Memorial Inscriptions - St. Simon & St. Jude Church

Compiled by,
Buckinghamshire, Family History Society,
North Bucks Group.
In the Year 2000.
Area CH section 2, this is the whole of the area inside the church. Starting at the main door, through the base of the tower, through the double doors & going in a clockwise direction round the church interior.

Stained glass window on the north wall

In loving memory / of Alice, youngest / daughter of Henry /
Snaith and Charlotte / Trower born 1850 / died 1859.
North wall of the chancel, a marble plaque, matches No9 opposite

Sacred / to the memory of / Elizabeth Grant / who departed this life / September 17th 1843 / aged 86 years.
North wall of the chancel, a marble plaque

This stone sacred to the memory of / George Worley who died July 12 1814 aged 4 years and 5 months / of Harriett Jane Worley who died Nov, 6th 1831 aged 16 years / and of their father Edwd. Augustine Worley / who died Oct 27th 1839 aged 57 years / Was erected by Mary Anne Worley their afflicted mother and wife / For a testimony of her affection and her grief / Farewell ye lost and lovd. ones a few years / and she who mourns ye now with tenderest tears / again shall we meet ye on that blessed shore / where sorrow comes not and love parts no more.
A small brass engraved plate above the choir stalls

To the memory of / Edgar Julius Fenn / Priest – in – Charge / of Castlethorpe / 1926 – 1942
North wall of the chancel, a marble plaque

Sacred to the memory of / Mary Ann Worley / widow of Edward Augustine Worley / who died on the 10th day of September 1859 / in the 74th year of her age / Lord Jesus receive my spirit.
Large marble monument, with columns & marble figures, the highest inscription being in Latin is unreadable

Here -------
Thomas Tyrrill Miles -----
Edwoardi Tyrrill de Thorntom ---------
Margareta Vxoris ----------

Lower left hand inscription,
Neare to this place lyeth the body of / Sr. Thomas Tyrrill Kt. / one of his maj’tys justices of his court of commons / pleas, who married Bridget one of ye daughters / of Sr. Edward Harrington of Ridlington in ye / county of Rutland, Kt & bar. His third wife who / in gratitude to his invaluable merits did erect this / monument at her own charge to perpetuate his / memory, he dyed ye 8th day of March 1671 / Ano. Aeratis Fuae T8.
Lower right hand inscription,
Here also is interr’d the body of / Fd. Dame Bridget Tyrrill / who in further respect to her Fd. Deare / husband & as an humble tribute of thanks to her / gracious God for ye blessings she enjoyed here, hath / given ye sum of 10s, p annum for ever to ye poore of / this place & other pious uses to be distributed after / her death in such manner as by her deed in writing / more fully declared. / For with such sacrifices God is well / pleased. : Hebrews 13’ 16’.

Large stained glass window behind the altar

To the glory of God and in loving memory of their mother Caroline Walpole, this window is dedicated by her children born April 26th 1813, died February 22nd 1899.
South wall of the chancel, a marble plaque

Sacred / to the memory of / Kitelee Baily / who departed this life /
the 30th day of December 1825 / aged 3 months / Also of / William Baily /
who died / the 14th day of January / 1826 / aged 4 years & 10 months.
South wall, marble plaque, matches No 2 opposite

Sacred / to the memory of / Joseph Kitelee /
who departed this life Dec, 3rd 1841 / aged 81 / Also Mary wife of the above / who died Oct, 7 1841 / aged 87.
Stained glass window, south side, east end

To the glory of God and in commemoration of the /
Sixtieth year of the reign of Queen Victoria 1897.
Stained glass window south side of the church

To the glory of God / in loving memory of / John James Cannon /
born 1886 died 1967 / and of his wife / Dorothy, 1891 – 1974.
Situated at the top, on the west wall, an oblong marble plaque, matching No. 15 below

Affection / dedicates this tablet / to the memory of / Robert Scott /
of Milton Keynes in this county / eldest son of John Scott /
of Hatton Garden, London / he departed this life /
September 13th 1815, aged 36 years / and his remains are deposited /
in a vault near this spot / with those of his father-in-law / Thomas Kitelee.
To the left, an oval marble plaque, matches No 14, on its right

Sacred / to the memory / of / Thomas Kitelee / who /
died the VI of December / MDCCCXIV / aged LXII.
( 6 Dec, 1814, age 62 )
To the right, an oval marble plaque, matches No 13, on its left

This stone / is inscribed / to the memory / of / Mary Kitelee /
who departed this life / April the XXVII, MDCCCXII / aged LV years.
( April 27, 1812, age 55 )
Lower central, oblong marble plaque, matching No 12, above

Sacred to the memory of / Richard / only son of the above /
Thomas and Mary Kitelee / who died on the 13th day of September 1834 /
in the fifty fifth year of his age / and of / Jane / widow of Robert Scott /
and only daughter of / Thomas and Mary Kitelee /
who died on the 4th day of September 1867 / in the 86th year of her age.