Fenny Stratford Repeater Station

Power Room

The Power Plant consisted of the following:
Power Switchboard
Power Switchboard

2, 84 Brake Horse Power heavy oil full diesel engines,

2, 32 kW generators for charging the filament batteries, supplying 32 volts DC at 1000 amps.

2, 10 kW generators for charging the high tension batteries, supplying 200 volts DC at 50 amps.

2, ringing dynamotors for 17 c/s ringing current,

2, 5 HP electric motors driving air compressors for charging the air cylinders, used to start the engines,

2, 2.5 HP electric motors driving fuel pumps,

2, 2 HP electric motors for driving water pumps and fans to cool the engines,

1, travelling crane capable of lifting 25 cwt,

1, power switchboard.

All electric generators, motors and power switchboards were supplied and installed by Newton Brothers, Derby.

General view of engines
General view of engines
The two oil engines were single cylinder and horizontal in layout.

They were built and installed by Ruston Hornsby of Lincoln.

Details of the engines are as follows:

Flywheel, 9 ft. 2 ins in diameter, weight 6 tons 14 cwt.,

Cylinder Bore, 14.875 ins in diameter,

Stroke, 24 ins,

Running Speed, 210 rpm,

Total of weight of one engine, 20 tons.

Each engine was directly coupled to one 32 kW generator and one 10 kW generator. These supplied all the electricity requirements for the Repeater Station up until it was connected to the public mains supply in 1934. A mains charging set was provided when this was done, and consisted of a 38 horse power electric motor, driving 2 generators supplying 32 volts and 200 volts DC. The 2 engines were then held in reserve in the event of the public mains supply failing.

Close up view of one of the engines
Mains driven generator set
Close up view of one of the engines
Mains driven generator set

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