Fanny Leon

  • Fanny Leon outlived her husband by eleven years

  • she was one of the few women involved in local politics

  • she took a particular interest in the running of the local school

  • she is still fondly remembered
Bletchley Park - Fanny Leon
Fanny Leon

We believe this photograph was taken when Herbert was knighted in 1911

Fanny Higham married Herbert Leon in 1878. They had two children - Reginald and Maggie.

Mrs Perkins talks about the grandchildren riding bicycles around the mansion

As well as looking after the house, Fanny took a keen interest in the rest of the estate and the farm. Having a particular interest in horses she often rode with the Whaddon Chase Hunt.

She is remembered as being firm with her staff but also sympathetic visiting them if they were ill and taking produce from the gardens or dairy.

Mrs Perkins talks about Lady Leon sending food to ill people in the village

Staff were even sent to the Leon's seaside home to recuperate. When Miss Robinson - daughter of Herbert Leon's gentleman servant, and an assistant in the orchid house - married railway fireman Ernest Perkins in 1928 a reception was provided in the pavilion and one of the Leon's cars was made available driven by Mr. Moyse the chauffeur.

With a particular interest in the local school Fanny is still remembered awarding prizes to the pupils and touring the classrooms.

Her interests in children and farming were combined by supporting the Young Farmers Calf Club. Every Saturday morning she walked from the mansion to the cricket pavilion where the Calf Club met.

She was a trustee of the local nursing association, which provided care to the sick in return for a weekly subscription before the National Health Service was set up.

At election times she toured local halls to speak in support of the Liberal Party accompanied by Miss Stephens and Mrs Robinson and the pavilion became the campaign headquarters.

After the death of her husband in 1926 she was elected onto the local council, remaining very active despite being well over 60.

Fanny Leon died after being ill for some time on 23rd January 1937.

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