The Wolverton Express 17 August 1951


Village Hall Fund Now Stands at nearly £500

In eighteen months the Castlethorpe fund for acquiring a village hall has risen to nearly £500. Although the second fete effort, held on Saturday last in the grounds of Castlethorpe Lodge, was marred by continual rain, the residents rallied to the hard work of the Committee, and the gross receipts amounted to £80. After expenses a sum of between £60 and £65 is expected to be available for the fund.

The enthusiasm of the residents has meant the full co-operation of the people in all walks of life. Last year the Women’s Institute made the generous gift of £100 to the fund; the British Legion and Youth Club made generous donations of £80, while the Hall Committee has raised money through whist drives and dances.

The opening ceremony and fancy-dress parade took place in the large Dutch barn. Mr. Arthur Cowley (chairman of the Hall Committee) presided, supported by ladies who judged those in fancy costumes, and Mrs. Nancy Sawbridge (the secretary).

“A Village Hall as Soon as Possible”

Mr. Cowley in prefacing the opening ceremony, said that on behalf of the Village Hall Committee he wished to thank all residents of the village for supporting their efforts and to those who had given gifts, donations and help towards the fete. The organizing committee said the Fund chairman, comprised, with one exception, every organisation in the village, but if anyone knew that an organisation was not represented they should contact Mrs. B. Sawbridge.

Their aim was “a village hall as soon as possible”. Before that day’s fete their fund stood at £408 and that sum was acquired by generous donations and by hard work in organizing competitions, dances and whist drive.
During the short time the committee had been working – 18 months – they had had many kind friends who had given gifts and worked hard, and to whom the committee expressed thanks. Their Hon. Secretary (Mrs. Nancy Sawbridge) had put in a tremendous amount of hard work for that day’s effort, and he wished to thank her ob behalf of the committee.

But, said Mr. Cowley, they could not have staged that day’s proceedings without the co-operation of Mr. J. E. Whiting. J.P. and Mrs. Whiting, and they were greatly indebted to them for allowing the use of their gardens and grounds, and he wished to say “Thank you” very sincerely to them, and to express the wish that Mrs. Whiting would soon regain her good health and strength again.

Mr. Cowley gave a special welcome to Mrs. Farney Brown. Although the lady had a very close connection with the village of Castlethorpe, it was not often the residents had the pleasure of her presence, but they did see Mr. Farney Brown on occasions such as the British Legion dinner. Mr. Brown was unable to accompany his wife that day owing to sickness, and they wished him a speedy recovery.

Hall Great Boon to Village

Mrs. Farney Brown, in declaring the fete open, addressed the gathering of “friends” because, she said, she had been connected with the village so long. She was pleased to be present and associated herself with the raising of money for the village hall.
“There will be a lot of work for some of you on order to get the hall established”, said the opener, who added, “I feel, it will be a great boon to the village by having a hall suitable for meetings and social functions”.
Gifts of Bucks pillow-lace handkerchiefs were hands to Mrs. Whiting and Mrs. Farney Brown by Jane Bavington.
Prior to the opening ceremony, the children in fancy costumes were judged by Mrs. J. E. Whiting, Mrs. Farney Brown. Mrs. G. Frost and Mrs. Dytham.

Castlethorpe fete - fancy costumes entries
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In the age group up to six years the judges were partial to the safety measures instituted for road traffic, as they awarded first prize jointly to Aidan Cook (traffic lights) and George Brown (road signs). 2. Jane Bavington (salad bowl), 3. Leslie Cosden (Festival of Britain), 4. Judith Limbrey (pixie), 6 -10 years, girls 1. Dorothy Belton (the frog), 2. Ann Gray (Nell Gwyn). 3. Jennifer Hart (gipsy): boys 1. Michael Mullins (cowboy), 2. Richard Hart (farm boy), consolations Patricia Goddard (fairy), and Carol Stevens (Festival of Britain): 10 – 14 years 1. Rufus King (scarecrow).

Fancy-dress parade marshals were Mr. J. Bavington, Mr. H. Cook and Mr. F. Hill (British Legion chairman), with Mr. A. Cowley (announcer). Prizes were generously provide by the British Legion.

Castlethorpe Children In Dancing Display

Unfortunately for the young people. The lawn fronting Castlethorpe Lodge could not be used for the dancing display, the rain driving the entertainment into the Dutch barn. But Miss. Kathleen Smith, of Wolverton whose pupils were providing the display, quickly adapted herself to the changed conditions, and the young people, attired in their flimsy and pretty dresses, delighted the audience with their scenes.
There was added interest to the onlookers by reason of some of the performers being children of Castlethorpe parents, and many were seeing the young people dancing for the first time. A first-class show was witnessed.
Thanks to Miss Smith and pupils were voiced by Mrs. A. Cowley.

In the evening members of the 1st Troop (Stony Stratford) Boy Scouts, under the leadership of Patrol-Leader Vernon Parker, gave a skilful gymnastic display on the lawn.

Stalls and Amusements

In spite of the rain, a number of workers carried on with superintending stalls and side-shows, but the pound stall articles were naturally transferred to one of the buildings. Fortunately, a marquee housed the tea, edibles, and ices-cream.

Helpers were: Mesdames J. Brown, L. Evans, P. Bavington, F. Pateman, H. Cook, H. Thomas, J. Robinson, E. Homer, H. Gray, B. Evans and H. Ray (teas); Mrs. A. Bavington (ice-creams); Mesdames C. Harding, F. Mills and J. Evans (pound stall); Mr. F. Andrews and Mr. H. Limbrey (aerial chasers); Mr. B. Bennett (large skittles); Mr. R. West and Mr. D. Pittam (small skittles); Mr. B. Sawbridge and Mr. H. Homer (coconuts). The tombola was run by the following members of the Baby Welfare Centre; Mrs. J. Sawbridge, Mrs. F. Pateman, Mrs. A. Robinson and Mrs. L. Robinson. This stall was highly popular, as it contained nylons, poultry, and tins of meat as prizes. A competition for a bottle of sweets given by Mr. J. Gray and Mrs. B. Tapp was won by Mr. T. Booth.

The major competition was organised by the Castlethorpe Cricket Club, whose tickets were sold at the fete by Mr. B. Tapp. Gate stewards were Mr. J. Herbert and Mr. F. Sawbridge.

Amplified music was installed through the kindness of Brigadier Gambler-Parry , of Hanslope Park, and the gramophone was manipulated by Mr. F. Freeman and Mr. J. Gray.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Markham provided the milk for the teas, and also transport for fetching the marquee from Lathbury. Mrs. J. Sawbridge bore the cost of hiring the marquee. Transport of the carting tables from Hanslope was provided by Mr. B. Sawbridge.

Hanslope Winner at Castlethorpe

No fewer then eight prize-winners at the whist drive held in the Carrington School in the evening were Hanslope residents. There were ten tables, and Mrs. F. Pateman was M.C. assisted by Mrs. J. Robinson and Mr. H. Dolling.

Prizewinners: women 1. Mrs. Scriven (Hanslope), 2. Mrs. E. Booth, 3. Mrs. Pearce, (Hanslope), highest first half Mrs. G. Smith, second half Mrs. Carpenter (Hanslope), lowest Miss. E. Feasey, men 1. Mrs. Robson (Hanslope) 2. Mr. H. Smith (Hanslope), 3. Mr. C. Wood (Hanslope), highest first half Mr. H. Dolling, second half Mrs. N. Lane, lowest Mrs. A. Wright (Hanslope). The prizes were generously given and this made it possible for the sum of £1 2. 10d to be raised.

Despite the rain, there was a bold show of youngsters in fancy dress at Castlethorpe