James & Elizabeth Herbert
James & Elizabeth Herbert
The Wolverton Express June 25th 1971


On a hot summers day in 1921 Elizabeth Nicholls arrived at Castlethorpe Church in a horse-drawn cab. It was her wedding day, and waiting in the church was her bridegroom, James Herbert, of Hanslope.

Last Friday Mr. and Mrs. Herbert, of 27 North Street, Castlethorpe, celebrated their golden wedding. But the big day was Saturday when over 70 friends and relations attended a celebration party in the barn at Maltings Farm. Among the guests were three bridesmaids at the wedding – Mrs. Marcelle Ridout, Mrs. Evelyn Bennett, and Mrs. Nellie Horne.

Mr. Herbert, 81, was a machinist in Wolverton Works for 44 years. His wife recalls, “The first day he started back at work after the wedding he came home with the news that he was on short time and we had to manage on 25s a week”.

Mr. Herbert is a keen gardener and specialises in chrysanthemums. He has won many cups and diplomas and is a member of the North Bucks and B. R. Chrysanthemum Society.

Eight years ago he won the prize for the best kept garden in Castlethorpe.

Mrs. Herbert, 77, is a native of Castlethorpe and has lived in the village all her life.

She met Jimmy, as she calls her husband, at a local dance. When they started “courting” they used to walk miles. “There was no other way of getting around in those days,” she said. The young men also had to leave the house before 10 p.m. – “there was no handing around any later”.

Her husband was a native of Akeley, but later came to live at Hanslope. His father, the late Mr. Jacob Herbert, died in 1964 at the age of 103.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert have lived in the same house in North Street for 35 years. They have no family.