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Amateur radio operators can use many different modes of transmission, one of which is fast scan television. The station at Bletchley Park was built by Tom Mitchell G3LMX. We are able to use old satelitte receivers, slightly modified, to pick up the signal. As the signal is in the microwave band the transmission is by line of sight, so we have a repeater on Great Brickhill looking over Milton Keynes. In this way we can send a signal in to the repeater which is then sent all over Milton Keynes for other amateurs to pick up. The station consists of 3 cameras, one of which is transmitted from the 'hf' room to the dish and back down. 4 preview monitors are used to check the pictures from the cameras, which are then sent to one of the main monitors. We are lucky in that we can also see the repeater at Dunstable Downs direct, but the two repeaters are linked by radio. All the switching and transmitting equipment has to be built mostly from scratch: there are a few kits being produced, but there are no 'black boxes' available.
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