Written by the Reverend Christopher Beake, Vicar of Hanslope with Castlethorpe

Castlethorpe Charities 1782

The Sum of Eighty Pounds the Gift of Dame Bridgett Tyrill the Interest arising thereform to be applied to the Use of Cloathing and Provinding Firewood or other Fewel to be distributed to four of the most aged and Indigent Poor of Castlethorpe aforesaid that shall receive alms, to the relief of such Poor Widows of the Vicar or Minister of Hanslop in the said County of Bucks as shall be found a real and fitting object of Charity and for want of such Widow so qualified to the Relief of such other Poor Widow of one Minister as shall have died in any Benefice with in five miles of Castlethorpe aforesaid. And for want of such widows to be laid out and distributed for the further Provision of Cloathing and firewood amongst the Poor of Castlethorpe in General, for Preaching a Commemoration Sermon in the Church of Castlethorpe aforesaid yearly on the eight Day of March, Providing a Dinner for the Preacher & others the Trustees for the said Charity, to the Use of the Clerk or Sexton of the said Church or Chapel for keeping Clean and preserving a Monument Erected by the said Dame Bridgett Tyrill in the aid Parish Church of Castlethorpe and towards charges and satisfaction of Collecting and receiving the interest of the above mentioned Charity.

Also one Close of Pasture situate in the parish of Hanslop aforesaid commonly called or known by the name Thrope Ground and several Tenements in the Parish of Throp aforesaid and several pieces or parcels of Land lying dispersed by in the open and Common Fields Common Meadows and Precincts of Castlethorpe afor given and Granted by Grantors or Donors the Rents and profits annually arising therefrom to be paid and applied for and towards repointing the Church of Castlethorpe aforesaid and Relief and Maintenance of the Poor of the said Parish of Castlethorpe which at this time amounts to the sum of Thirteen Pounds five shillings and six pence per annum.

Moses Agar Vicar
Jos Kitlee
Matthew Kingston