The Wolverton Express 01 October 1920


The border villages of Castlethorpe and Cosgrove held their first fete for the Northampton Hospital on Saturday last and this function proved an unequalled success. The weather was on its best behaviour, and the organisers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Bavington, of the “Navigation Inn,” entered into their self-imposed labours for charity with enthusiasm and were loyally supported by all classes in the neighbouring villages. The ides of organising the fete originated with an application for permission to hold a fishing contest at the Castlethorpe Wharf, which Mr. and Mrs. Bavington granted. The thought arose as to the possibility of organising a hospital fete for the two villages for the same day, when refreshments for the anglers could be supplied from the fete field. The date selected for the contest seemed a very suitable one for a fete and although the intervening time was short, the promoters worked hard with the arrangements. They first anticipated that by means of this fete they would raise about £20 for the Hospital and were astonished when a rough estimate made on Saturday evening last revealed that nearly £100 would be available for this deserving institution. It has been suggested that this effort should be made an annual event and if this is taken up by the villagers, future feted will no doubt be on more pretentious lines.

In Saturday’s fete, Mr. and Mrs. Bavington received valuable assistance from several of the inhabitants of the two villages. They also enlisted the sympathy of Mr. A. A. Fergusson, who has lately taken up residence at Cosgrove Hall, who proved a willing worker through out and also gave the funds substantial help by a handsome donation.

The field selected for the fete was mid-way between the two villages, being in the vicinity of the “Navigation Inn.” A large company gathered, including many visitors from the district. The opening ceremony was performed by Mr. W. W. Dickens (Old Stratford). Mr. and Mrs. Penson, Mr. and Mrs. R. Bavington.

The programme of proceedings included sports, a vegetable show, and the attractions of side-shows. A lengthy list of races for me, women, boys and girls, was carried out, races for the residents of the two villages, and two open events. Much interest centred in a tug-of-war contest between Cosgrove and Castlethorpe, the former winning by two pulls to one. The sports officials were Messrs. W. Wise, A. Bavington, and M. Beasley (handicappers and marksmen). W. Dickens, R. Bavington and R. Penson (judges) Mr. Fergusson handed the prizes to the winning competitors. The money for prizes was provided by Mr. R. Bavington.

Sports results were: 100 yds. Handicap (boys under 11 years) 1. Jelley, 2. J. Bavington, 3. R. Bavington. 100 yds. (boys 11-14) 1. W. Bavington, 2. J. Willison, 3. W. Worser.
80 yds. (girls under 11 years) 1. Willison, 2. Mills.
80 yds. (girls over 11 years) 1. V. Jelley, 2. L. Hall.
100 yds. (men over 40 years) 1. Atkins, 2. Pratt, 3. H. Barford.
100 yds open handicap 1. Overton, 2. A. Bavington, 3. C. Harding.
Half-mile open handicap. 1. Overton, 2. Olderamn, 3. Kightley.
Skittles tournament 1. C. Eccesfield; three tied for 2nd and 3rd prizes R. Brown, F. Sawbridge and A. B. Bavington.

A display of vegetables open to the residents of the two villages, were judged by Mr. Lord (Cosgrove) and Mr. Brice (Castlethorpe), and the following awards were given for the best collections shown: 1. Mr. R. Bavington, 2. Mr. W. Wise, 3. Mr. C. Harding. These were afterwards sold and the money realised went into the general fete fund.

Refreshments were provided by Mrs. Bavington, who was assisted at her stall by Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Panter, Mr. W. Stewart, Mrs. Copson, and Mrs. Dix. Various guessing competitions were conducted by Miss Bessie Panter. The skittles tournament was superintended by Mr. W. Dix and Mr. C. Willison. In charge of the coconut shies was Mr. R. Panter, Miss Phyllis Bavington and Miss Irene Maltby were very successful with trays of flowers. Mr. Chapman superintended the storage of bicycles, cars, etc. on the Inn yard.

During the afternoon selections were rendered from a small band drawn from Cosgrove and Stony Stratford under the conductorship of Mr. F. Key.

One of the most successful items was the sale of gifts in the evening. Numerous gifts were received by the organisers, which were sold for highly satisfactory prices. One ton of hay given by Mr. Dickens sold for £12 10s; a sheep by Mr. Fergusson £9 10s. a calf by Mr. J. Whiting £4 5s. one quarter of seed winter oats by Mr. Whiting £4 4s. Other articles offered included fowl, rabbits, dogs, and ferrets. In addition to gifts in kind, were many donations to the fund.