Buckinghamshire Inquests & Indictments 1373

Haversham, Tuesday 27 December 1373

Vills: Gayhurst, Little Linford, Hanslope, Castle Thorpe and Haversham.

Jurors: Simon Rous, John Olyver, John Edy, John Atte Welle, Thomas Rode, John Gybbessone, John Moxham, John Tayllour, Walter ate Yate. Simon Loughton, Peter Webbe and John Webbe.

On Sunday 25 December 1373, immediately after the first hour, John Ruffun [?] of Haversham found Geoffrey Fysshere dead in a toft called Pleystow (pledges: Simon Rous, John Olyver). Neighbours: John Edy (pledges; John Olyver, John Tayllour); John Atte Welle (pledges Thomas Rode, John Webbe); John Webbe (pledges: John Terry, John Edy); John Terry (pledges; John Webbe, Simon Loughton).

Verdict; On Sunday 25 December 1373 Geoffrey Fysshere and John Bagge junior of Haversham were playing together at Haversham in a toft called Pleystow. It happened that Geoffrey ran towards John, and John’s knife, in its sheath, accidentlly wounded Geoffrey in the leg, so that he died at once. Value of knife ½d., for which Haversham is responsible.