The Calf Club

  • Fanny Leon was president of the Calf Club which encouraged young farmers between the ages of about 8 and 18

  • The Calf Club - Bletchley Park

    Calf club members proudly show their cattle at the show
    Calf club member Jack Peverill shows his dairy shorthorn heffer

    Article from the local paper
    Almost every Saturday morning Fanny Leon would walk with her dogs from the mansion to the cricket pavilion to attend the meetings of the Young Farmers Calf Club. This was started in the mid-1920s by the secretary of the local branch of the National Farmers Union - F. R. Hodson and was later run by Mr. Brant of the Ministry of Agriculture.

    The children who attended were mainly from local farming families. Talks were given about livestock, grooming and showing techniques but the main purpose of the club was the annual calf rearing competition. Similar female (heifer) calves were purchased at the same time and the children drew lots to select their calf. They were taken home and looked after for a year. Careful records had to be kept of the weight of the calf and the food it ate.

    At the end of the year there was a calf show at the market where the youngsters proudly paraded their animals.

    Prize money and cups were awarded. The excitement is still remembered by participants.

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