The Bucks Standard 12 September 1925


British Legion. The Castlethorpe and Hanslope branch, which has made considerable progress this year, both in numbers and in unselfishness has given the public a further proof of the friendly and unselfish spirit that prevails throughout that great organisation.
They organised a holiday in the village on Saturday last consisting of a tea to which all the schoolchildren in the parish were invited, together with children of members of the branch who reside in Hanslope and elsewhere, to be followed by sports for which suitable prizes had been purchased. Various sideshows had been arranged, the Hanslope Prize Band had been engaged to play during the afternoon, a whist drive and dance had also been arranged for the evening. A suitable field had been placed at the disposal of the committee by Mr. J. E. Whiting (who is an official of the branch and also an extremely good friend to them). The weather compelled the committee to alter their programme. With rain falling heavily most of the afternoon all the outdoor events had to be cancelled, but Mr. Whiting stepped into the breach with the offer of one of his large barns to hold the tea. The building was rapidly transformed by the members and their wives into a very comfortable dining hall. The band played selections while the children, who numbered between 60 and 70, had their tea. This event over, the children enjoyed themselves with various games until a number of the parents came along, when they entertained the adult portion of the company with several interesting performances under the supervision of Mr. H. H. Middleton. The programme given by the children was very much appreciated. The President of the branch, Lieut-General Sir Arthur Holland, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., M.V.O., D.S.O., M.P., accompanied by his daughter and her friend, visited the little gathering, took tea with them, and stayed some considerable time, entering into the enjoyment right heartily.
At the conclusion Sir Arthur highly commended the members of the branch for what they had attempted and expressed his sympathy with them at having their efforts partly marred by the weather and also made a few suitable remarks on the good work of the Legion. Mr. Whiting voiced the thanks of the committee to Sir Arthur for spending a little time with them, and Mr. C. Harding (who is vice-Chairman) thanked Mr. and Mrs. Whiting for the many ways in which they had assisted the committee to carry out that part of the programme which they had just concluded, and also the ladies who had so willingly turned out on such an uninviting afternoon to attend to the needs of the little guests. The whist drive and dance, held in the Council School, was well attended and was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.
Through the generosity of Mr. F. Amos, a draw was held for a live goose, the lucky winner being Mr. R. Panter. Mr. J. H. Nichols was M.C. for the dance and Mr. Middleton for the whist drive. Mr. W. G. Clarke carried out the duties of doorkeeper, Mesdames Harding, Panter, Rawlinson and Clarke were responsible for serving refreshments during the dance. Mr. C. Burnell was the ice-cream salesman for the evening.
Mention must be made of the gift of sufficient butter for the whole of the tea from Mr. R. Weston, Lincoln Lodge, and also for the milk for same from Mr. W. D. Markham.
The prizes for the sports which had been on view during the afternoon provoked a deal of interest among the children who were disappointed at not being able to compete for them. The committee, however, decided that these should take place on Monday evening, weather permitting. Monday evening proved more favourable and long before the time arranged the children gathered in the field. Mr. A. Masterman was the handicapper and starter, and thanks are due to him for the efficient and impartial way he carried out his duties. Mr. C. Harding was in charge of arranging the various sports events and this he had the assistance of Mr. Middleton, whose intimate knowledge of all the children was a great asset. Mr. F. W. Dolling (who is chairman of the branch) and Mr. Whiting were the judges. At the close of the events the prizes were given out by Mrs. J. E. Whiting, after which a vote of thanks was accorded Mr. and Mrs. Whiting, Mr. Masterman and Mr. Middleton and the proceedings terminated.