The Bucks Standard 2nd October 1926





The Wesleyan Church at Castlethorpe was the scene of a very interesting and pretty wedding on Saturday last when two well known and much respected local families were united. The bride was Miss Florrie Osborne, only daughter of Mr. Thomas Osborne, J.P., and Mrs. Osborne, of Shrub Cottage, Castlethorpe, a young lady extremely popular in the parish. Her father is a magistrate for both Bucks and Northants and sits on the Stony Stratford Bench. He has for many years prominently identified himself with the public affairs of Castlethorpe, and as a member of the Parish Council in particular he has done splendid work. He was formerly a member of the old School Board, and at the present time is assistant overseer and tax collector, The bridegroom, Mr. William John Gray, also belongs to an old and esteemed Castlethorpe family. He is on the clerical staff of the London Midland & Scottish Railway Company, and occupies a responsible position at Blisworth Station. Formerly his duties as relief clerk took him to all parts of the company’s system.

The ceremony was witnessed by a large congregation. As the guests assembled Mrs. J. Gobbey, organist at the Wesleyan Church played “Praise the Lord” and other appropriate music. The hymn “O love Divine, all love excelling,” was sung.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. H. H. Adams, superintendent minister of the Wolverton Wesleyan Circuit, who, following the nuptials gave a short address. He said they all sincerely wished every possible blessing and happiness for Mr. and Mrs. Gray, and earnestly prayed that God’s richest blessing would rest upon them and that the union which had been consummated that morning – the highest and most sacred might be a long and happy one.

During the signing of the register Mrs. Gobbey gave a pleasing rendering of the “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn, and as the bride and bridegroom and their retinue left the church they received the congratulations and good wishes of their many friends who had gathered outside the sacred building.

The bride given away by her father, looked most charming in a gown of ivory silk cascade trimmed with pearls and caught at the side with orange blossom and pearls,. Her old lace veil fell in graceful folds about her shoulders and was held in position by a wreath of orange blossom. She carried a shower bouquet of choice white carnations, made and presented to her by her uncle, Mr. W. Clarke, florist, of Castlethorpe, who supplied the whole of the flowers.

Her bridesmaids were Miss Annie Gray (sister of the bridegroom) and Miss Vera Clarke (cousin of the bride). The first named wore a dress of parma violet crepe de chine and in the place of a hat a wreath of silver leaves picked out with flowers to match her dress. She carried a shower bouquet of pink carnations tied with pink ribbon. The little girl (Miss Vera Clarke) made a charming picture in ivory crepe de chine with lace trimming, and a Dutch cap trimmed with forget-me-nots. She carried a shepherd’s crook to which was attached a posy of pink carnations tied with ribbon to match the flowers. The bridegroom’s gift to the bridesmaids were gold brooches.

Mr. Harry Gray attended his brother as groomsman.

Following the ceremony a reception was held at the bride’s home attended by some 40 guests. From their assembled friends Mr. and Mrs. Gray received congratulations and good wishes, and telegrams from several who were unable to be present testified to the popularity of both and to the high esteem in which they are held. During the afternoon the bride and bridegroom left by train for London for their honeymoon, the bride travelling in a dress of blue material with fawn trimmings, fawn coat and a hat of rose velour.

The bride’s dress was made by her cousin, Mrs. H. Cook, of Castlethorpe.


The presents numbered about 70 of which the following is a list:

Bride to bridegroom Wallet
Bridegroom to bride Hand bag
Bride's father and mother Cheque, piano and household linen
Bridegroom's father and mother Witney blankets
Miss Gray and Mr. Swell China vases and plant vase
Mr. H. Gray and Miss K. Gregory Coloured table cloth
Mr. Sidney Gray Coal hod and tongs
Mrs. Sarah Osborne Cheque and brass kettle
Mrs. Sarah Compton Brass stair-rods
Mrs. A. Compton (Stantonbury) Kitchen utensils
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Cook Case of carvers
Mrs. Irons and Mrs. Robinson Butter dish
Miss Cowley Cheque
Mr. and Mrs. Mothersole and Mr. and Miss E. Faulkner Table cloth
Miss Jones Duchess set
Miss Olney D'oyleys
Miss Gregory Shopping basket
Mr. and Mrs. J. Compton & Grace Silver sugar basket
Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Set glass dishes
Mr. and Mrs. Goodman (Blisworth) Companion set
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke (Battle) Table cloth
Mr. and Mrs. Munslow Pair of vases
Wesleyan Church Choir Salad bowl
Walker Bros. Case of tea spoons
Miss Abbott Pillow lace handkerchief
Mr. and Mrs. Woodward Rolling pin and board
Mr. and Mrs. Godwin Kitchen utensils
Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe Pair of dishes
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Pair of salts
Mrs. J. Cowley Hanging lamp
All at Shepperton Table lamp and candlestick
Mrs. Blake Spoof, cushions, etc.
Mr. Jas. Blake Novelty
Mr. Alfred Blake Cheque
Miss Ross (Crewe) Afternoon tea knives
Miss Panter Carving knife and fork
Miss Clarke Table cloth
Mr. David Compton Cheque
Dr. F. Hinde, M.D. Carving knife and fork
Mr. West Butter dish
Mr. Compton Pair of pictures
Mr. Barrington Kitchen utensils
Mr. and Mrs. Powell Fruit dishes
Mrs. Manning Glass dish
Mrs. Hancock D'oyles
Mrs. Bird Toilet set
Mr. and Mrs. Gobbey Table spoons
Mr. and Mrs. Venner Silver teapot
Mr. and Mrs. Webster Table spoons
Mrs. Richardson Serviettes
Mrs. Bates Pillow cases
Mrs. Alberton Afternoon tea cloth
Mr. and Mrs. Compton Stainless knives
Miss N. Forness Stainless knives
Mr. E. Cowley Nut crackers
Mr. W. Cowley Table cloth
Mrs. Clark Bolster and nightdress cases
Miss Queenie Kightley Silver bread knife
Miss Lily Blake Ash tray
Miss E. Tait Oxydised and silver fruit dish
Mr. and Mrs. Paine Tea Service
Mr. Reg. Compton and Table cloth
Mr. and Mrs. Middleton Wine glasses and basket
Gladys Wooden spoon
Mrs. Hicks (Wimbledon) Pair of lace chair back cover
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hand painted table centre