Newspaper Reports - Birth, Marriages & Deaths


Northampton Mercury 09 August 1879

August 1, at Castlethorpe, the wife of Mr. GEORGE NICHOLLS, a son.

Kitelee Jane
Scott Robert

Northampton Mercury 25 January 1806

On Wednesday se’nnight, Mr. Robert Scott, merchant, of Hatton-Garden, London, to Miss Jane Kitelee, daughter of Thomas Kitelee, Esq. of Castle-Thorpe, Bucks

Bull Eliza
White John

Northampton Mercury 03 December 1853

MARRIED. On the 28th ult., at Castlethorpe, by the Rev. M. A. Nicholson, the vicar, Mr. John White, wine-merchant, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, to Eliza Louisa, only daughter of Mr. Joseph Bull, of the above place.

Soden Elizabeth
Ayers John

Northampton Mercury 14 October 1854

On Monday last, at Castlethorpe, by the Rev. M. A. Nicholson, vicar, Mr. John Ayers, of Thorpe Wharf, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. Richard Soden, of Castlethorpe.

Bull Jane
Owen David

Northampton Mercury 14 July 1855

Married: On Thursday, the 5th inst., at Hanslope, Buckinghamshire, by the Rev. M. A. Nicholson, Jane, wife of the late Joseph Masters Bull, Esq. of Castlethorpe, to David Owen, Esq., of Conway, North Wales.

Drake John Rear-Admiral
Richardson Eliza Adalaide

Croydon’s Weekly Standard 08 October 1859

The marriage of Rear-Admiral John Drake, of Castlethorpe, Bucks, and Miss Eliza Adelaide, second daughter of Samuel Richardson. Esq., of West Bank, Aughton, took place on the 28th ult., at the Parish Church, Aughton. (See Newspaper Reports 1859 also

Northampton Mercury 12 December 1863)

Amos Sarah
Nichols Thomas

Croydon’s Weekly Standard 22 December 1860

MARRIAGES. December 17, at Castlethorpe, by the Rev. J. E. Weddell, Thomas Nichols to Sarah Amos. (Marriages No. 86)

Soden Fanny
Pringle P.W.

Northampton Mercury 27 August 1864

MARRIAGES. At Castlethorpe on the 18th inst., by the Rev. M. A. Nicholson, Mr. P. W. Pringle, of Wolverton, to Fanny, youngest daughter of Mr. Richard Soden, of the former place.

Amos Thomas
Fountain Elizabeth

MARRIAGES. October 2nd, at Filgrave Church, near Newport Pagnell, by the Rev. J. Tarver, Mr. Thomas Amos, farmer and maltster, of Castlethorpe, Bucks, to Miss E. Fountain, of Filgrave.

Cook Thomas
Pollard Ann

Northampton Mercury 02 September 1871

MARRIAGES: August 21, at Castlethorpe Church, by the Rev. Wrigglesworth, curate, Mr. Thomas Cook, to Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr. George Pollard, of Wolverton Station.

Wilkins W.
Tomalin Ziliah

Northampton Mercury 14 June 1873

MARRIAGES. June 5, at St. Edmund’s Church, Northampton, by the Rev. N. T. Hughes, vicar, Mr. W. Wilkins, of Castlethorpe, to Miss Ziliah Tomalin, of Northampton.

Cowley Samuel
Mary Ann Daniels

Northampton Mercury 06 September 1873

MARRIAGES. Aug 19, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Gold-street, Northampton, by the Rev. W. Goodridge, Mr. SAMUEL COWLEY, of Castlethorpe, to MARY ANN only daughter of Mr. GEORGE DANIELS, Weston Favell.

Pike Joseph
Davies Beatrice

Northampton Mercury 11 December 1903

Marriages: Pike-Davies. 3rd Dec. the Parish Church, Sandy, Joseph, son of the late William Pike, of Castlethorpe, Bucks, to Beatrice, daughter of the late George Davies, of Old Warden, Beds.

Greenwood William A.
Sawbridge Edith

Northampton Mercury 11 November 1904

MARRIAGES: Greenwood- Sawbridge. Oct 18th at Hanslope, William Alfred Greenwood, of Castlethorpe, to Edith Sawbridge.

Kitelee Mary

Northampton Mercury 9 May 1812

On the 27th ult. In the 55th year of her age, Mary the wife of Mr. Thomas Kitelee, of Castle-Thorpe, Bucks.

Nicholls William

Northampton Mercury 17 March 1849

DIED: On the 12th instant, Mr. William Nichols, of Castlethorpe, after a lengthened illness, aged 68 years.

Nasbey James

Northampton Mercury 17 December 1853

DIED. On the 8th inst. Mr. James Nasbey, of Castlethorpe, only son of the late Mr. James Nasbey, of the above place, aged 44.

Trower Alice

Croydon’s Weekly Standard 17 September 1859

DEATHS. Sept. 9, at Castlethorpe, of peritonitis after scarlet fever, Alice Charlotte, third daughter of H. S. Trower Esq.

Cross John

Northampton Mercury 07 January 1860

Deaths: Dec. 29, at Castlethorpe, Mr. John Cross, aged 69 years, highly respected by all who knew him. (See Newspaper Reports Auction 14 January 1860)

Drake Charles Styles

Croydon’s Weekly Standard 01 December 1860

We this week record the untimely death of the Rev. Charles Styles Drake, son of Rear-Admiral John. Drake, of Castlethorpe. (See Newspaper Reports 01 December 1860)

White Eliza nee Bull

Northampton Mercury 21 May 1864

DEATHS. On the 12th instant, at Leighton Buzzard, Eliza Louisa wife of Mr. John White, and daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Bull, of Castlethorpe, aged 34 years.

Soden Martha

Northampton Mercury 04 February 1865

DEATHS. At Castlethorpe, on the 26th ult. Martha, the beloved wife of Mr. Richard Soden, aged 63 years.

Wiglesworth Thomas G.

Croydon’s Weekly Standard 15 January 1870

DEATHS. January 1, at Castlethorpe, Thomas Goulbourn, infant son of the Rev. J. L. Wiglesworth, aged 7 weeks.

Whiting Sarah

Northampton Mercury 11 November 1871

DEATHS: Nov. 7, at Castlethorpe, Bucks, Sarah, widow of the late Mr. Benjamin Whiting, of Piddington Lodge, in this county, aged 78

Whiting Elizabeth

Northampton Mercury 20 September 1873

DEATHS. Sept. 5, at Castlethorpe, Bucks, Mrs. ELIZABETH WHITING, aged 94.

Smith Harriet Sophia

Northampton Mercury 07 October 1882

DEATHS. Sept. 27, at Castlethorpe, HARRIET SOPHIA SMITH, 72.

Varney Robert

Northampton Mercury 03 December 1887

DEATHS. Nov. 27, at Castlethorpe, Robert Varney, 67.

Denny Ann

Northampton Mercury 12 October 1889

DEATHS. Denny Oct. 8, at Castlethorpe, Mrs. Ann Denny, late of High-street, Daventry.

Marshall Caroline Mary

Northampton Mercury 12 January 1894

MARSHALL. – Jan 2, at Castlethorpe, Caroline Mary, daughter of the late Rev. William Marshall, B. D., Rector of Chickerell, Dorset.

Savage Mary

Northampton Mercury 05 January 1900

Deaths: August 5. Mrs. Mary Savage died at Castlethorpe, aged 101.

Pike George

Northampton Mercury 27 December 1901

DEATHS: PIKE. December 22nd. 1901, at Linford-road, Newport Pagnell, George, eldest son of the late William Pike, of Castlethorpe, aged 51.

Kemp James

Northampton Mercury 14 October 1904

DEATHS: KEMP. On the 1st inst., at Castlethorpe, (suddenly), James Kemp, formerly of Stony Stratford, aged 64.

Carpenter Harold Thomas

Northampton Mercury 01 September 1916


CARPENTER. —In loving memory of Harold Thomas, beloved son of Thomas and Kate Carpenter, of Castlethorpe, who passed away at Northampton Hospital, August 30th, 1916. “Gone, but not forgotten.”