The Farm

  • The farm was always very tidily run as shown by these photographs taken at the time of the sale in 1937.

  • Horses still provided power for many tasks on the farm
Bletchley Park - Leons Farm
Home Farm - the farm yard
After purchasing Bletchley Park Fanny and Herbert took an increasing interest in farming the estate. They established a prize herd of Shorthorn Cattle, a popular breed at the time, and flocks of Boarder Leicester and Cheviot sheep. In 1916 a Bull from the Bletchley Herd sold for the staggering sum of £4,366-16-6.

In latter years Mr. Watson was the farm manager Mr. Bowers was in charge of the Beef cattle, Mr. Careless was in charge of the cows, Mr. Ash in charge of the poultry and other farm workers included Mr. Ritchie and Mr. Brown.

The Leons were also keen horse-people. Much of the extensive stable and carriage accommodation survives at the rear of the mansion. The 1891 census lists seven grooms living in the stable yard and others living elsewhere.
Bletchley Park - Leons Farm cottages
Two of the estate cottages at Home Farm
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Bletchley Park before the war