Memories of Castlethorpe

Ronald Compton Brogdale
(Nephew of Joseph Compton)

Round Castlethorpe I took a stroll,
With nought but pleasure on my mind,
And as I slowly ambled on,
I seemed to leave the world behind.

I lingered by Aunt Sarah’s house,
Where Uncle Joe once settled down.
The local butcher years ago,
A character of great renown.

Outside the ancient church I stood
Where people worship at their will,
And as I stood and gazed around
It seemed to me that time stood still.
Enveloped in tranquillity,

This hamlet with its Olde Worlde charm
Enveloped in tranquillity,
So different from the modern world,
A haven in reality.

The old thatched cottages so neat,
So strong and firm, untouched by time,
Just nestling by the babbling brook,
An olde worlde picture, so sublime,

The cottage gardens, trim and neat’
Attended with such loving care,
With fragrant flowers of every hue
That sweetly scent the summer air.

The gold laburnum and wild rose
Bedeck the hedgerows and the bowers,
And hollyhocks so tall and strong
Grow side by side with tall sunflowers.

Such natural beauty, oh so rare,
Elsewhere I’ve seldom seen before
Can this be some kind of dream
Or am I back in days of yore?

No longer can I drink this wine,
Alas my steps I must retrace
Back to this modern bustling world
With memories of an olde worlde place.