Caroline Nellie Pittam was born August 27th 1908
Caroline Nellie Pittam 1936
Alfred & Nellie Lane
Caroline Nellie Pittam 1936
Caroline Nellie Pittam 1936
Alfred & Nellie Lane outside Laburnam Cottage (next to the Carrington Arms)
Caroline Nellie Pittam 1936
Nellie was the the third eldest child of Ted & Annie. The eldest son was Albert followed by Cyril, (Nellie), Dennis, Ronald, Owen (Jack), Mary.
Nellie married Alf Lane from Hanslope, they had three children Josie, Stuart and George. When Nellie and Alf were first married they lived at Laburnham Cottage later moving to the middle cottage opposite the Chapel in South Street.
Early one morning Josie and Stuart were woke up in a dust cloud to find the thatch roof had falled in and brought the bedroom ceiling down. The thatch later being replaced with corrugated tin.
Nellie would often help Dr. Cooper at home births bring life into the world and she was there at the end of life as she would assist Ben Sawbridge the local undertaker with laying out.
Nellie was a member of The Band of Hope, The Choral Society, Fete Committee, and also a keen whist player.

George & Nellie outside the cottage in South street
Bath Night in South St.

The rain water was taken into the barn to fill the copper.

The water was heated by a fire underneath the copper.

The tin bath seen hanging on the the wall of the barn was taken into the kitchen.

The heated water was then taken from the barn into the kitchen.

Baths were taken, all six family members using the same water.

The water was then collected in buckets to be used on the garden.

Josie Lane - 1943
George & Nellie outside the cottage in South street with the tin bath hanging on the wall
1943 - Josie Lane daughter of
Alfred & Nellie