A Calendar of Deeds & other Records preserved in the Muniment room at the Museum, Aylesbury

343/22 No. 1

Agreement to levy a fine dated 20 March 1661/2. 1) Alexander Brafield of Goare Chappel, yeoman, and Anne his wife. 20 Thomas Hooton of Tothall End in Hanslopp, yeoman. 30 Richard Edwards of Hanslopp, yeoman. Messuage and lands in Hanslopp and Castlethorpe to the use of Alexander Brafield

343/22 No. 6

Final concord at Westminster 20 Chas. II [1669-70] between Charles Tyrrill, gent quer. and Thomas Earle and Ann his wife, Wm. Earle, and John Earle and Elizabeth his wife, deforc, concerning a messuage, 70 ac. of land, 4ac. of meadow, 17ac. of pasture, and common of pasture in Hanslopp and Castlethorpe. Thomas and Ann, Wm. and John and Elizabeth recognize the right of Charles to the property.

343/22 No. 7

Bargain and Sale dated 29 Sept. 1665. Sir Henry Herbert of Hanslop, knt. And dame Elizabeth his wife, and Alexander Brafield of the same, yeoman, and Anne his wife, to Sir Peter Tyrrill of the Inner Temple, bart. Lands in Hanslop and Castlethrup called the manor of Talpes, Upper Stokes, Neither Stokes, Upper Clerkes and Neither Clerkes, Coopers Acre, Stokes yard and Grasseyard

4 seal tags

Attached; deed of appointment dated 29 Sept. 1665 by Sir Peter Tyrrill appointing as his attorney John Forty of Hansloppe; seal

343/22 No. 10

Deed of feoffement dated 6 March 1672/3. 10 Sir Peter Tirrill of the Inner Temple, bart. 20 Charles Tirrill of Hanslope, gent. 30 Francis Turner, doctor in divinity, master of St. John’s College, Cambridge. Messuage in Hansloppe, close of pasture called Upper Topes alias Talpes, 54 ac. Of arable in common fields of Tottallend, and lands in Hansloppe or Caselthrop known as Talpes. Upper Stokes, Nether Stokes, Upper Clerkes and Nether Clerkes to Francis Turner.

Final concord at Westminster in 15 days from Easter Day, 25 Chas.II [30 March – 13 April 1673] Francis Turner quer. And Peter Tyrrill and Ann his wife and Charles Tyrrill deforc. Messuage and lands in Hanslopp and Castlethropp recognized as right of Francis Turner.

Schedule of land comprised in above deed of feoffment attached.

1 seal and tag

343/22 No. 16

Bargain and Sale dated 24 Jan. 1662. Christopher Ellis the elder of Hanslope, yeoman, to Nicholas Marriott the younger of Harpole, co. Northants, yeoman. Messuage in Hanslope and arable lands in Hanslape and Castlethrupp and a close called Wheatclosse.

Seal tag

372/22 No. 43

Lease to secure mortgage dated 7 April 1693. John Hobbs of Greate Linford, yeoman, two Edward Creake of Castle Thorpe, yeoman. Messuage in Whaddon and common for four beasts in one year and three beasts in the follwing year. On dorse: Deed poll dated 21 April 1693 by John Hobbs by which the mortgage debt is increased by £10

2 seals