The Wolverton Express 24 February 1950


For husband and wife to each own a horse and to win a hurdle race in the same week is perhaps unique, and this success fell to Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Markham, of Manor Farm, Castlethorpe, last week.
On Wednesday at Doncaster, Mrs. Markham's horse "Gibus", ridden by the successful jockey A. P. Thompson, won the Allendale Handicap hurdle race of 2 miles 300 yards, by 1½ lengths, and returned the nice price of 100-6, with a tote return equal to 24-1. On the previous day, at Leicester, Mr. Markham's improving four-year-old, "Red River", ran a good second to the French bred "Tsaoko", at the price of 7-1, but "Red River" went one place better on Saturday by winning the Bedale Novice Hurdle of 2 miles at Catterick Bridge in a field of 25 runners.
The return price was 11-8 against.
On both occasions "Red River" was well ridden by Peter Ward, son of R. Ward, Hednesford, Staffs, trainer who is responsible for both the winning horses.
Mr and Mrs. Markham have a useful string of horses for both codes of racing and owned the Lincolnshire candidate "Brawby Lad".

Red River
Red River

The Wolverton Express 19 September 1952

"The Boss"
"The Boss"
William David Markham


Late Mr. W. D. Markham

“A great sportsman and benefactor” is a fitting epitaph to Mr. William David Markham (61), of Manor Farm, Castlethorpe, whose unexpected death on Friday last came as blow to his innumerable friends spread over a wide area.

Although he had been a sick man for four years his indomitable will-power had pulled him through many serious phases, but on Friday an operation was necessary in order to prolong his life. He was conveyed to Northampton Hospital that day and an operation was performed, but his heart was not strong enough to pull him through.

The deepest sympathy in their great loss has been testified to Mrs. Markham, three sons and two daughters.

By Hard Work

Mr. Markham had a life of success through hard work. Born at Newton Longville, his parents later farmed the Manor farm, Hanslope, and deceased gentleman took over Manor Farm, Castlethorpe, about 30 years ago, his family having been there for 20 years previously. He commenced farming in a comparatively small way but by keen business acumen he strove to become the owner of five farms and in possession of over 1,000 acres. His other four farms were: Glenmore, Castlethorpe, Cobbs Bush, Cosgrove, Dodford and Newnham, both near Weedon. Mr. Markham established himself as a dairy farmer and his Friesian herd broke North Bucks milk yield records, while he also held a Guernsey and mixed herds. He was a fairly successful racehorse owner under both codes, and also bred racehorses. His latest winner was Armsdown at Newton Abbot in August.

His Many Interests

He was a great lover of football, and founded Castlethorpe Football Club, who are nicknamed “The Friesians” after Mr. Markham’s pedigree herd.

Besides being President of Castlethorpe F.C., he was Vice-President of the North Bucks League, Wolverton F.C., Northamptonshire Cricket Club, Castlethorpe Cricket Club, and a member of the Wolverton Homing Pigeon society, being a keen breeder of racing pigeons.

He was also keenly interested in public work, and up to 18 months ago was a member of Newport Pagnell Rural Council; Chairman of Castlethorpe Parish Council, Chairman of the local branch of the British Legion; Chairman of the local Feoffee and Worley charities, and a member of the School Managers. He was a member of the N.F.U.

Many Sporting Interests
Represented at Funeral

The funeral was on Wednesday at Castlethorpe Parish Church, the simple but impressive service being conducted by the Rev. D. R. Wingate (Vicar of Hanslope). Mr. H. P. Cook (organist) played for the singing of the 23rd Psalm and the hymn “The King of Love my Shepherd is.” The interment was in the churchyard at a spot nearest to over-look the football field.

Immediate mourners were: Mrs. Markham (widow), Mr. and Mrs. L. Markham, Mr. and Mrs. J. Markham, and Mr. C. Markham (sons and daughter-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. F. Ridout and Miss Pamela Markham (son-in-law and daughters), Mr. P. Russell-Wilks, Eydon (friend), Mr. and Mrs. A. Markham, Newnham (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs. Chinn, Northampton (niece), Mr. and Mrs. L. Mattey, Northampton (brother-in-law and sister), Mr. and Mrs. W. Mason, London (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mrs. F. Garmon, London (sister-in-law), also representing her husband, and Mr. R. Sainsbury, London (friend).

Manor Farm staff: Miss F. Cook, Mrs. H. Foakes, Misses Jean Webster, Barbara Pittam, Enid King, Maria Manchini, Mesdames T. west, F. West, J. Stewart, Misses Brenda Pittam, Mary Burbidge, Messrs. P. Mullins, R. Johnson, T. Turney, O. Weston, J. Belton, R. Pittam, J. Spinnelli, M. Manchini, K. Foakes, R. Foakes, T. Booth, R. Johnson, L. Bressengi, C. Pearson, R. West. K. Ray, F. Willett, F. Sawbridge, Murray and George White.

Many Representatives Mourners

Representative mourners were: British Legion, Mr. J. E. Whiting (President), Mr. J. Trace, and Mr. C. Harding; Football Club Mr. R. West and Mr. A. Bavington; Footballers, Mr. A. Garratt (Captain), Mr. B. Tapp (Treasurer), Mr. S. Brownsell (Secretary), Mr. F. Hill, Mr. A. Crick, Mr. D. Lambert, and Mr. M. Paris: Cricket Club, Mr. H. Bridge and Mr. E. Bates, Newport Pagnell Rural Council, Mr. R. Eakins and Mr. H. Dolling; Parish Council, Mr. C. Bywater and Mr. R. West, (Clerks); Grafton Hunt Mr. W.Pope; Lloyds Bank, Mr. A. E. Kerridge (Wolverton); Conservative Association, Mrs. W. Furniss and Mr. J. Gobby; Women’s Institute, Mrs. F. Pateman; Methodist Church, Mrs. D. Hall and Miss G. Olney; Parish Church, Mr. F. Mills (Churchwarden), Mr. A. Burbidge and Mr. R. Holt (Sidemen).

Mr. S. J. Vardon (W. S. Parrott and Sons, Stony Stratford); Mr. S. G. Burkhill (Pierce Thorpe, and Marriott); Mr. E. C. Bates (Bates and Gobby); Wolverton Town and B.R. Football Club, Mr. F. G. Atterbury, (Chairman) and Mr. D. J. Frost (Secretary); Mr. J. Johnson (Mr. E. Norman, Cosgrove); Mr. E. J. Dudman (Rawlins, Hawtin and Co.); Mr. P. J. Bairstow (Garrard and Allen); Mr. P. J. Nicholls (representing Mr. Bryan Nicholls); Mr. F. E. Sawbridge (Allotment Association).

Also present were: Mr. C. Beechener and Miss Angela Beechener (Denton), Capt. P. Y. Atkinson (Cosgrove Priory), Mr. C. R. Whiting and Mr. P. Whiting (Old Wolverton), Mr. H. T. Geary, Mrs. F. C. Tompkins, Mr. G. Tompkins, Mrs. Simpkins (Hanslope), Mrs. R. A. Cooper, Mr. John Cooper (representing Dr. R. Cooper, (Hanslope), Mr. J. E. Prue (Cosgrove), Mr. D. R. Richards, Mr. J. T. Thomas (Potterspury), Mr. A. L. Shaw (Yardley Gobion), Mr. G. J. Middleton (Wilby Hall), Mr. Middleton Mears Ashby, Mr. and Mrs. M. Lester (Leckhamstead), Mr. and Mrs. F. H. O. Pinney (Buckingham), Mr. and Mrs. W. Mason (Towcester), Mr. and Mrs. W. Clarke (Cosgrove), Mr. and Mrs. J. Sawbridge, Mr. T. Thomas (Castlethorpe).

Mrs. A. Garrett (Newport Pagnell), Mrs. J. Evans, Mrs. L. Ray, Mrs. L. Robinson, Mrs. W. Limbury, Mrs. J. Herbert, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor (Hardingstone), Mr. and Mrs. J. Brooks (Hanslope), Mr. J. Nicholls, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradbury, Mrs. C. Sawbridge, Mr. R. Panter and Miss B. Panter, Mrs. P. Mullins, Mr. Michael Mullins, Mrs. J. Spinnelli, Mrs. G. Robinson, Miss O. Wilson (representing Mrs. A. Wilson, Mrs. W. Limbury, Mrs. R. Webster, Mrs. W. H. Scotts (representing Mr. Scotts).

Mr. and Mrs. W. Mills, Mrs. J. Belton, Mrs. H. Gray, Mr. E. Russel-Wilks, Mrs. J. E. Gobbey, Mrs. E. Booth, Mrs. E. Hillyer, Mrs. F. Sennett, Mrs. F. Willett, Miss A. Gregory, Miss A. Manning, Mrs. M. Paris, Mr. G. Morgan (Lincoln Grounds), Mrs. S. J. Scott, Mrs. C. R. Pearson, Mrs. J. White, Mr. and Mrs. Mutlow, Mrs. F. Mills, Mr. T. Mayes, Mr. R. Mayes (Castlethorpe), Mrs. J. Brown, Mrs. C. Hill, Mr. F. Pateman (Stationmaster), Mrs. G. E. Southgate, Mrs. L. Lambert, Mrs. G. Wootton, Mrs. F. Kettle.

Mr. J. E. Whiting was also representing Mrs. J. E. Whiting, who is President of the Castlethorpe Women’s Institute.

Nearly 100 Floral Tributes

Floral tributes numbered 95 and one token from “Paddy and Ron”, grooms at the farm, was in the shape of a horse-shoe tied with Mr. Markham’s racing colours of chocolate and green; while that from the village football club was designed with a football representation of blue flowers forming the centre piece.

Inscriptions were; In ever loving memory of my dearest husband, from your very devoted wife “Pip”. In loving memory of dad, from Les and Barbara, In loving memory of our devoted father, from Marcelle and Frank, “Rest after suffering”, “Good-night dad” from your devoted son Clifford; In loving memory of darling dad, from Jack, Joyce, and children, In loving memory of my dearest daddy, from his ever loving daughter Pamela; To my darling pappa, from Susan; To darling pappa, from Gillian, Angela, and Wendy; In loving memory of our very dear brother and uncle, from Nan and Billy, Geoffrey and Brian; In loyal and affectionate memory of the “Boss”, “His leadership was not a matter of transmitting orders but of evoking the will to serve”, from his employees.

Emily, George and John; Members of the Wolverton District Homing Society; The Dairy Staff; Maud, Bob and Margaret; Mr. and Mrs. Foakes, Ken, Kathleen and Howard; Michael and Mary Lester; Betty and Jack Sawbridge; S. F. Markham and family; Mr. and Mrs. Ratledge and family; Castlethorpe Conservative Association; Linda and David; Castlethorpe Cricket Club; Mr. and Mrs. Stones and Joyce; Mr. and Mrs. Paris and family; Mrs. R. Smith and family; Tom Turney; Mrs. Tompkins and family; Mrs. A. Pittam, Nellie and Mary; Nurse and Evelyn; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting; Mr. and Mrs. W. Purser; Mr. and Mrs. Panter and Bessie; North Bucks and District Football League; Mr. and Mrs. Mutlow (Wolverton); Officers and members of the Castlethorpe Branch British Legion; Charlotte and Frank Sawbridge and family also Mr. Baker.

Castlethorpe Women’s Institute; Ron and family; W. Goodman brothers – Bill, John, Henry and Tom; Fred, Louise, Leslie, Dorrie and Marjorie; Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Mayes, Tom and Barbara; Laura, Denis, and Diane; Walter Beesley and al at manor Farm Hanslope; Bradwell St. Peter’s F.C. and Supporters’ Club; Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Rossiter; C. C. Beechener; J. Allen; Mrs. Hart, George and the boys; Bryan and Lilian Nicholls; Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Scott; Ronnie Sainsbury; Mrs. H. Lewis and Mrs. W. Furniss and Miss K. Wilks.

Eva and George; Mr. and Mrs. Ridout, and Evelyn; The Nicholls family, late New Road, Castlethorpe; Mr. and Mrs. C. Hill (Cosgrove); Mr. and Mrs. F. Coales; Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Taylor (Beverley); Jack (Cosgrove); Dr. and Mrs. Cooper, and John; Ann Gray; Lizzie and Joe; Mr. and Mrs. C. Booth and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Whiting and family; C. and R. Belton; “Chum”, 7 Council Houses, Castlethorpe; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pearson and family; With remembrance from Paddy and Ron; Mervyn (Merchant Navy); Stan, two Berts, Derrick, Buddy, Michael, Gerald, Billy and Ron; Mr. and Mrs. F. Taylor and family (Hardingstone); Mrs. Kennard, Barry and Dulete; Mr. and Mrs. Delderfield and family; Roger; Mr. and Mrs. Dunkley, Tom, and Brenda; Patrick; Mr. and Mrs. Fricker; Officials, players and supporters, Wolverton Town and B.R. F.C.; Nell and Tim, (Northampton); Alice and Michael Fitzgibbon; Arthur and Dorothy, and family; Mr. and Mrs. Russell-Wilks; With love from Richard.

A Tribute

A Castlethorpe Council House resident writes: “I know I am speaking on behalf of the whole village when I say that in the passing of Mr. W. D. Markham we have lost a great friend, a great sportsman, and a gentleman. Our sympathy goes to his family in their great loss and I sure they will be comforted in the knowledge that he died as he lived, a great sportsman. Goodnight, Boss.