The Wolverton Express 31 May 1912

GARDEN FETE: In aid of the funds of the Hanslope and District Nursing Association, a successful fete was held on Saturday at the Holmstead, Castlethorpe, the charming residence of Mrs. Lea Wynn, an enthusiast of the work the Association is doing in the neighbourhood. Mr. E. H. Watts, J.P., of Hanslope, is this year’s President, and Mrs Watts Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. Tea was served al fresco, the ladies waiting at the tables being Mesdames Whiting, Powell, Panter, Maltby, Middleton, and the Misses Whiting and Pear. Amongst the attractions were a skittle alley, in charge of Mr H. Whiting; weighing machine, Mr. Middleton; and African carved curios, Messrs. G. and J. Rainbow; whilst Hanslope Band was in attendance, and played selections in the afternoon and for dancing on the lawn in the evening, when the attendance was largely augmented. Messrs. G. Cowley and E. Nichols were the gate keepers.

Livingstone & Zulu Warriors life size painted wooden models owned by Mr. Rainbow
Livingstone & his Zulu Warriors were life size painted wooden figures bought at an auction by Mr. Rainbow, and transported to Castlethorpe by train. They were kept in the back garden of the Post Office. Mr. Rainbow displayed them in 1912 at a garden fete held at The Holmstead, and again in a wooded glade by The Lodge, at one of the fetes in the 1930s. Betty Belton can remember going to tea at aunt Rainbow's and being allowed, as a treat, to go out into the garden to see the Warriors.
This spear is the only part of the collection
that is left in Castlethorpe.
The collection was sold, and is now believed to be in America.