The Start of life in the "Fast Lane"

Mike Paris stated Go-Karting in 1959

I started Karting in 1959. I got into building a Go-Kart when I met Arthur Mallock. He had come to work at Hanslope Park after leaving the army. Arthur had bought a racing car and taken the gearbox out, he had ordered the spare parts but was unable to put it back together again.
As I was a motor mechanic Arthur brought the gearbox to me to see if I would re-assemble it for him.

I built it up for him and he took it away. As a thank you he asked me if I would like a ride in a Go-Kart he was demonstrating for Speedx.
A few weeks later he asked me if I would like to join him in building a kart and racing together. We built the Go-Kart for £15. The first racing I took part in at Shenington I qualified in the middle of the grid. To improve my position on the grid for my next race I went back to the track and practiced all day long, eventually getting down to the lap record.
The following weekend there was a National event, there I won the heat, the semi-final and the final. I won nine races with the kart. We later sold it for £75, with the money we had made we used to build a Formula Junior U2.

Haversham “karting” enthusiasts

Two Haversham young men have been hitting the headlines in Britain’s newest sporting craze “Karting”. With their homemade £40 special they have beaten all-comers at the national races with the exception of the British champion Mel Bayliss.
The kart enthusiasts are Mike Paris, 34 The Crescent and Roy Coles, 39 The Crescent, both of whom work at Hanslope Park.
Our photo shows Mike, all 6tf. 4ins. Of him, in the driving seat while Roy makes an adjustment to the 197cc motor cycle engine that sends the kart round tracks at speeds in excess of 60mph.

Mike working with Jack French who built the engine for our Formula Junior U2.

From motor-cycle to Racer

Haversham driver can take part in major events. Thanks to the encouragement and help of veteran racing motorist Arthur Mallock, of Roade, a 28-year-old Haversham engineer has obtained his full international licence, entitling him to drive in major car racing events.
This is a milestone in the career of Mike Paris, of 34 The Crescent, who having progressed from motor-cycles and saloon cars to go-karts and 130m.p.h. racers is having a wonderful season in the comparatively slow bit tricky 750cc Motor Club trails

Brands Hatch Practice Day
Mike’s first time on the track in a Formula Junior U2.
Note: Minus nose cone, which was being made by Derrick Clarke of Bletchley.

Mike after winning a Monoposto race.

Mike winning a Monoposto race.

Mike winning a 1172 race

Copse Corner – In this Monoposto race Mike started on the back row of the grid but still managed to win the race.

Silverstone Copse Corner
Car No. 38 was built by Eric Broadley of Lola fame. Driven by Alan Wershat who named the car Lolita.

Mike won this Monoposto race driving car 43.

Sports Car Race. Mike driving No. 24

During the winter months it was decided to build a 750 trails car. Taking part in the 750 trial championship events. The same car was used in every event. Mike being passenger for Arthur Mallock who in turn was passenger for Mike when it was his turn to drive. They took part in all the events which was as far afield as Tonbridge Wells and Longtown near Carlisle. Mike won the 750 Championship in 1962/3, Arthur came second – both using the same car.

Major Arthur Mallock, from Roade, at the wheel of his Austin 7 powered trials car during the 750 Motor Club’s South Down trial at Bordon, Hants. With Mr. M. R. Paris as passenger he won the 750 trials special class.

Mike with the Mallock Mk6B

This car was used by Arthur Mallock and Clive Smedley in Clubmans Racing in 1966.
Over the following winter Mike modified it to F2 specification, fitting a Ford Cosworth twin cam engine producing 150bhp

Left to right: Ray Mallock, Arthur Mallock, Mike Paris, Richard Mallock, unknown, Clive Smedley (the owner of the car).

The car was taken to Zandvoort Circuit Park in Holland and raced by Arthur Mallock in the F2 race.
The car was used to race against John Surtees, Bruce McLaren, Jackie Hicks and Jack Olive etc.

While we were at Zandvoort we were approached by the French and English file company to take part in a film called “The Chequered Flag”. We stayed for 3 days. The car was used as the camera car at Zandvoort. The film company returned to the U. K. and re-assembled at Brands Hatch, where Mike drove the car for the filming.

In 1973 Mike built a Mallock Mk11B (with pig nose), for Frank Sytner to use in the Clubmans Championship. Mike prepared the car for each race. Frank who was the owner of a BMW Dealership in Nottingham went on to win the championship that year.

The Mk11B with shark nose pictured at Phoenix Park Southern Ireland. Frank Sytner was driving this car.

The Mallock Mk 14 raced in the Clubmans Championship by Frank Sytner on 1974.

Cadwell Park 1977

The car a Mallock MK 18 was prepared by Mike for the 1977 season, for Andrew Neilson of Beverley, Yorkshire, to take part in his first year of racing in Oceanair Clubmans Championship.

Truxton 1977
Andrew Neilson beginner to winner in one season.
Andrew Neilson winning his last race of the season. Mike Paris and Roy Coles holding the trophy.

(Thank you note from Andrew Neilson)

Harewood 1996
Mike taking part in his last competitive event which was a hill climb, sharing the car with Ray Mallock. Ray won the event.


Ford GT40 Replica with a Ford 5.7 litre engine de-stroke to 5.6 producing 470bhp. The car was built by Ray Mallock and managed by Mike for the owner/driver Alexander Portman.

The last racing car Mike owned but was never raced by him was a Mallock Mk 6 that was later sold.