
Sandra Barker 4th May 2005 The Wonderful World of Willow
A demonstration of willow basket making
Julian Hunt 2nd Mar 2005 Civil War in Bucks
A talk on the recent exhibition in Aylesbury Museum
Members 2nd Feb 2005 Memorabilia Evening
Members talking about their research
Elizabeth Knight 5th Jan 2005 History of Lacemaking
History of lacemaking in North Bucks