Castlethorpe Castle 1537
Stone was brought from Castlethorpe Castle to help build the
bowlyng aley for Henry VIII at the The Great House in Grafton

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Trades & goods supplied

Rawlinson MS D 779
f. 85
1535-1536 Expenditure for one hoole year aboute Grafton. £48-14s-5d and a half.

Rawlinson MS. D 780
ff. 161-183
Manor of Grafton.
Paid for our Soveraigne lorde for reparacons done ageynst his Grace's comeing thyether as well in wages to artificers as in purveyors and also for stuffe requiste and necessarie for the said buyldyng from 24th day of June inclusive unto Sondaye the 22nd July by space of 4 weeks. 29 Henry V111, 1537

f. 162
Fellyng and hewyng of tymber in Sawcy Forest for makyng, framyng and setting up of 5 new dore steeds with 5 new cleare story wyndowes sett in the newe walles of the kynges bowlynge aley and other new dore steedes sett up in the olde orchard, also reparing, guestyng, new crestyng, spurring and new plankyng the bridge at Yardley made redy for cartts to conveye herd stone from Castell Thorpe to the same manor, moreover not only formyng and setting up of a newe particion to enclose the kynges closett, making of a pentyse over the Quenes dynyng chamber wyndowe, making of hodes and whelebarrowes for masons' labourers with like hewing and making of ladders for the said masons, tilers and plasterers, but alsoe repayring, bording and furring of the crestes under the leades in the dynyng and long chamber and the Quenes dynyng chamber with like makyng of a water cartte to carey water to the morter makers.

f. 163v
Laborers to the roufe masons
Laboryng as well upon dyghyng and moyvyng up of hard stone at Rodhell and Hartwell quarres as also moyvyng and dyghyng downe of the olde walles at Castell Thorpe and helpyng to lode the saide stones into cartes and not only dighyng of lome to make morter for the rouf masons but likewyse of skaffoldyng and servyng the said rouffe masons with morter and stone.

At 5d per diem. All following received 9s-7d.
William Gresswood, Roberd Polyng, Hary Lysko, John Haryson, John Stephens, Thomas Sessy, William Lighwood junior, William Herd, Rauff Capper, Richerd Sperman, Thomas Lorde, William Bartrann, Thomas Wright, Persyvall Denyson, William Lavercok, Richerd Cook, John Dyngle, Rauff Dyer, Roberd Wright, John Marshall, William Roo, William Alen.

Tailor and overseer of cartts and laborers careying and castyng downe walles at Castell Thorpe.William Normanton at 5d per diem 7s-11d.

Total £3-2s-7d.

Wedgis rasis and a sledge
William Normanton of Castell Thorpe for wedges, rasis and a sledge for brekyng of stone at the quarre 6d.

Total £6-11s-4d.

f. 167

Stone carriadge
James Warenton of Grafton for carriadge of 26 lodes of hard stone from the kynges stoore from Castell Thorpe to the mannor 4d the lode 8s.-8d.
Richard Walley of
Grafton 70 lodes stone from Castell Thorpe, from Rodhell and Harttwell quares 15s.8d.
Thomas Lumberd of Grafton 8 lodes from
Castell Thorpe, Roodhills and Harttwell quarres 15s.-8d.
Rauf Jackson of
Grafton 14 lodes from same places 4s.-8d.
Thomas Jonson 54 lodes from
Castell Thorpe to mannor 18s.
William Gardyner of
Cosgrave 35 lodes from Castell Thorpe 14s.-4d.
Cuttberd Emerson of
Cosgrave 35 lodes from Castell Thorpe 11s.-8d.
Thomas Spenser of
Cosgrave 35 lodes from Castell Thorpe 4s.-8d.
William Spenser of
Cosgrave 20 lodes from Castell Thorpe 6s.-8d.
Thomas Hayswood of
Cosgrave 11 lodes from Castell Thorpe 3s.-8d.
John Olys of
Cosgrave 14 lodes from Castell Thorpe 4s.-8d.
John Olys of
Cosgrave 14 lodes from Castell Thorpe 4s.-8d.
Thomas Becham of
Cosgrave 11 lodes from Castell Thorpe 3s-8d.
Jaques Rigly of
Cosgrave 16 lodes from Castell Thorpe 5s.-4d.
Walter Ryvers of
Cosgrave 16 lodes from Castell Thorpe 5s.-4d.
Roberd Archer of
Cosgrave 71 lodes from Castell Thorpe and Roodhill and Harttwell quarres 23s-8d.
William Hall of
Cosgrave 17 lodes from Castell Thorpe 5s.-8d.

Total £4-4s.

f. 167v
Following are all men from Yardley bringing stone from Castell Thorpe:
John Browne 28 lodes 9s-4d.
William Smythe 12 lodes 4s.
Richard Woodward 34 lodes 11s.-4d.
Richerd Erle 23 lodes 11s.
Thomas Bondfeld 32 lodes 10s-8d.
Richerd Cooper 11 lodes 3s.-8d.
John Goodman 38 lodes 12s.-8d.
Hary Skott 23 lodes 7s-8d.
Richerd Goodman thelder 40 lodes 13s.-4d.

Total £3-3s-8d.

f. 168
Yardley men, stone from Castell Thorpe:
John Rawlens 26 lodes 8s-8d.
Richerd Goodman the younger 17 lodes 5s.-8d.
Christopher Wyndmyll 36 lodes 12s.
Thomas Albee 25 lodes 8s-4d.
John Vorlett 11 lodes 3s.-8d.
William Browne 13 lodes 4s.-4d.
Richerd Skreven 32 lodes 10s-8d.
Richerd Warenton 23 lodes 7s-8.
Rauf Aldyngton of
Potterperry 27 lodes 9s.

Total £3-10s.

f. 168v

Hanslope men:
John Yong 15 lodes 5s.
William Webb 11 lodes 3s.-8d.
John Trowell 11 lodes 3s.-8d.
Hughe Wrenne 21 lodes 7s.
John Duffeld 20 lodes 6s.-8d.
Christopher Bynkes 5 lodes 20d.
William Howghton 25 lodes 8s-4d.

Total 45s-4d.

f. 169v
Thorpe men:
John Parrett 34 lodes 11s.-4d.
William Parrett 9 lodes 3s.
John Aleson 33 lodes 11s.
George Dorman 18 lodes 6s.

Common labourers laboryng upon rammyng and levelyng the grownd of the bowlyng aley with lome as also settynge owt the bankes slope with potters claye for bowylys to banke and playe upon, with like turvyng with grene turffe the walkyng places over the northe syde of the bowlyng aley within the wall and not only fellyng of trees by the kynges commaundment without the wall on the northe side of the bowlyng aley, within and withoute the bothe voyde cowrtes, but likewise of trees in the hedgys of the highewaye and the Farmors close playne done for the kynges grace to see to the parke and to the pasture.

Total £6-17s-11d.

Tailor and overseer of cartts well laden overseying the laborers not only at Thorpe castyng downe the walles of the castell but lykewyse overseeing the dyggers of claye and turffe with the cartts laden at the Potters pytt.
William Normanton at 5d per diem 6s.-8d.

Total £3-14s.-2d.

f. 78v

Carriadge of stone
John Farmor of Grafton carriadge of 191 lodes of lome from the lome pytt to places where masons wroughte 2d. the lode 31s.-10d.
William Browne of
Yardley 39 lodes of stone from Castell Thorpe 13s at 4d the lode
John Warlett of
Yardley same 33 lodes of stone 11s.
Thomas Albee of
Yardley 33 lodes 11s.
John Rawlyns of
Yardley 22 lodes 7s-4d.
Richerd Warenton 25 lodes 8s-4d.
Richerd Cooper 46 loades 15s-4d.

Total £6-12s.