The Wolverton Express 22 April 1949


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carpenter, who celebrate fifty years of married life with a family reunion tomorrow (Saturday), have a daughter Eva Carpenter, who is a B.B.C. supervisor at Daventry. They have lived in Castle House for 42 years out of 43 years residence at Castlethorpe. Both are natives of Northamptonshire, and were married at St. Peter’s Church, Brackley, on a sunny day, 19th April 1899. Mr. Carpenter commenced work on the land at the age of 13 for the princely sum of 2s. 6d. a week for a twelve-hour working day; he was earning 14s a week when married. He has spent a lifetime in agricultural employment, 43 years being on Lodge Farm, Castlethorpe, which is farmed by Mr. J. E. Whiting, J.P. Mrs. Carpenter told an Express reporter: “My husband’s life’s job has been milking cows.” Mr. Carpenter still potters about several hours a day in the gardens of Lodge Farm and “inspects the crops.” “If you begin to sit down you are soon done”, he said.

Mrs. Carpenter also started work at thirteen going into “service” at Northampton for one shilling a week and “keep”.

Both came from large families, Mr. Carpenter being the youngest and only survivor of ten, and his wife one of twelve children, with only a sister alive.

Other children of Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter living are: Sons Fred and Jim, residing in Oxford Street, Wolverton, and Station Road, Castlethorpe, respectively; and daughters, Mrs. B. Elkington, of Broughton, Mrs. S. Thomas, Castlethorpe, and Mrs. K. Freeman, Far Cotton. There are eight grand-children. All are hoped to be present at the party in the Carrington Arms Clubroom.

Amongst the many telegrams and card congratulations was a telegram from Mrs. St. John (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting), who is resident in Singapore. They have been the recipients of many choice bouquets, and the gifts included one from a neighbour with the message, “Some golden margarine (I wish it was butter), some golden syrup and a few golden eggs, which I hope will make some nice golden cakes.” The “wedding” cake will bear fifty candles.

They are 74 and 73 respectively, and enjoy god health.

Thomas Carpenter
Thomas Carpenter
The Wolverton Express September 22nd. 1950

Castlethorpe Land Service Medal

Buckingham Agricultural Show on Thursday 14th September

Medals For Land Stalwarts

Castlethorpe Recipient

The President, Dr. L. P. Higgins handed two medals to two stalwarts of the land on behalf of the National Agricultural Society. They were Mr. Thomas Carpenter, of Castlethorpe, whose total length of service is 63 years, of which 42 has been on Lodge Farm, Castlethorpe, with Mr. J. E. Whiting, J.P. and he still “potters” about the farm at the age of 76. Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter attained their golden wedding last year.