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Knowles Junior School 2005

On September 1st 1973 Knowles Middle School came into being having previously been known as Leon County Junior School. Leon Secondary School moved to Fern Grove on the Lakes Estate and took the name Leon with them. The name 'Knowles' came from a local tythe map which included 'Knowles Field' and was adopted by the school.

At this time the age of school admittance in Buckinghamshire changed from 7 to 9 and also for going to Secondary School from 11 to 12. Details from the school log show how this was dealt with by the then headmaster, Mr Heywood.

5th September 1973 - The school reopened at 9 am in its new role as a Middle School. There being no new forms of entry the year groups were renumbered 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. As numbers were somewhat light in the 2nd year and lower in the 3rd these two age groups had been placed together to give four parallel classes of about 32 children, to be known as 23 D, P, T and L. This would enable us to admit up to 12 new children to this lower part of the school without the classes becoming unduly large. Mr J. Dicker commenced work as a member of the main school staff. Mrs S. Tunnicliffe assumed charge of the Language Unit, assisted by Miss F. Palmer. Mrs M. Folland commenced work as a Remedial Teacher on a part time basis. Mrs J. Lowe began work, on a temporary basis until the return of Miss P. Irons, in February. Mr R. de Lima and Miss J. Wright commenced work as peripatetic Music Teachers for violin and ’cello, under arrangements made by the Music Centre.

This school continued as Knowles Middle until September 2005 when once again the age of admittance was reverted from 8 to 7 and going to secondary school from 12 to 11. It is now known as Knowles Junior School.

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