Fancy Dress Dances and Fetes 1922

The Bucks Standard 04 March 1922

Marcelle Markham's prize
Marcelle Markham's prize
FANCY DRESS DANCE. On Saturday, Feb 18, a very successful fancy dress dance was given in the Council School in aid of the Hanslope and Castlethorpe Nursing Association. The dance was organised by Mrs. Joe Whiting, assisted by members of the committee. A good number of dancers were present in fancy dress, and judging of these was undertaken by Sir Arthur Holland and Colonel Seton, assisted by the Misses Adams. The prizes for the beat dresses were awarded to – 1st, Miss E. Willingham (Old Mother Hubbard); 2nd, Mrs. H. Beesley (Superstition); 3rd, Mrs. T. Evans (Day and Night). Gent – 1st, Mr. W. Markham (Allotment Holder), 2nd, Mr. Underwood (“Jazz”). Children – 1st, Irene Maltby (Fortune Teller), 2nd Marcelle Markham (Bo-Peep), 3rd, Ruby Maltby (Britannia). Boys – Robert Bavington (jockey). The following ladies on the Committee took charge of the refreshment room. Mrs. J. Marsh, Mrs. J. Evans, Mrs. F. Clarke, Mrs. S. Beesley, Mrs. Maltby, Mrs. Lansbury. Mr. H. H. Middleton officiated at the piano, and Mr. H. Clayton Jones kindly played the violin. Altogether, it was a most successful evening, and the fund will benefit to the extent of £13

The Bucks Standard 18 March 1922

HOSPITAL WEEK FUND FANCY DRESS DANCE: On Saturday, March 11th, a most successful fancy dress dance was held in the Council Schools, organised by the Castlethorpe and Cosgrove Hospital Week Fund Committee. The arrangements were excellent and a large company spent a very enjoyable evening. A splendid number of dancers appeared in character. The difficult task of judging these was undertaken by Mrs. J. Whiting and Mr. and Mrs. Brown, who awarded the prizes as follows: Special prize, Miss Tipler, “Indian Squaw;” ladies, 1st Miss M. Powell, “Jazz;” 2nd, Miss Keen, “Patchwork;” gents, 1st. Mr. Bert Evans, “Rags and Bones;” 2nd Mr. S. Markham, “Village Idiot;” girls, 1st, Bessie Panter, “Old Woman who lived in a shoe;” 2nd, Marcelle Markham, “Cupid;” 3rd, Nellie Wilcox “Welsh Woman;” boys, 1st, Robert Bavington, “Golliwog;” 2nd Harry Jahr, “Mother Shipton;” 3rd, Bobbie Bavington, “Jester.” Mr. C. Harding officiated as M.C. and Mr. A. Reynolds (Deanshanger) as pianist. Refreshments were serve by Mrs. Dicks, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. R. Panter, and Mrs. R. Bavington, the latter carrying out the secretarial duties in a most efficient manner.

The Bucks Standard 17 June 1922

Grand Garden Fete
Will be held at
Hanslope Lodge, Castlethorpe

By kind permission of
K.C.B., K.C.M.G., D.S.O.., etc.,

And many other amusements.
WHIST DRIVE, 6.15 p.m. DANCING on the
Lawns 7.15 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
TEA & REFRESHMENTS at moderate charges
Admission 6d. After 6 p.m. 3d. Children half-price

The Bucks Standard 08 July 1922





In the pretty grounds of Hanslope Lodge (kindly lent by Lieut.-general Sir Arthur Holland, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., and Lady Holland) a garden party and fete of a highly successful character took place on Saturday afternoon, July 1, in aid of the funds of the Hanslope and Castlethorpe Nursing Association, an institution which has been of untold good in the two villages. There was a large attendance, and with a varied programme of amusements visitors were privileged to spend a very happy time. The committee of the association with Miss Stevenson as the painstaking and assiduous secretary, had the active co-operation and help of Sir Arthur and Lady Holland in the preparation of the fete, the arrangements for which were complete even to the smallest detail.
Lady Holland made an interesting speech in opening the fete. She first expressed the pleasure it gave General Sir Arthur Holland and herself to welcome them to Hanslope Lodge and was delighted that they had turned up in such large numbers to support them in their effort to assist the funds of the Nursing Association. Further she was extremely grateful and appreciated most highly the kind welcome her husband and herself had received on coming to reside amongst them. She went on to say that they were aware they had met that day to assist in maintaining the good work the nurse was doing in the two villages. She would like to tell them what perhaps they did not know, that since the Nursing Association had been established the nurse had visited at the rate of almost 1,000 families per annum. In addition they expert medical aid. In every case the nurse had shown great sympathy and her help in the homes had been extremely valuable. The value of nursing had been brought much to her mind in the last fortnight. There had been several sad cases, and one of local interest was the unfortunate and regrettable accident to their friend and neighbour Colonel Seton, who was now lying in Northampton Hospital and whose recovery would be due not only to his splendid constitution and good life but in a greater degree to the first-rate nursing which he would receive in that most useful institution. Lady Holland asked them to remember that the service of the nurse could be had for nothing, but money was required to maintain the work and she felt that money should not only be raised by fetes of that description and by entertainments but also by a steady flow of subscriptions which might not be high but were none the less necessary to keep the Association on a sound foundation. Her ladyship referred to the great interest Mrs. Watts had always taken in the Association, and that lady, whilst regretting inability to be present that afternoon, had forwarded a donation of one pound to the nursing funds and wished that afternoon’s efforts every success. Lady Holland felt sure they would all agree with her in voting that a message of thanks should be sent to Mrs. Watts for her kind and welcome gift. (Applause).
During the afternoon General Sir Arthur Holland and Lady Holland and their charming daughter Miss Mary Holland were the most enthusiastic and keen workers for the success of the fete. They organised many amusements and were the most generous patrons of the various stalls and side shows. Miss Mary Holland was overwhelmed with customers for her dainty Parisian toys and her stock was quickly sold out. Lady Holland had an attractive stall where fancy and useful articles were temptingly displayed. She had the valuable assistance of Miss Tarry, of Wolverton. Other helpers at this well-organised nursing effort were: Provision stall Miss Markham; sweets, Mrs. H. Beasley and Miss Wallis; ice cream and flowers, Mrs. F. Tompkins and Mrs. Vaughan; jumble stall, Nurse Rogers and Mrs. W. Willingham sen., hidden treasure Miss Jessie Brownsell and Mr. Frank Brownsell; mineral waters, Mr. H. Maltby and Miss Maltby; houp-la, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting; clock golf, Mr. J. Marsh; weighing machine, Mr. W. Willingham sen.; skittles, Messrs. J. Evans and Frank Mills; fortune telling, Miss Marsh; bowling for a pig given by Mr. J. E. Whiting jun.; Aunt Sally, Mr. F. Jeffs.
Teas and refreshment were served under the shade of the trees on the lawn by Mrs. S. Beasley, Mrs. J. E. Whiting, Mrs. Marsh, Mrs Rawlinson, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Lansbury, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Branson, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Mills, and Mr. Holt maintained a constant supply of boiling water.
During the afternoon a concert was given in the rose garden. This was organised by Mrs. J. E. Whiting. Songs were rendered by Mrs. H. Clayton Jones (Newport Pagnell), Mr. A. Bullard (Newport Pagnell), Mr. D. Gardner (Sherington), and Miss Gardner (Wolverton), charming dances by Misses Miriam and Stella Tompkins and Miss Dorothy Coker, and a violin solo by Mr. H. Clayton Jones. The pianoforte accompaniments were played by Mr. H. H. Middleton who was also responsible for a whist drive.
In the early evening there were sports on the lawn with events for both young and old. General Sir Arthur Holland and Mr. A. Masterman were the officials, and the prizes were given and presented to the successful competitors by Lady Holland.
The Hanslope Band played capital music during the afternoon, and in the evening there was dancing.
The pleasure of the fete were marred in the early evening by rain, but notwithstanding this everyone spent a delightful time in picturesque surroundings, and a deserving and most useful village institution was materially aided by the efforts. The total takings amounted to £65 9s. 9d., practically all of which is profit and will be made over to the Hanslope and Castlethorpe Nursing Association. Considering the bad weather this result was most satisfactory, and is a fitting reward for the hard work put in by Sir Arthur and Lady Holland and the committee. The generosity of residents of the two villages in giving articles and produce for the stalls was valued and appreciated by the promoters, as also was the willing assistance given by Messrs. G. Tebbey, S. W. Platten, and Alfred Smith as gatekeepers.

Northampton Mercury 01 September 1922


The third annual Hospital Fete the villages of Castlethorpe and Cosgrove was held on Saturday in the field lent by Mr. and Mrs. Bavington. The first fete effort of the neighbouring villages produced for the Northampton Hospital (he sum of £100, and last year this amount was doubled. It was hoped, and it certainly appeared possible on Saturday that last year’s amount would be equalled if not exceeded. The weather was ideal, the bright, warm sunshine adding much to the success the fete, and was the means of bringing many visitors.
The fete was opened Mrs. J. Whiting, of Castlethorpe who performed the ceremony in the absence through illness, Lady Holland, of the Lodge. She was supported by the Mayor and Mayoress of Northampton (Alderman and Mrs. G. S. Whiting), Mr. C. H. Battle, the Rev. R. Stanham (Cosgrove), various officials of the fete committee, and others.
The programme of the fete included many attractive features. In addition to the many stalls and side-shows, were athletic sports, aquatic sports, horticultural show, a fishing competition, and auction sale. The horticultural show was held in the fete field, the exhibits, 200 in number, being staged in a marquee. The show was the best yet held in the two villages, for quality and quantity of exhibits. The judges were Mr. McKinnon, of Hanslope Lodge, and a representative of Messrs. Perkins and Sons, Northampton, whose awards were given as follows. Except where otherwise stated, the prize winners are residents of either Cosgrove or Castlethorpe.


The awards were;— Collection  of vegetables, six varieties (prizes by Mr. M. Jelley), 1 G. F. Haynes (New Bradwell), 2 T. Lord. Kidney beans, 1 G. F. Haynes, 2 T. Lord. Carrots, 1 A. Shackell, 2 R. Panter. Celery, 1 G. F. Haynes, 2 S. Williams. Cauliflowers, 1 G. H 2 J. Brown. Peas, 1 T. Dillon, 2 Mrs. R. Bavington. Marrows, 1 G. Williams, 2 T. Lord. Pickling eschalots, 1 F. Hall, 2 Mrs. G. Brown. Spring sown onions, 1 G. F. Haynes, 2 1. Lord. Autumn sown onions, A. Stanley (Maids Moreton), 2 G. Pettifer. tomatoes, 1 J. Brown (Old Stratford). Potatoes, white round, 1 G. Williams, H. Ward; coloured round, 1 G. F. Haynes, 2 G. Williams white kidney, 1 Williams, 2 G. F. Haynes; coloured round, 1 S. Williams, 2 R. Panter. Plums, 1 R. Panter, 2 Mrs. R. Brown. Cooking apples, 1 R. Panter. 2 J. Brown. Dessert apples, 1 R. Panter, 2 T. Lord. Pears, 1 R. Panter, 2 J. Brown. Sweet peas, four bunches, 1 S. Williams, 2 F. Childs. Hardy flowers, six bunches, 1 Mrs. S. Williams, 2 A. J. Childs. Bouquet of flowers, 1 Mrs. S. Williams, Mrs. Childs. Roses. 1 F. Sawbridge.
Hen’s eggs, white, 1 Mrs. R. Brown; brown, 1 Mrs. Geo. Brown. Ducks’ eggs, 1 Mrs. R. Bavington.

Collection of vegetables, four varieties (prizes by Messrs. Thomas Perkins, Northampton), 1 S. W. Williams. Spring sown onions (prizes by Messrs. Clarke and Son, Castlethorpe), 1 G. Williams, 2 W. Wise. Peas (prize Messrs. Clarke and Son), W. Wise. Carrots (prizes by Messrs. Clarke and Son), 1 W. Wise, 2 G. Williams. Collection of potatoes, four varieties (prizes given Mr. F. Williams). 1 G. Williams, 2 S. Williams, 3 F. Hall. Heaviest marrow, G. Noble. Bouquet of wild flowers (children), 1 Gladys Lord, W. Scott, Violet Williams.
At the close the show the exhibits wore sold by public auction and the proceeds given to the fete funds. There were also sold collections of fruit and vegetables given Mr. Fergusson and Mr. H. Cook.


The athletic sports gave the following results :—80 yards flat (girls under 10), 1 L. Gascoyne, 2 V. Williams, 3 H. Castle. 80 yards flat (boys under 10), 1 R. Brown, F. Copson, 3 A. Brooks. 80 yards flat (girls 10—14), 1 D. Jelley, 2 M. Willison, 3 D. Willison. 80 yards flat (boys 10-14), 1 S. Chapman, 2 A. Jelley, 3 J. Dunkley. 60 yards egg and spoon race (ladies), 1 Miss Jelley, Mrs. Cooper, 3 Mrs. Summers. 100 yards boot race (over 14), 1 J. Worker, 2 J. Tilson, 3 W. Worker. 40 yards swimming (boys under 10), 1 F. Payne, 2 A. Jelley, 3 W. Luck. 80 yards swimming (open), 1 Ridgway (Hanslope). 2 A. Stevenson (Wolverton), F. Stevenson (Wolverton). Walking greasy pole over canal for leg of mutton won Mr. C. W. Harding. Pillow Fight over canal, 1 Stevenson, 2 F. Stevenson. A fishing competition took place at the canal in the fields owned Mr. Bavington. Seventy anglers took part, and three hours’ fishing produced the following winners: 1 Hill (Northampton), 26 ozs.; 2 S. Tapp, 22 ozs.; 3 J. Wesley (Northampton), 13 ozs.; 4 A. Bason (Northampton), 12 ozs.; 5 F. James  (Northampton), 11 ozs.; 6 W.  Tue (Wolverton), 10 ozs. For smallest fish Bunyan (Northampton). The prizes won were handed to the winners by Mrs. T. Whiting.
An auction sale of gifts to the fete committee was carried out in the evening by representative of the firm of Messrs. Wigley, Son, and Gambell, auctioneers, Newport Pagnell, when some good prices were realised. A varied assortment of articles was disposed of. In addition the many gifts in kind, the fete committee received several handsome gifts of money.
During the afternoon and evening the Hanslope Excelsior Band, under the conductorship of Mr. A. Key, played selections and dance music.
The Hospital Fete Committee of the two villages is large and representative one of all sections, and has for its presidents, Lieut.-General Sir Arthur Holland, of Hanslope Lodge, and Capt. Fergusson, of Cosgrove. Each village has its own committee and chairman, these being Mr. Malcolm Jelley (Cosgrove) and Mr. H. Dolling (Castlethorpe). Mrs. E. Bavington was hard-working secretary.