The Bucks Standard 07 July 1923

Village Nursing Association. The Hanslope and Castlethorpe Nursing Association, an organisation which has proved of the greatest value to residents in the two parishes, has no better friends than Lieut-General Sir Arthur Holland, K.C.B., G.C.M.G., M.V.O., D.S.O., and Lady Holland and this was proved beyond doubt on Saturday last when they gave the use of their delightful grounds at Hanslope Lodge for the sixth annual fete to raise funds to enable the association to carry on its mission of mercy successfully and unembarrassed by financial difficulties. Though there many other attractions in the neighbouring parishes on the same afternoon the fete was splendidly supported, and the villagers and the public from outside were privileged to spend a most enjoyable holiday in charming surroundings. Both Sir Arthur and Lady Holland not only gave their experienced advice in the details of organisation but on the day they were indefatigable workers, whilst the assistance given by Miss Holland was of the highest value to the committee. Lady Holland opened the fete in a happy little speech. She eulogised the valuable work of the Nursing Association and said she had had the experience of requiring the services of the nurse, who she found to be capable, efficient, and very kind. Having pointed out that the nurse was kept only through funds they raised by voluntary effort, her Ladyship expressed her thanks to the many helpers for gifts and sums of money. Stalls, ranged round the gardens and amongst the trees, were as follows: Sweets and ices, Mrs. Tompkins, Mrs. Vaughan, and Mrs. H. Beasley; fancy stall, Lady Holland and Miss Tarry (Wolverton); houp-la, Mrs. Jos. Whiting and Mrs. Short jun. (Newport Pagnell); jumble stall, Miss Crick, Mrs. Willingham; produce stall, Mrs. Branson; flower stall, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Rutter; wishing well, Lady Holland and Miss Fletcher; refreshments, Mesdames Beasley, Rawlinson, Evans, F. Clarke, J. Marsh, Mills, Woodedge, Parker; bowling competition for a pig was given by Mr. Joe Whiting, Mr. W. J. Willingham and Mr. Rawlinson; clock golf, Mr. Marsh, Mr. Willingham, sen.; skittles, Mr. Jack Evans, Mr. F. Mills; happy Benny, Mr. Maltby. Miss M. Tompkins organised various competitions. Mrs. Oliver’s Merry and Bright Concert Party from Wolverton (under the direction of Mrs. H. E. Baker) gave concerts in the rose garden afternoon and evening; the Hanslope Band was in attendance; and also played for dancing. Mr. H. H. Middleton was M.C. for a whist drive, the prizes for which were won by Mr. J. Cole, of Wolverton, and Mrs. E. Harrison. Children’s sports on the lawn were organised by Lady Holland.

Northampton Mercury 27 July 1923


The inhabitants of the adjoining villages of Castlethorpe and Cosgrove combined on Saturday for their annual effort for the Northampton Hospital. As in previous years, the proceedings were staged in a field near the Navigation Inn, midway between the two villages. Sports were held, and flower show, in addition to other amusements and other means of money raising. The fete was opened Mrs. Seton, of Castlethorpe, and on the platform were Mr. H. Dolling (in the chair), Sir James Crockett, Mrs. Earl (Mayoress Northampton), the Rev. R. Stanham (Cosgrove), and Mr. J. Whiting (Castlethorpe). Sports, telling the-ticket, pillow light over the canal, and walking the greasy pole over the water, created endless amusement. There was a thread-needle race, and tug-of-war between teams of six representing the villages Castlethorpe and Cosgrove.
The flower show, under the secretary-ship of Mr. S. Williams, attracted over 60 entries from the two villages. The exhibits were judged by Mr. Buckingham, Wicken Park, and Mr. Pitson, of Wicken Rectory. Later in the day the exhibits were sold by auction for the fete funds. The auctioneer was Mr. Johnson, of  the firm of Messrs. Wigley, Sons, and Gambell, Newport Pagnell, who also offered for sale a number of fowls which were gifts to the fete committee, and miscellaneous articles. One outstanding article offered was “a coin of the realm, not seen for many years," was given by Sir James Crockett, The value or nature of the coin was not disclosed until after a sale had been effected, when it was found to be a gold sovereign.
A fishing competition attracted over 80 entries, all the winners being Northampton anglers follows: 1 Miss F. E. Darnell. 2 W. Wright, 3 S. Robinson, 4 W. Johnson, 5 C. R. Jones, 6 J. Singlehurst; smallest fish caught, F. Love. Miss Darnell was the only lady angler amongst the competitors, the greater portion of whom were from Northampton. Side-shows were under the charge of Mr. Dolling, and were conducted Messrs. F. Mills (table skittles), Brown (ground skittles), Mrs. C. Harding (sweets, etc.), Messrs. F. Clarke and F. Dolling (bowling for pig given Mr. J. Whiting, Castlethorpe), Miss Phyllis Harrington (cake guessing competition), Mr. M. Jelley (cocoa-nuts). Mrs. Benson and Miss E. Burbidge (refreshments). Mr. C. H. Battle, secretary of the Northamptonshire Hospital Week movement, was present in the evening and rendered practical assistance to the promoters. The Yardley Britannia Band, under the conductorship of Mr. J. Horton, played during the afternoon and dance music in the evening. On Friday a number of ladies visited Wolverton selling artificial roses for the fete funds. The fete committee, representative body of the two villages, has as its chairman Mr. S. Williams (Cosgrove), with Mr. H. Dolling (Castlethorpe) vice-chairman, and Mrs. Bavington (Castlethorpe) secretary.