Michael Paris - Life in "Fast lane"

A Rolt RT1 which Ray Mallock won the British Formula Atlantic Competition in 1979.
In the car: Andrew Neilson
Left to right: John Christie, Colin Webb, Mick Paris, unknown

This car is a Wolf F1 used by Ray Mallock in the British Aurora Championship
in 1980 after the Surtees TS20A was written off at Thruxton in May 1980.

Mike sitting in the Wolf F1 at Salcey Lawn.

The car, a Surtees TS20A built by John Surtees. It was used by Ray Mallock
in the British F1 Aurora Championship in 1908. The car is at Silverstone track for a “shake down”.

Silverstone Ray Mallock the driver in the 1980 F1 Aurora Championship.

This Rolt car was designed by Ron Tautanac in 1981. The car was built by Ray Mallock’s team at the Rolt factory. The car was taken to a “shake down race” at Silverstone which Ray Mallock won. The car was then shipped out to Australia.

Calder Raceway Australia

Ray and Mick flew out to Australia where Mick took control of the owner’s racing team.
To prepare the car for the 1981 Australian Grand Prix.

Alan Jones and Jack Brabham

Alan Jones was a driver in the 1981 Grand Prix along with Nelson Picot,
Jacques Laffite, Roberto Romaino. Jack Brabham was a spectator at the Grand Prix.

Car being prepared in the garage at the Calder Raceway. William Toat seated in the car. He went on to work for Ray Mallock as a mechanic and showed a great deal of interest in aerodynamics. He went on to work for Benetton as their aerodynamasist. 

The 28th Macau Grand Prix 1981

The Team in Macau
This car belonged to Ray Mallock, it was a Rolt Formula Atlantic F2.

The team left to right: Mick Paris, John Christie, unknown, Jonathan …., Ray Mallock, Cliff Smith (the sponsor) of the team).
Front row: Sue Mallock and Cliff Smith’s children.

Ray Mallock racing the Ralt at Macau, where he finished 3rd.

Shar Alam in Malaysia 1981 race track

The garage in Malaysia , with spare engine waiting to be fitted after practice,
ready for the race. The job was completed at 3.30a.m. race-day morning!

At Le Mans in 1984 this car was driven by Ray Mallock, Drake Alson and Dickie Attwood.
The car was involved in our second car’s accident and was retired.

Left to right: Peter Lavanos, Prince Michael of Kent, Victor Gauntlet.
1989 Aston Martin returned to the 24 Le Mans Race with Protius Technology funded by Peter Lavanos.

1989 Lorries lined up on the dock at Cairn ready to go to Le Mans

1989 The ASTON MARTIN World sports car Championship team lined up outside the Protius Tech.
factory in Rookley, Milton Keynes. Which Mick Paris set up, and was factory manager there.

1989 Le Mans
The two British drivers of this car were, Costas Los, Brian Redman.
Michael Roe who was from Ireland was the other driver of this car.

1989 Le Mans
Carrying out adjustment in the pits.
The drivers of this car Ray Mallock, David Leslie and David Sears.

1989 Le Mans
Body spares for the cars

Le Mans 1989
Start line.

Le Mans 1989
Costas Loss one of the drivers of car No. 19

Le Mans 1989
Left to right: Phil Barker, David Leslie, unknown, Joan Paris, unknown, Caroline Barker, Jan…

The British Racing Driver’s Club Dinner