Coronation Celebrations
of His Majesty George VI 1937

Northampton Mercury 05 March 1937


At a well-attended public meeting, held in the Carrington Hall, Castlethorpe, a representative gathering of villagers gave willing assistance to the Parish Council in the planning of activities for Coronation Day, Mr. H. Cook presided, and was supported by Mr. G. Clarke, acting secretary.
The day’s programme will include a united open-air service, a meat tea, afternoon sports, evening entertainments, and a dance. A firework display and fancy dress parade through decorated streets are other activities for which the committee are making provision.
Mrs. J. E. Whiting will act as judge for the parade, which will be held in the grounds of Castlethorpe Lodge, to be lent by Mr. J. E. Whiting for the day’s festivities.
Mrs. Winifred Furniss was appointed general secretary to the Coronation Committee, and was asked to take charge also of the musical arrangements for the day. Among local musicians invited and willing to give their services in the formation of a Coronation band are: The Locals Orchestra, with Miss Rawlinson and Messrs. J. Cowley, L. Robinson, J. Fumiss, and B Sawbridge: also Mrs. Stimson, Misses G. Algar and B. Panter, and Messrs. H. P. Cook, W. Mills, and A. Atkins. Those serving on the various subcommittees are as follows; Women’s committee Mrs. J. E. Whiting, Mrs. R. Mayes, Mrs. M. Lewis, organising collector, and her helpers, who include Mrs. Atkins. Mrs. H. Cook, Mrs. J. Cowley, Mrs. Coey, Mrs. B. Evans. Mrs. E. Green, Mrs. C. Harding, Mrs. E. Nicholls. Mrs. May, Mrs. Meacham, Mrs. W. Mills, Mrs. F. Mills, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. T. West, Mrs. G. White, Mrs. Worker, the Misses Cowley, Olney, Pittam, and Rawlinson. Also nominated from the meeting, Mrs. B. Brown, Mrs. J. Brown, Mrs. A. Clarke. Mrs. H. P. Cook, Mrs. J. Gobbey, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Jeffs, Mrs. Maltby, Mrs. Mothersole, Mrs. F. Stones, and Mrs. W. Stones; sports committee, Messrs B. Brown. R. Panter, G. White, F. Stones, J. Rainbow, T. West, and Miss Buxton; seating committee, Messrs. J. Cowley. E. Green. Lambert, Gray, A. Clarke, and G. Cowley, A Cowley, R. Holt. S. West, and A. Atkins; finance committee, Messrs. H, Cook, C. Clarke, G. White, and F. Stones.

Coronation Celebrations 1937