and communications in Bletchley Park

After the war the site of Bletchley Park remained in use by the government of the day and was used by a number of different departments . The first one to come on to the site had not really left it. This was MI6 whose station for contacting the agents in the field had been set up in the Mansion. They moved in to 4 of the huts and became what is now know as the DWS (Diplomatic Wireless Service). The training of operators took place there until it was moved some 15 miles away to Hanslope Park in 1982. A number of wooden masts were installed to carry the antennas, these were changed to metal ones later and finally demolished in the late 1980's. The bases and anchor blocks can still be seen around the site.
GCHQ maintained a listening station in the park from 1948 when it moved to a number of locations ending up in Cheltenham in 1987. This station was not used to transmit but monitored broadcasts from other countries.
ARI scanner. Navaids school, Faulkner House in backg ENTRANCE TO CAA BUILDING
The Ministry of Aviation appeared on the site in March 1948 and finally left in September 1993, at this time is was called the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). New buildings were put up on the site to house students and for training facilities. The field at the Back of Faulkner House one of the new buildings was used as a radar location and a number of different antennas were installed for the training of technicians.
Glide Path mast's VOR antenna
Pictures show some of the radar antennas which were installed at Bletchley Park
A teacher training college was set up in January of 1948 and remained until 1975. This was an all female collage and no men were allowed anywhere near the buildings. Woe betide any man that was found there - not only were they taken to the Principal, they were then reported to their department head.

The Post office then called the GPO (General Post Office) set up two schools on the site in 1949, with satellite units in the local area, to train telephone engineers and counter staff. Until 1993 when they left every telephone engineer working for the Post Office came through the school.

All the schools and colleges on the site had been set up to provide skilled workers in the areas that were needed after the war.

Two groups had been in Bletchley Park from the outset. As this was a government site one of the main departments had to be the Ministry of Works. They were there to see that the buildings and infrastucture were kept in good order and they finally left in 1992.

The other group of people on the site was the RAF. In fact the whole area around the Park was one big camp. It housed the military personnel working in and guarding the Park. At one time the camps held thousands of personnel from the RAF, Army and Navy. The RAF finally pulled out in 1957 and the final camp was demolished by 1958.

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