The Bucks Standard, December 17th 1887

WESLEYAN BUILDING FUND – ENTERTAINMENT. – A social gathering of the member, Sunday school teacher, friends, and those interested in the Building Fund of the Wesleyan Chapel was held in the Schoolroom, on Wednesday evening, December 7, when upwards of 80 spent the evening together. Mr. John Onley, sen., occupied the chair, and the following programme was gone through in a very able manner; - Duet, “No time like the present,” Mr. Geo. Nichols and Miss S. Compton; song, “Mind your own business,” Miss Compton; quartet, Miss Nichols, Miss Compton, Mr. O. Nichols, and Mr. H. Cowley; solo, “Come let us join our cheerful songs,” Mrs. Onley; recitation, “Paddy’s speech,” Mr. Richardson. (At this point there was an interval of 40 minutes, during which the company partook of refreshments). Solo, “Beyond the smiling and the weeping,” Mr. Spring; duet, “They are gathering home from every land,” Miss C. and Mr. G. Nichols; duet, “Have you been to Jesus for the cleaning power,” Miss Compton and Mr. Spring. Recitations were given by Messrs. G. Rainbow, W. Onley, O. Nichols, W. Giles, T. Rainbow, J. Harris, and Mrs. J. Richardson.