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James Nicols
" 'I wonder where you all would be now if I hadn't come out from England.' The old man looked at his descendants crowding the living-room of his home, and a silence crept over the chattering groups. How different everything would have been! It was a shock to be made to think of that. We knew he had emigrated from England years ago, it had just been taken for granted, and because no one bothered to ask we did not know exactly where he came from or the reason for his coming, or anything about his journey to New Zealand." (James Nicholls - Plum Duff and Cake) James William Nichols born in Castlethorpe December 6th 1851. See People - James Nichols

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James Nichols' story has been recorded - how many others are going to be lost unless something is done to capture them? Before it's too late to ask the questions as memories fade and recollections diminish, and run the risk of documentary evidence being lost, Castlethorpe's past has to be set down for the generations which will follow. It is hoped that by bringing together the records so far collected, you will be able to sense the personal and cultural achievements of the population. More modern records and photographs are being been included to show how the village continues to change and develop.
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