Coronation Celebrations of His Majesty George VI 1937

The Wolverton Express 21 May 1937


General satisfaction is expressed in this village at the successful carrying through of a full and thoroughly enjoyable day’s programme. From the open-air united service, conducted by the Rev. E. J. Fenn, M.A., assisted by Mr. G. Faulkner, through the decorated parade, the old fashioned sports, the tea for all comers, to the evening entertainments in the barn of Castlethorpe Lodge, the dance in the Council School, and the Social in the Carrington Hall, all details were excellently managed by the sub-divisions of a large and representative Committee. Only the fireworks had to be postponed until Saturday evening as a result of the heavy showers on Coronation Day.

Supplies for the meat tea were plentiful, and the free beer was not exhausted at the end of the day. Children received Coronation mugs, medals, and threepenny bits as consolation prizes for all entrants of the fourteen events offered for each race. Eleven adults events were well contested and there was no lack of amusements in the varied programme.

Sincere applause from a large audience expressed appreciation of the pleasing entertainment provided by Miss Algar and her pupils, the Castlethorpe Musical Society, and the Coronation Band of local musicians proved equal to all demands made upon it. At the close of the evening entertainments the Chairman, Mr. Harold Cook, called for cheers for Mr. J. E. Whiting, J.P., and Mrs. Whiting, to whom the village was indebted for the loan of their grounds and for their much appreciated assistance to the Coronation Committee.

The total amount of the collection for expenditure on the day’s programme was £45 6s. 8½d.

Decorated houses in North Street, Castlethorpe
Decorated houses in North Street, Castlethorpe

See page 2 of Coronation Celebrations:
1 p.m. Fancy Dress Parade round streets of village. (Streamers provided by Coronaton Fund and made by Coronation Sewing Party)