The Wolverton Express 23 June 1950


Land Offered for Site

In just under one year Castlethorpe Parish Hall Fund has reached £270 towards its target of £1,000 to provide a suitable hall for the village. A fete was held in the grounds of Castlethorpe Lodge on Saturday to augment the fund, and Lord Carrington, who opened the proceedings, gave a welcome piece of news when he said the Mr. Whiting and himself had agreed to give the village a plot of land for a hall if the residents so wished.
Lord Carrington said he hoped he would be able to visit the village more often now that petrol was de-rationed. To raise £270 in less than a year was a very good start.
Lord Carrington congratulated the helpers on their work saying he knew their job from the inside, for he had had two fetes in his garden during the past year. He also thanked Mr. and Mrs. J. Whiting for the loan of their garden and concluded with the hope that everyone would get together and help to build a parish hall as quickly as possible.
Mr. H. Dolling (chairman of the committee) moved a vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Whiting.
Seven-year-old Dorothy Belton presented a bouquet to Mrs. Whiting, and Mrs. Lewis (oldest lady on the committee) presented buttonholes to Lord Carrington and Mr. Whiting. The bouquets and buttonholes were made up by the Allotment Association.

Fancy-Dress Parade

The fancy-dress parade was judged by Mesdames J. Whiting, J. B. Mayes, J. J. Cannon, J. Sawbridge, F. Pateman, and J. Brown. Prizes, which included one shilling for each competitor, were distributed by Lord Carrington. An original idea was that of George Chilton (Hanslope), who wheeled a trolley bearing a model of the projected hall and symbols of the various activities it would house.

Fancy-dress competitors at the 1950 fete.

Winners were: Children , 3 to 6 years, 1. Jane Bavington (“Chip off the Old Block”), 2. Susan Ridout (doll) 3. Clifford and Richard Ray (Bruce Woodcock and Lee Savold); 7 to 11 years, 1. Josie Lane (Safety-First) 2. Peter Thomas (scarecrow) 3. Ann Gray (drummer girl), 12 to 16 years, George Chilton (“On Parade”) 2. Ann Williams (Hawaiian Girl) 3. Gordon Pettifer (scarecrow), adults, Mr. Mullins (John Bull).

Fur and Feather Show

The North Bucks Fanciers’ Society ran a fur and feather show, which attracted entries of 120 rabbits and pigeons. Arrangements were made by Mr. A. C. Fryatt (secretary) and Mr. A. Smith (show manager). Judges were: normal fur and fancy classes. A. C. Fryatt; Rex classes, N. K. Willis; pigeons were judged by Mr. Silson (Haversham). Stewards were Messrs. J. Preston, G. Pratt, and L. Bennett. All profits were given by the Fanciers’ Society to the Village Hall Fund.


Normal Fur; N.Z.R., 1. R. Rock (Hanslope), 2. R. Grace (Stony Stratford); a.o.v., 1 C. Smith (New Bradwell); a.v. u/5 mths., 1 and 2 C. Smith; a.v. 4-14 weeks, 1. C. Smith, 2. J. Wilson (Watford), 3. W. Purser (Castlethorpe); English, 1. T. Shouler (Bletchley), 2. W. Purser, 3. A. Radcliffe (New Bradwell); a.o.v. 1. J. Brown (Castlethorpe); a.v. u/5 mths. 1. J. Brown 2. E. Gascoyne; a.v. u/14 wks., 1. T. Shouler, 2. J. Brown, 3. T. Shouler; breeders, 1. T. Shouler, 2. J. Brown, 3. E. Gascoyne; cross-bred, 1. R. Rock.
Rex Classes; Ermise, 1. K. Smith (New Bradwell), 2. A. Ratcliffe; a.o.v., a.a., 1. G. Pratt (New Bradwell), 2. K. Holloway (Potterspury), a.v. u/5 mths. 1. A. Bowler (New Bradwell), 2. R. Grace (Stony Stratford), 3. R. Bowler; a.v. u/14 weeks, 1. G. Pratt, 2. A. Bowler, 3. A. Greaves (Hanslope); breeders, 1. A. Greaves; challenge, 1. G. Pratt, 2. K. Smith, 3. K. Holloway.
Other classes; Cup fund, 1. E. Gascoyne, 2. R. Grace, 2. L. Bennett; grand challenge, u/5 mths., 1. A. Bowler, 2. T. Shouler; grand challenge, a.a., 1. T. Shouler, 2. K. Pratt, 3. R. Rock; grand challenge, juveniles, 1. A. Greaves, 2. E. Gascoyne, 3. K. Smith.

Likeliest Flyer, old hen 1. and 2. B. Craddock (New Bradwell); ditto, old cock, 1. B. Craddock, 2. W. Booth (Haversham), 3. G. Pratt; ditto, novice hen, 1. G. Pratt, 2. and 3. S. Cole (Newport Pagnell); likeliest flyer, novice cock, 1. S. Cole, 2. G. Pratt.

Baby and Dog Shows

Mrs. N. Sawbridge organized a dog show, which was judged by Mr. T. Haydon (Haversham).
A successful baby show was organized under the auspices of the Welfare by Mrs. J. Sawbridge and judged by Dr. A. A. Clay (Newport Pagnell).
Results: Under six months, 1. Richard Campbell (Hanslope), 2. Marlene Tapp (Castlethorpe); six to 12 months, 1. Patricia Elliott (Hanslope); one to two years, 1. Michael Bassett, 2. Anthony Clarke, 3. Elanda Spinelli (Castlethorpe).
A whist drive in the evening was conducted by Mesdames J. Whiting, R. Mayes, J, Sawbridge, J. J. Cannon, W. Markham, and M. Simpson.

Dancing Display

Miss Eileen Dormer’s School of Dancing (Principal), Miss Rosemary Carter of Wolverton gave a varied and enchanting programme of dances.
Pupils taking part in the display were: Janet Haynes, Bernice Brown, Mary Cook, Pauline Goodridge, Linda Page, Margaret Skinner, Celia Dunckley, Lavinia Daurice, Marilyn Stanley, Heather Watson, Angela Watson, Leslie Browne, Stephen Sharpe, David Bridge, Yvonne Faux, Ann Rainbow, Jill Barber, Mary Dormer, Linda Blake, Pamela Moule, Margaret Emerton, Pauline Munday, Mary Tandy, Carol Gardner, and Sheila Parrott. Music was provided by Tommy Claridge as pianist.


Gate, Messrs. B. Tapp and T. West (Cricket Club); competitions, Messr. C. Bywater and J. Herbert; skittle alley (small) John Stewart (Youth Club); ski-ball, William Boon and Maurice Paris; large skittles, John Herbert and John Gray (Youth Club); roll-penny, Michael Paris (Youth Club); spinning jenny, Fred Willett (Youth Club); lemonade, Mesdames A. Bavington and A. Cowley (Women’s Institue); gate (sports enclosure), E. Gobbey and L. R. Lambert; sports, Messrs. C. Harding, A. Bavington, J. Cowley, and J. Carpenter (British Legion); donkey rides, Mr. Mullins (the donkeys were kindly loaned by Mr. W. D. Markham); fortune teller, Mrs. Britten (Hanslope); tombola , Misses A. Pettifer and J. Pateman; pound stall, Mesdames H. J. Lewis, C. Harding, F. Mills, T. West, and W. Furnice (Mother’s Union).

The day was concluded with a dance in the evening to the music of Harold Batterson’s Quintet.

All arrangements were made by the Parish Hall Committee. Chairman, Mr. H. Dolling (Parish Council); Secretary Mr. R. West; Treasurer, Mr. J. Trace, (Darts Club); Assistant Treasurer, Mr. A. Cowley (British Legion); the Trustees are the Parish Council; Committee, Mrs. J. Lewis (Mother’s Union); Mr. T. West, and Mr. B. Tapp (Cricket Club), Mr. J. Bavington (British Legion), Mr. M. Paris (Darts Club), Mr. N. West and Mrs. Pateman, (Youth Club), Mr. and Mrs. B. Sawbridge (village), Mr. C. Bywater and Mr. J. Gobbey, (Parish Council), Mrs. J. Sawbridge and Mrs. R. Mills (Welfare), Mr. L. Lambert and Mr. H. Limbery (Allotment Association), Mrs. R. Mayes and Mrs. W. Beasley (Church Council), Mrs. J. Robinson, Mrs. A. Bavington, and Mrs. J. Whiting (Women’s Institue).