and communications in Bletchley Park

The radio station, opened in the museum in 1995, is known by its call sign GB2BP. The station is open every day the museum is. Other than the modern radios used, there is an extensive collection of vintage radios and other equipment.
In modern times the communication link with the park has been the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society, they have been involved with the park since its conception and have done a lot of work for the trust including setting up the Y Station and the rebuild of the Station X room to its original state.
MKARS were formed in 1958, and has a membership of around 80 people of all ages from young school children to octogenarians and of many interests. As well as normal club activities, it is a centre for instruction for amateur radio examinations such as the Novice Amateur Examination, and the Radio Amateur Examination., the former being taught by the County Chief Novice Instructor for Buckinghamshire Mr. Verdun Webley G0RKV, who also holds the position of club Chairman, and the latter by Mr. Chris Lewis M0BTB.
In 1995, a Morse Code Centre was set up to teach proficiency in the use of Morse Code. This allows the student to be able to both receive and send Morse at a speed of 5 or 12 words per minute needed for the Amateur Radio Morse test, and up to 25 words per minute, should the student require. Five Morse tutors are employed for this purpose. The Morse Centre is open to all people wishing to learn Morse, and meets every Friday evening from 8pm-10pm. The quality of the teaching is of an extremely high standard, and Morse tests are arranged for the students when they are ready, by one of the two County Morse Examiners, who are also tutors at the centre. So far, the success rate of students passing the tests stands at 100%.
Amidst such a unique and historical setting MKARS holds its weekly meetings, every Monday evening at 7.30pm. Once a year the MKARS holds a Rally/Car boot sale, in the grounds of Bletchley Park, and the date for 2000 is Sunday the 27th August. The club welcomes all visitors, and a pleasant and friendly atmosphere is guaranteed. We can be contacted on e-mail or phone 01908 647662.
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