Writs 1712-18 & Indictment 1708 - 1712

Writs of Venire Facias
Churchill John Castle Thorpe labourer Mich 1713
Salmon Thomas Castle Throp labourer Mich 1713
Writs of Capias ad Responendum
Churchill Joseph Castle Thorpe labourer Epiph. 1714-Mids.1717
Salmon Thomas Castle Thrope labourer Epiph. 1714-Mids.1717

Joseph Churchill, and Thomas Samon both of Castle Thrupp, labourers, John Smith, sub-constable of Hanslopp and John Leabrook of the same, labourer, James Petty and John Pease, both of Old Stratford, co Northants, labourers, Richard Odall of Woolverton, labourer, and Thomas Parrott of Stony Stratford labourer. For riotous assembly and attacking William.
Easter Session at Aylesbury 19th April 1705 [4 Anne].
Juror Richard Parratt of Castle Thropp
Easter Session 1705
Chief constables sworn
Castle Thrupp Richard Parratt vice Roger Parratt
Easter Session 1705
Thomas Saunders of Castle Thrupp, labourer, with John Saunders of Simpson and John Denton of Loughton as sureties, for bastardy with Beatrice Cocquerell of Blissworth, co. Northampton, spinster (sess R 18/43)
Easter Session April 24th 1707
Jurors for the body of the county
Charles Panter of Castle Thrupp
Michaelmas Session at Aylesbury 9th October 1707 [6 Anne]
Thomas Salmon, Elizabeth wife of Roger Parratt and Elizabeth, wife of Richard Hedge, all of Castle Thrupp, for rescuing cattle belonging to Thomas Salmon, Roger Parratt, and Richard Hedge, which were driven by Richard Parratt. [Fined 1s each] (Sess. R. 25/76)
Midsummer Sessions 15th July 1708 [7 Anne]
Permission was given to Thomas Salmon to withdraw his plea of not guilty on an indictment against him for rescuing cattle which were being driven to the common Pound in Castle Thrupp, and to confess the indictment
Midsummer Session at Aylesbury 15th July 1709 [8 Anne]
Samuel Sheronton of Castle Thorpe for converting his house into two tenements. [Fined 3s 4d.] (Sess. R. 29/29)

Midsummer Sessions at Aylesbury 10 July 1710 [9 Anne]
Jurors for the body of the county
Thomas Nicholls of Castlethorpe
Epiphany Session at Aylesbury 11th January 1710-11 [9 Anne]
Jurors for the body of the county
Not sworn Richard Parrett of Castle Thrupp
Epiphany Session at Aylesbury 17th January 1711-12 [10 Anne]
Charles Paynter of Castle Thrupp, fined 10s for non-attendance on juries