The Wolverton Express 01 July 1927


By kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, a fete was held on Saturday last in their grounds, in aid of the Hanslope and Castlethorpe Nursing Association, of which Mrs. Whiting is vice president. The Association is doing excellent work in the two parishes and there quite a good number of visitors to the fete to show their appreciation of that work in a practical manner.

An opening ceremony was dispensed with and the programme commenced in the afternoon with a concert which included dancing displays by pupils of Miss Sawbridge and also selections from her “Top Hat” revue. The dancing took place on the lawn with a natural background of trees. The dancing was cleverly executed and the whole of the concert programme was enjoyed.

Among the other attractions arranged were a comic cricket match by the Rev. E. J. Fenn between teams composed of ladies and gentlemen, folk dancing by the Castlethorpe schoolchildren, under the direction of Mr. H. Middleton, and a whist drive with Mr. Middleton as M.C. The proceedings concluded with a dance in the Council Schools. Arranged around the grounds were varied stalls and amusements, and these were under the charge of the following workers:- Mrs. Ben Whiting, Mrs. Hidderley, and Miss Adams (fancy stall), Mrs. F. Tompkins (produce), Mrs. H. Beesley (sweet stall), Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Mayes, Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Gregory, and Mrs. Evans (teas), Nurse Harrison (hoopla), Miss Rawlinson (hidden treasure), Miss Sheila Tompkins (balloons), Mr. Willingham (bowling for a prize given by Mr. J. E. Whiting), Mr. Bannard (skittles), Mrs. Cook (clock golf), Mrs. Howe (buttonholes), Mrs. Evans (ice-cream), Mr. Scripps (Happy Benny), Mrs. Willingham and Mrs. Mills (jumble stall).

Gate helpers were Messrs. B. Evans, Mills, Harding, and Smith.

For the dancing in the schools Mr. B. Evans acted as M.C., assisted by Mr. H. Clarke.

A tribute must be paid to all who so generously helped by providing articles for the various stalls and for the tea. Mrs. Hidderley, the hon. secretary of the Association, very ably superintended the details of organisation. – General assistance was given to the organisers and stall holders by Messrs. J. E. Whiting, Kingston, Holt, B. Evans, J. Evans, Mills and other.

The Bucks Standard 02 July 1927



Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, at all times ready to assist in any movement for the advancement and happiness of the people of Castlethorpe, came to the aid of the local Nursing Association in a very practical way on Saturday last, when they lent their lawn and garden for the annual fete to help on the work of the organisation which has been of real value to the villages of Castlethorpe and Hanslope. Mrs. Whiting took a prominent lead in the organisation of this excellent holiday for charity and the committee received the greatest encouragement and help from Mrs. Whiting. In former years these fetes have had their venue at Hanslope Lodge, the Buckinghamshire home of Sir Arthur Holland, M.P., and Lady Holland. The committee lost nothing by the change, for Saturday’s effort, set in convenient and beautiful surroundings, had a large measure of support, and quite a good sum was raised for the nursing work of the two villages, notwithstanding the numerous other attractions of a similar nature which were taking place in the immediate locality, and the inclement weather in the evening which interfered considerably with the arrangements made for the outdoor enjoyment of visitors. Everything was splendidly organised, and did the greatest credit to Mrs. Hidderley, the assiduous secretary of the Nursing Association, and those who co-operated with her in providing such a delightful holiday. The stalls were tastefully arranged and all of them contained gifts from the villagers and from others who know the value of a skilled nurse in the rural districts. What was particularly gratifying to the committee was the large attendance of the older residents of the two villages, to whom the nurse has proved one of the best of friends. The workers at the stalls and other attractions were. Fancy work, Mrs. B. Whiting and Miss Adams; produce Mrs. Tompkins; sweets, Mrs. H. Beesley; jumble, Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Willingham; clock golf, Mr. H. Cook; teas and refreshments, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Mayes, Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Gregory and Miss Weston; hoop-la, Nurse Harrison; hidden treasure, Miss Rawlinson; balloons, Miss Stella Tompkins; ice cream, Mr. Cyril Evans; bowls, Mr. Willingham; skittles, Mr. Bannard; happy Benny, Mr. Mills; flower sellers, Eric Kingston and Tom Mayes; gatekeepers, Mr. Smith and Mr. B. Evans. Other enthusiastic workers were Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting, Messrs. J. Evans, F. Mills, R. Holt and E. Cook (Hanslope).

During the afternoon the ladies played the gentlemen at cricket. It was a most amusing game, which the men who batted and fielded left handed, claimed they had won by two runs. The umpire, however, decided that honours were divided. A feature of the match was the batting of Miss Johnson, who scored an invaluable 18 runs for her side. Miss Gladys Sawbridge (Hanslope) and her pupils gave a delightful programme of dances, and the folk dancing by the school-children, under the direction of Mr. H. Middleton (headmaster) and Miss Cook was extremely pleasing and very cleverly done. A whist drive attracted many players, the duties of M.C. being discharged by Mr. H. Middleton. In the evening a successful and enjoyable dance was held in the Council school. Mr. Harry Ward’s (Newport Pagnell) New Dance Band supplied a splendid programme and their music was greatly appreciated. Mr. Bert Evans was M.C., and Mr. W. Clarke doorkeeper.