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Caroline Walpole of Hanslope Lodge,
was buried 25 Febuary 1899 aged 79.
Top centre panel of the east window. Two angels holding a crown.
Maker A.L. Moore.
To the Glory of God and
this window is dedicated
in loving memory of their
by her children Born April
Mother Caroline Walpole
20 1818 Died February 22nd 1899
East window left panel depicting Isaiah the Prophet
East window centre panel depicting Christ as the Light of the World.
East window, right hand panel depicting John the Baptist.
The Light of the World
John the Baptist
John the Baptist (d. c.30), precursor of Jesus Christ. All that is certainly known about him comes from the Gospels. He was the son of Zachariah, a Temple priest, and his wife Elizabeth, who was a cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He was born when his mother was comparatively advanced in years, after the foretelling of his birth and the choice of his name by an angel. Nothing more is heard of him until he began his mission of preaching and baptizing in the river Jordan c.27. His diet was locusts and wild honey, his message one of repentance and preparation for the coming of the Messiah and his Kingdom. Among his disciples were the future apostles Peter and Andrew. He himself baptized Christ and recognized him as the Messiah when he saw the Spirit come down upon him. Later Christ praised him, saying that none among the sons of women had arisen who was greater than him.

John also denounced the incestuous union of Herod Antipas with his niece and brother's wife, Herodias, and was imprisoned for doing so. His death was brought about by the hatred of Herodias and the weakness of Herod. When Salome, her daughter, had greatly pleased the king with her dancing at his birthday feast, he promised she could have from him whatever she liked 'even if it is half my kingdom'. Instigated by her mother, she demanded the head of John the Baptist on a dish. Herod, without trial of any kind, despatched an executioner to John's prison and had his head presented to Salome, who passed it to her mother.

John the Baptist was believed to have been buried at Sebaste (Samaria). In Art John is represented both as prophet and baptizer often carrying a long cross.
The Oxford Dictionary of Saints by David Hugh Farmer

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