Frank & Charlotte Sawbridge with their
grandson Charles outside their home at
The Gardens in North Street
The Wolverton Express 15 September 1961



A resident in Castlethorpe all her life, Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth Sawbridge died at her home, The Gardens, Castlethorpe, on Wednesday of last week, aged 70. She had been in failing health for some time, but was taken seriously ill only two days before her death.

She leaves her husband, Mr. Frank Sawbridge, and two sons.

The funeral service was held at SS Simon and Jude Church, Castlethorpe, on Saturday last, and was conducted by the Rev. H. P. Fuller, Rector of Hartwell.

Mrs. G. Cook was the organist for the hymn, “How sweet the name of Jesus sounds,” and also for Psalm 23 (Crimond). Interment was in the Churchyard.

Family mourners were: Mr. F. Sawbridge (husband); Mr. and Mrs. J. Sawbridge, Mr. and Mrs. B. Sawbridge (sons and daughters-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gobbey (brother and sister-in-law); Mr. A. Sawbridge, Mr. G. Sawbridge, Mr. C. Webb (brothers-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Webb, Mr. and Mrs. O. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. E. Bates (also representing Mr. and Mrs. B. Caddy), Mr. and Mrs. R. Eakin, Mr. J. Humphries, Mr. J. Sawbridge (nephews and nieces); Mr. and Mrs. E. Sinfield, Mr. and Mrs. R. Sinfield, Mr. Fred Nicholls (cousins); Mr. and Mrs. F. Baker, Mr. T. Baker, Mr. W. Baker, Mr. R. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. F. Massey (friends).

A large number of other friends and villagers were in the church.

Floral tributes

Floral tributes were: With heartfelt grief and very deepest sympathy, loving husband
Goodnight and God bless you for ever and a day; With loving thoughts and very happy memories of dear mother, from Ben, Nancy and Charles, Sleep on dear mother, take your rest; we will miss you most who loved you best; To dear Grannie Charlotte, with love from Charles, Goodnight and God bless you, Loving memories of Grandma, from grand-daughter Mary and grandson John; Joe, Lizzie and Elsie; George, Dorothy, Ron and Shirley; Alf, Selina, and family; Nieces and nephews Humphries; Edwin and Winnie; Charlotte, Basil, and Janet; Oliver and Kath, Reb, and Dora, Ralph and Connie, Eric and Mabel, and Rachel; Charlie at Haversham; Charlie, Topsy and Jane; Oliver and Helen, and children; Mr. and Mrs. T. Carpenter and family; Mr. and Mrs. Stan Nicholls; Dr. and Mrs. Cooper; Ann and Peter; Dorothy and Keith; Mr. and Mrs. Stewart; Pauline and Andrew.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Stewart; Maggie and Jean; Mr. and Mrs. Lambert; Mrs. Ward and Christine; Mr. and Mrs. J. Nicholls; Terry Alvin; Mrs. E. Nicholls; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Whiting; Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Irons; Mr. and Mrs. K. and L. Robinson; Miss Hanson; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Cannon; Mr. and Mrs. Hart and family; Mr. D. M. Cole and R. E. Cole; Lilian , Len and Susie; Paddy, Mrs. Mullins, and Michael; Mr. and Mrs. H. Gray and Mrs. J. Belton; Mr. and Mrs. Spinelli, David and Linda; Nellie, Alf and family; Mrs. Markham and family; Mr. and Mrs. Kinns; John, Charlene, R. and M. West; L. Nicholls; The Mayes family; Dot, Fred and John Woburn Sands; Elaine and Andrew; Annie Bettle; Castlethorpe Conservative Branch; Robert and William, Woburn Sands; Tom (Baker); George and Eva; Mr. and Mrs. D. Pittam and family; Mr. and Mrs. R. Pittam and Jean; C. Cowley and family; Mr. and Mrs. Tom West; R. Smith and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Sawbridge, and the boys; Mr. and Mrs. J. Nicholls; Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood; Lizzie and Jim, Elsie and John; Doll and Mick, and family ; Mr. and Mrs. F. Massey; Jack and Jean Blackpool.