Herbert Samuel Leon

  • Herbert Samuel Leon, a wealthy financier, bought Bletchley Park in 1882

  • this was his main home - he had three others

  • it was convenient for him to travel by train to the city

  • he became very involved in the life of the community and was an important benefactor

  • he was an active member of the Liberal Party and a long-standing friend of David Lloyd-George

  • he left over £700,000 when he died in 1926 (at a time when the average wage was around £2 a week)

Herbert Samuel Leon was born on February 11th 1850. He was the second son of George Leon, a wealthy stockbroker.

Research has yet to discover much about his early life but in his early twenties he joined the family stockbroking firm.

He married first in 1873. Two years later his first wife died leaving two young children - George and Kitty. In 1878 he married Fanny Higham.

Bletchley Park was purchased soon after. The existing red brick farmhouse was considerably enlarged over the next few years and it became their main family home. At this time business deals on the American Stock Market were considerably enhancing the family fortune and holiday homes were also purchased at Broadstairs in Kent and Ballater in Scotland. They also had a house in London.

Herbert became increasingly involved in the local community and developed a keen interest in politics becoming Member of Parliament for the area in 1891. Leading politicians of the time, such as Lloyd-George, became frequent visitors.

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