Bazzars at Castlethorpe

Croydon's Weekly Standard 28 December 1869

ill be held in the Schoolroom on Tuesday,
DECEMBER 28, 1869,
In aid of the Choral Fund
There will be a Refreshment Stall,

Admission from Eleven till Four o'clock, 6d. : after Four, 3d

Croydon's Weekly Standard 23 May 1874

Castlethorpe bazaar 1874

Croydon's Weekly Standard 30 May 1874

BAZAAR.- On Thursday the 28th instant a bazaar was held in the Schoolroom, in aid of the voluntary school. The goods for disposal included the usual assortment of nicknackery, and also a large number of useful and ornamental articles, which were temptingly displayed in the schoolroom. Two very useful additions were made to the number in the shape of a capital pig given by Mr. Whiting, and a fine young lamb contributed by Mr. Pike. The stalls were attended chiefly by ladies, who proved themselves excellent saleswomen. They were – Miss H. Mansel, Miss Vardey, Miss and Miss Jessie Pike, Mrs. and Miss K. Whiting, Mrs. Amos, Miss Phillips, and Mrs., Miss S, and Miss E. Sargeaunt. The goods sold very freely and we hope a large sum may be realised for this especial object. Lady Carrington was one of the principal contributors.

Northampton Mercury 28 July 1905

CHURCH BAZAAR AT CASTLETHORPE exceedingly pretty bazaar was held at the Homestead Garden, Castlethorpe. Thursday, with the object of providing funds for the restoration of the reredos and altar frontal the Parish Church. The event was the result of the untiring efforts of the following enterprising committee of ladies: Mrs. Wynn, Mrs. Borrett Mrs. Harkness, Mrs. Whiting, and Mrs. Rawlinson. Mr. and Mrs. Wynn very kindly placed their charming garden at the disposal of the committee. The weather was not all that could have been desired, and the opening ceremony, which was performed by  the Countess Carrington, took place in a sharp, downpour of rain. The Rev. W. J. Harkness presided over a large attendance, amongst whom, were noticed Lady Alexander Carrington, Mr. and Mrs. C. Borrett, Mrs. Whiting, Mrs. W. J. Harkness, Mr. H. Jonas, Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Shakeshaft, Mrs. Matty, and the Rev. F. Davis (curate).—The Chairman, after heartily welcoming the Countess Carrington, briefly explained the object of the bazaar. Lady Carrington, charming little speech, wished the promoters every possible success, and declared the proceedings open —Miss Betty Borrett, dainty little lady of three years, then prettily presented her ladyship with a beautiful bouquet. The stalls, which were enticingly arranged and tastefully decorated with muslin, flowers, etc., were under Working Party Stall: Mrs. Chandler and Mrs. Baugh, Fancy Stall; Mrs. and Miss. J. Gregory. Refreshment Stall: Mrs. Borrett. Flower Stall: Mrs. Holt and Miss Holt, Plain Work Stall Mrs. Middleton, Mrs. J Nichols, and Mrs. Holman Jam and Pickle Stall: Mrs. Amos. General Stores: Mrs. C. Whiting. Fancy Needlework and China- Mrs. Harkness and Mrs. Lea Wynn. Sweet Stall Mrs. Rawlinson and Mrs Powell. Photograph Stall: Mr. A. Blake. Basket and Parcel Stall: Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Fitch, and Miss Clark. Jumble Stall: Miss Compton. Programmes; Miss Ida Beck. At seven and eight o’clock the Hanslope Amateur Dramatic and Musical Society presented on the lawn amusing comedietta, entitled “The Wrong Box.” The characters were admirably portrayed by the following —Mr. H. Butcher, Rev. F. Davis (who very kindly filled up unavoidable vacancy in the company). Miss Neale, Miss M. Neale, Miss Platten, Mrs. J. Smith, Miss Ethel Caves, and Miss D. Whitbread. The Yardley Gobion Britannia Prize Band, under the baton of Mr. J. E. Lambert, was in attendance, and discoursed enjoyable selections. The side shows included Aunt Sally and cocoanut shies, attended by Rev. F. Davis; bran pie, Mrs. Smith and Mrs Lansbury; and tennis and croquet tournaments, arranged Mr. Lea Wynn.

The Wolverton Express 04 August 1905



The Countess Carrington was the central figure at a bazaar, held at the Holmstead Gardens, Castlethorpe, on Thursday. With the proceeds of the effort is hoped to purchase a reredos and altar frontal for Castlethorpe Parish Church, and for weeks past the parishioners have been hard at work with the necessary preparations which a function of this kind always involves. The prettily situated grounds at Holmstead, which Mr. and Mrs. W. Lea Wynn were good enough to place at the disposal of the Committee, are admirably suited for an open-air sale of work, and the stalls arranged round the lawn and the luxuriant masses of greenery, looked most inviting. Appended is a list of the stall-holders: Working party stall: Mrs Chandler and Mrs. Baugh. Fancy stall: Mrs. Masterman and Miss Gregory. Refreshment stall: Mrs. Borrett. Flower stall: Mrs. and Miss Holt. Jam and Pickle stall. Mrs. Amos. Plain work stall: Mrs Middleton, Mrs J. Nichols, and Mrs. Holman. General stores: Mrs. C. Whiting. Fancy needlework and china, Mrs. Harkness and Mrs W. Lea Wynn. Sweet stall: Mrs. Rawlinson and Mrs. Powell. Photograph stall: Mr. A. Blake. Basket and parcel stall: Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Fitch and Miss Clark. Jumble stall: Miss Compton.

Unfortunately the opening proceedings were somewhat marred by a heavy downpour of rain, which came on just before Lady Carrington’s arrival. The Countess was accompanied by her daughter, Lady Alexandra Carrington, and Mr. H. Jonas, Lord Carrington’s agent. The Vicar and Mrs. W. J. Harkness, Mr. and Mrs. C. Borrett, the Rev. F. Davis (Curate), and Mr. and Mrs. Whiting also witnessed the opening ceremony. The Vicar, who presided, hoped everybody would keep up their spirits in spite of the weather. Although the rain had come, Lady Carrington had come too – (applause)- and he thought the fact that she was among them augured well for the success of the bazaar. He hoped that those who were kept away by the weather would not fail to send cheques for the purchase of articles from the bazaar. Having mentioned the object of the bazaar, he asked the Countess to perform the opening ceremony.

The Countess Carrington who was sheltering from the rain by a canopy of umbrellas said it gave her very much pleasure to be there that day, at the invitation of Mrs. Whiting. She was delighted with the appearance of the stalls, the whole arrangement being charming. She regretted that her husband was unable to be present, but he was detained by an important motion in the House of Lords. They hoped, however to be at Castlethorpe shortly with their son, who would be glad to renew his acquaintance with his old friends. She wished the bazaar the greatest success, and declared it open. Her Ladyship was then presented with a bouquet by Miss Betty Borrett, a tiny child of three, who was rewarded with a kiss.

The Countess and Lady Alexandra having patronised the various stalls, visited the refreshment tent and partook of tea. In a short time the rain cleared off, and in the evening the attendance increased considerably. During the evening the Hanslope Amateur Dramatic and Musical Society gave open air representations of Oscar Browning’s cc medietta, “The Wrong Box,” the Rev. F. Davis, Mr. H. Butcher, the Misses Neale, Mr. Sidney Platten, Mr. J. Smith, Miss Ethel Caves, and Mr. D. Whitbread sustaining the characters. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Lansberry had charge of a bran pie; the Rev. F. Davies, cocoa-nut shies and Aunt Sally; and Mr. Holt a weighing machine, all of which proved very popular with the youngsters. Croquet was also indulged in, and a tennis tournament was arranged by Mr. Wynne. Selections of music were discoursed by the Yardley Gobion Prize Band. It is hoped to raise £70 as the result of the effort.

Northampton Mercury 13 December 1929


A BAZAAR, which realised £30 for the nave roof fund, was held in the Council Schools on Saturday. It was organised by the Mothers’ Union, and was opened by Mrs. Simmons, wife of the late vicar of Haversham. The stall-holders were : Mr. Lewis Woodward, stationery and Christmas presents; Mrs Evans, Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Cooper, and Mrs, Maltby, miscellaneous; Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Cook, general stores; Mrs. A. Markham and Miss Markham, hosiery; Mrs. H. Cook and Mrs. Mayes, sweets, etc.; Mrs. Harding, Mrs. West, and Mrs. Homer, confectionery; and Mrs. Kingston, bran tub. The following ladies served teas and refreshments: Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Lansberry, and Mrs. Markham. Mr. Holt and Mr. Lewis were doorkeepers. The secretary of the Mothers’ Union expressed thanks to all who helped.
A bazaar held in the class-rooms of Castlethorpe School .
Miss Marjorie Maltby & Mrs. Betty Sawbridge
Miss Marjorie Maltby & Mrs. Betty Sawbridge
Mrs. Whiting, looking after the cake stall
Mrs. Whiting, looking after the cake stall

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