Calendar of Quarter Sessions Records Volume VIII 1724-1730

Michaelmas session, 8th October, 1724 [11 George I]

A written petition being made on his behalf, the indictment against Thomas Truelove of Castlethrupp for erecting an unlawful cottage, was discharged being “commodious and useful for many of the Inhabitants there wanting habitacions”.

Michaelmas Session, 5th October 1727 [George II]

William Miller, Officer of Excise in Hanslop; certified by Sh. Garmston, minister, and William Dice churchwarden, of Castle Thorp and witnessed by Richard Phillips of Newport Pagnell and Thomas Warwick of Hanslop.

Midsummer Session, 18th July 1728 [2 George II]

The petty constables of Calverton were paid 6s. 0d. and those of Castle Thorpe the same, for carrying forces’ baggage from Stony Stratford to Towcester, co. Northampton

Midsummer Sessions at Aylesbury 17th July 1712 [ 11 Anne]

Jurors for the body of the county.

Richard Perrott of Castlethorpe

Midsummer Session 1714 at Aylesbury 15th July 1714 [13 Anne]

Jurors for the body of the county.

Richard Parrott of Castlethrup

Midsummer Sessions 16th July 1713 [12 Anne]


Joseph Churchill, of Castlethorp, labourer, Thomas Samon, John Smith, petty constable [Fined 6s 8d] John Leabrook, all of Hanslopp, labourers, James Petty and John Pease, both of Old Stratford, co Northants, labourers, Richard Odall of Woolverton, and Thomas Parrott of Stony Stratford for riot and assault upon William Curtis at Hanslopp and wounding Bartholomew May. [Ignoramus.]

Michaelmas Session, 7th October 1714 [ 1 George]

The appeal of the inhabitants of Cosgrove, co. Northampton, against the removal order of William Seabrooke, his wife and family from Castle Thorpe, dated 7th July last, upon examination of John Franklyn and the non-appearance of officers of Castle Thorpe to support the order, is allowed and removal order is discharged.

(Sess. R. 50/60)

Epiphany Session, 13th January 1714-15 [1 George]

The removal order of Thomas Seabrooke, his wife and family from Castle Thrupp to Cosgrove, co. Northants was quashed.

(Sess. R. 51/58)

Epiphany Session 16th January 1717-18 [4 George]


For expenses in providing wagons and horses for the baggage belonging to one company of his ‘Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales’s own regiment of Welsh Fuzileers’. The constables of Lavendon were paid 12s 6d. on each of two accounts, Sherrington and Stoke Goldington 12s 6d., Calverton 8s 6d., Hanslopp, Castle Thrupp, Beachampton, Bradwell Abbey and Leckhamsted 18s 6d.