King George V & Queen Mary
God Save our King and Queen
One with Britian, heart and soul!
One life, one flag, one fleet, one Throne!
The Bucks Standard 29 May 1911


The Following official intimation has been made:
The King and Queen have expressed the hope that it may be found possible to grant a week’s extra holiday in honour of the Coronation to the boys and girls in all schools.
It is understood that a notification to this effect has already been made to the headmaster’s of some of the larger public school, and to the responsible authorities in the case of the public elementary schools.
Their Majesties would be much gratified if such arrangement could be made.

The Bucks Standard 23 June 1911


Castlethorpe was gay with flags, and everyone entered into the spirit of the great day with enthusiasm. Nearly every house and cottage had some form of decoration, and some of the designs were quite artistic. They were judged by Miss Grace Warner, a well known actress, and she gave her awards as follows:-

Miss Grace Warner
Miss Grace Warner

1st., 10s., Mr. Harry Panter; 2nd. 5s., Miss Tooth; 3rd. 2s. 6d., Mr. Fitch. The amount collected in the village, £47 (towards which Earl Carrington was a generous subscriber), provided for a generous programme, and the day was happily spent. It commenced with a service in church at 10 o’clock. The Rev. W. J. Boyer conducted, there was a large congregation. At 1.30 the children assembled at the school and sang the National Anthem. Each child was presented with a mug by Miss Whiting. An adjournment was made to the Castle Field, lent-by Mr. G. Whiting, and handsome prizes were given to children in sports. Music was supplied by a string band from Stony Stratford, conducted by Mr. A. W. Butcher. A substantial tea was served free to every inhabitant, the children sitting down at £.30, and the adults an hour later. Amongst the attractions of the afternoon were a beauty competition for ladies, and a singing competition for men, Miss Warner giving the prizes, and the audience adjudicating. After tea there were sports for adults, substantial prizes being awarded. The handicappers were Messrs. J. Green, J. Rainbow, and S. Smith; starter, Mr. W. C. Lane; judges, Messrs. W. Fitch, A. Neal, J. Dixon, C. Whiting, and H. H. Middleton. The Committee of Arrangement was as follows:- Mr. C. Whiting (Chairman), Mr. H. H. Middleton (Hon Secretary), Rev. W. J. Boyer (Hon. Treasurer); Mesdames Whiting, Middleton,, Wynn, Maltby, Markham, D. Cowley, Misses, Rainbow, Gregory, Messrs. Amos, Bywater, Rawlinson, W. Clarke, W. G. Clarke G. Cowley, and Andrew Nichols.