The Women of Bletchley Park - Eastcote

Eastcote was the last outstation to be taken over. It may well have been originally intended as a war hospital and then not needed as such. It became a Bletchley Park outstation for a large number of the Bombe machines, housed in separate wings each given the name of one of the Allied countries - Norway, etc.
This was probably the largest of the outstations and was the site where surviving Bombes were gathered and in fact where staff retained within GCCS after the war were accommodated before moving to GCHQ at Cheltenham.
The central corridor linking the wings is about 1/4 mile long ! The old Bombe working area is now occupied as offices by various organisations.
This site was visited by a party of ex-Wrens, wartime BP staff and current Bletchley Park Trust staff on 18 June 1999. Some of the photographs taken during that visit are copied onto these pages. The Wren Quarters, known as Pembroke V, that we visited are empty.

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