Castlethorpe Drum and Fife Band

Northampton Mercury 15 June 1878

HANSLOPE. WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS have been very dull this year, it raining very heavily every day except Monday. No one in connection with any the local clubs made any effort get any athletic sports up, or games of any kind, as has been the custom these last few years. The friendly society held at the Bull Inn had their annual dinner in the large room of the above inn as usual on Whit-Monday, the Castlethorpe Drum and Fife Band being engaged for the occasion, played a selection of music as well as could be expected considering the time the band has been established.—The Old Longstreet Benefit Society: About 50 of the members dined together at the Globe Inn. Host Brooks served up excellent repast in his usual style- The society had at the end the year 165 financial members. The income for the past has been—per contributions and fines, £169 9s. 6d. ; expenditure for sick, funeral, and officers' salaries, £209 0s. 11d. The society has in the Northamptonshire Savings' Bank, £379 7s.; in treasurer's hands, £34.—On Tuesday the Swan Inn Sick Society, and the Loyal Progress Lodge of the National Independent Order of Oddfellows, dined together at the above inn. Host Gregory served an excellent repast to upwards of 100 members and friends of the above societies. The Brass Band was engaged for the occasion, and played several selections in good style. In the evening the large public room at the Swan was cleared, and dancing was commenced in earnest to the strains of the band till ten p m., all seeming to have enjoyed themselves.