Outstations - Stanmore

In 1942 the Ministry of Building & Public Works allocated a large site at Stanmore to accommodate the increasing number of Bombe machines needed to support the code-breakers at Bletchley Park.

The site had accomodation for over 400 Wrens & other staff. According to Naval tradition, the facilities were named after the parts of a ship - with cabins, a galley, foc'sle and so forth.

Discipline was probably more rigorous at Stanmore compared to the more rural outstations. Royal Marines guarded the entrance to the site and to 'B' block where the Bombes were located.

Estimates vary as to the number of machines based on site but somewhere between 40 and 80 Bombes functioned at the height of operations.

One of the (reconstructed) Bombe machines
Above: Wrens on parade at Stanmore - The Cannons Corner entrance is to the right of the photograph (Reproduced from After the Battle issue 37 available from Church House, Church Street, London E15 3JA.)

Below: The site at Stanmore - Photographs taken on 1st June 2000

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