The Wolverton Express September 2nd 1960

Edward Nichols
Edward Nichols


Late Mr. E. Nichols


The funeral service took place on Thursday last week at the Methodist Church Castlethorpe for Mr. Edward Nichols, who died at his home Morland, Castlethorpe, on August 22.

Mr. Nichols had done a great deal of work for the Methodist Church at Castlethorpe, holding the offices of Trustee, Society Steward, Chapel Steward and Trustees’ Steward. Three of these offices he held until his death.

He was also well known in Northampton, where he was in business for over 30 years with Messrs. W. H. Eaden and Company. For several years he worked as a business representative for the firm, and later became manager. On the death of Mr. W. H. Eaden, he became proprietor of the business as a wholesale shoe and textile merchant.
Owing to ill-health he was obliged to retire from business in 1951.
Mr. Nichols was also associated with the Methodist Church in Gold Street, Northampton, during his younger days.
The service was conducted by the Rev. S. Wilding, and included the hymns “The King of Love my Shepherd is” and “How sweet the name of Jesus sounds”. Organist was Mr. Richardson.
Family mourners were: Mr. L. Nichols (brother), Mrs. Mothersole, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Nichols, Watford, Mrs. H. P. Cook (cousins), Mrs. Cochrane, Mrs. W. E. Watson, Leighton Buzzard, Mrs. May, Mr. and Mrs. Davis (Northampton), Miss Jenkinson, Northampton (friends).

Friends present

Friends in church included: Mrs. C. Cowley, Mr. P. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Green, Mrs. Brownsell, Miss M. Willett, Mrs. M. Ratledge, Mr. and Mrs. Panter, (also representing Mr. and Mrs. Tucker), Mrs. D. Pittam, Mrs. H. Gray, Mrs. T. West, Mr. T. Thomas, Miss K. Jones, Miss A. Manning, Mr. J. F. Morley, Mrs. L. Robinson, Mrs. J. Cooper, Mrs. F. Bavington, Mrs. J. Herbert (also representing Mr. Herbert), Miss. V. Clarke, Mrs. H. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown, Mr. G. St. John, Raunds, Mrs. C. Arden, Mr. A. Meachem, Miss P. Bates (also representing Mr. E. C. Bates), Mrs. E. Homer, Mr. C. Bywater, Mrs. G. White, Mr. L. Faulkner, Mr. F. Sawbridge (also representing Mrs. Sawbridge), Mr. A. Burbidge, Mrs. P. St. John (also representing Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting), Mrs. J. E. Gobbey, and Miss E. M. Gregory.

Floral tributes

Floral tributes were inscribed: In loving memory of my dear brother, Edward from Leonard; In loving memory of Edward, with deepest sympathy, Mary and Bert; Loving remembrance from Arthur, molly, and family, Oxford; In loving memory from Owen and Minnie; In affectionate memory, from Nellie, Harry and Fan; With deepest sympathy, Elsie and Frank Bavington and Carole; With deepest sympathy, from Bessie and Jack; With deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. Tom West; With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. J. Nicholls and family; With deepest sympathy from Charlotte Frank and family, also Mr. Baker; In remembrance of Mr. Nichols from Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Mullins, and Mrs. D. Pittam; From Mrs. Markham and family; With deepest sympathy from C. Cowley, Nora and Phillip; With deepest sympathy from friends and neighbours of the Methodist Church; In deepest sympathy of a very kind friend and neighbour, from R. and H. West, John and Charlene; With sincere sympathy, Frances, Ron, and Julie Pocock, Luton; In remembrance and with deepest sympathy from J. E., F. C., and F. J. Green; With deepest sympathy from Mrs. Booth; With sincere sympathy and remembrance from Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting and Mr. and Mrs. St. John; In remembrance from Walter, Reg, Dorothy, and family; With deepest sympathy from Lillian, Len Robinson and Susie, Susie, John Cooper and family; In remembrance of Edward, from Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert; With heartfelt sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Panter, and Mr. and Mrs. Tucker; With sincere sympathy from Dr. and Mrs. Cooper; With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Davies; With deepest sympathy from R. Smith.

Funeral arrangements were made by Mr. B. Sawbridge, Castlethorpe