Caroline & Richard Webb
Caroline Gobbey
Charles Richard Webb
Caroline & Richard Webb

Caroline Webb nee Gobbey
Caroline Webb nee Gobbey

Charles Webb
(belived to be taken at Castlethorpe School)
Charles Benjamin Webb started at Castlethorpe School on 5.1.1920 - he was at that time
living in New Rd. Castlethorpe
He left and went Hanslope on 31.7.1924
Charles R. Webb, Charles Benjamin Webb & Caroline Webb neé Gobbey

Son, Charles was born at Castle House & baptised at Castlethorpe Church 22nd August 1915
Oliver Roy Webb was baptised at Castlethorpe Church April 28th 1929
Caroline Webb buried at Castlethorpe Church 23rd February 1932 aged 46
Marriage Certificate of Caroline Gobbey & Charles Webb - June 1st 1914

Oliver & Helen Webb

L-R: Oliver Webb & family, Linda, Heather, Sandra, 
Margaret (died May 2006), Philip, Helen (wife)
Oliver Webb the younger son of Caroline & Charles. With his wife Helen,
leaving Buckingham Palace in 1984 after receivng the M.B.E. from Her Majesty The Queen.
For Political and Public Service