The Wolverton Express 05 July 1957


On Saturday Miss Dorothy Belton is being crowned Castlethorpe’s first carnival queen. The effort is for the Village Hall fund, which now stands at £928, and progress has been very encouraging. An additional grant of £532 is to be made by the Ministry of Education.
The whole project will cost about £1,590, which includes new equipment such as seating, crockery, etc.
This Saturday will be a special day for the village and everyone is entering into the preparations with enthusiasm.
At a meeting on Tuesday the committee had all the arrangements well in hand, and the main hope is for a sunny day.

The Wolverton Express 12 July 1957

Castlethorpe’s Carnival Day
Was Great Success

Queen - Dorothy Belton crowned by Rosemary Ware
Dorothy Belton being crowned by Rosemary Ware, the attendants were Lynda Nicholls, Wendy Tipple, David Spinnelli, Yvonne Smith, Marlene Tapp
Left to right: Lynda Nicholls, Wendy Tipple, David Spinnelli, Yvonne Smith, Marlene Tapp

If enthusiasm counts then Castlethorpe village deserves their extended village hall right now. On Saturday last practically the whole village turned out to assist the hall committee in raising the last £100 required in order that work can be put in hand at an early date. Dorothy Belton, 14 years old, was crowned the first carnival queen of Castlethorpe, and over thirty residents were in fancy dress costume with several comic representations which added fun to the proceedings. And to crown a successful fete the day’s takings amounted to nearly £100.
With the weather on its best behaviour a large crowd assembled on the “Square” for the crowning ceremony and the parade of those in costume.
The carnival queen and her attendants – Marlene Tapp, Linda Nicholls, Wendy Tipple and Barbara Smith with page-boy David Spinnelli – made a pretty tableaux on the farm wagon. The queen was in white with a maroon gown, the latter lent by a New Bradwell organisation. Two attendants were in pink and two in white with the page-boy wearing a blue jacket and white trousers. The crowning ceremony was performed by Miss Rosemary Ware of the Navigation Inn , who had earlier in the year chosen the queen. Miss Ware wished Dorothy every success during her year of office. Acknowledging the honour, the queen said: “I am deeply honoured to have been chosen as the first carnival queen of this village, and in later years I shall look back on this day with joy and happiness.
The duties that have become mine as the carnival queen I shall endeavour to carry out to the best of my ability”.
The tableaux moved off for a tour of the village, the farm cart being drawn by a farm tractor lent by Mrs. R. and Mr. M. Smith.

Joe Gobbey - Old Mother Gamp, Paddy Mullins & Clifford Markham - two hobos with their donkey
Heading the procession was a tit-bit of the fancy-dress parade – “Round the World in 80 years”, depicted by unrecognisable Paddy Mullins and Cliff Markham who each lead a donkey which was their means of transport. They were accompanied by Mr. Joe Gobbey as Old Mother Gamp.

During the tour of the village the residents responded generously to the collecting boxes.

Retiring Queen and her attendants - 1880
Left to right: Stan Nicholls, Sid Thomas, John Gray, Norman West - in the pram Fred Keeves
Then another humorous turn was “The retiring queen and attendants of 1880, ” with “Miss Thrupp” being wheeled in a chair.

The venue for the fete was Castlethorpe Lodge, the home of Mr. J.E. Whiting, J.P. and Mrs. Whiting, who are always ready to allow their well-kept grounds to be used for village functions. The crowd had increased when the procession arrived at the grounds. The queen and attendants were seated on a platform on the lawn and made a pretty picture. After the judges had completed their task in choosing the fancy dress awards , Mrs. Whiting made the following presentations to: the queen (flowerpot brooch), attendants (necklaces), and page-boy (a writing set). The carnival queen handed Mrs. Whiting a lace handkerchief.

The judges, Mr. H. T. Geary, Miss R. Geary and Mr. and Mrs. L. Haynes, all of Hanslope, found a difficult task in choosing the fancy dress winners

Fancy dress entries for the 1957 fete

Result Up to 5 years, 1. Yvonne Smith (Little Bo-Peep”, 2. Estelle Tapp (doll in a box), 3. Pauline Webster (Hearts are trumps). 6-10 years, 1. Adrian Pittam (Keep death off the roads), 2. Jane Bavington (Dressing Table), equal 3. Susan Ridout (Orange Squash) and Gerald Pittam (an orange). 11-15 years 1. Graham Fraser (Wee Scotie), 2. Leslie Bates (news of the World), 3. Terry Sills (Dutch Boy). All the other competitors received a prize.

Adults: 1. Paddy Mullins and Cliff Markham (Two Hobos), 2. Michael Mullins (Nathaniel Titlark), 3. Kenneth Evans (Lost 1 Kentucky Minstrel).

When Mr. Arthur Cowley called for applause to the fancy dress entrants, one donkey must have thought it was a signal to start a race, and Mr. Cliff Markham had to cling to the reins to halt it.
Prior to Mrs. H. T. Geary declaring the fete open, Mr. Arthur Cowley, chairman of the Village Hall Committee, welcomed the Hanslope friends. He said the Hall fund stood at £928, with grants amounting to £532, which left them with still £100 to raise to reach their objective. He paid tribute to the residents for their help at all times.
Mr. H. T. Geary in speaking for his wife, said there and always seemed to be a feeling of friendship between “our family” and Castlethorpe we receive the hand of fellowship and a very warm welcome extended to us,” he said. Mr. Geary said the village was fortunate in having such lovely grounds as Castlethorpe Lodge put at its disposal, and he was pleased to support their worthy cause, Mr. Geary recalled that as a young man he attended functions at Castlethorpe and their hall was always crowded. Only just recently he had attended a harvest supper there and he knew how welcome an extended hall would be to Castlethorpe residents. “You have an energetic committee who are going to quickly have a nice a hall as anywhere in the district.” Said Mr. Geary. He knew the committee had gone to a lot of work fathoming out the cost of all the things necessary, including the furniture required. “You are going to spend money on something that will be useful for your village for all times. Then I think you will have a hall that you will be pleased with and that will place Castlethorpe on the map as an old English village.” Concluded Mr. Geary.Mrs. Geary declared the fete open.
Thanks to the Hanslope visitors and to Mr. and Mrs. Whiting were voiced in appreciative terms by Mr. B. Tapp, vice-chairman of the Hall committee.
Mrs. Geary was handed a bouquet by the carnival queen (a gift from Mrs. and Miss Clarke).

There were numerous stalls and sideshows, and those in charge were: Mrs. D. Belton, Mrs. H. Gray, Mrs. C. Dea.. (ice-cream and soft drinks), Mrs. Harold Cook, Mrs. R. Welch, Mrs. A. Bavington, Mrs. E. Fraser, Miss U. Coey, (jumble and pound stall); Mrs. J. Carpenter, Mrs. J. Bavington (housey-housey); Miss Josie Lane, Miss Ann Gray (spinning-jenny); Mr. W. Kettle (ground skittles, prize leg of mutton), winner Mr. W. Booth; Mr. J. West, Miss P. Bates (peg in board); Mrs. A. Cowley and Mrs. S. Thomas (tombola); Mr. M. Mullins and Mr. K. Evans (darts); Mr. S. Nicholls (horse-racing); Mr. T. West (penny in the bath and hidden treasure).

A competition for a wrist watch was run by Mr. B. Tapp and Mr. J. Gray, the winner being Mr. B. Checkley.

Refreshments were served in the Dutch barn by; Mesdames E. Homer (convenor), S. Thomas, J. Brown, B. Mothersole, T. West, J. Robinson, B. Stevens, J. McMillan, B. Evans, N. West, E. Fraser, and Mrs. Ray.
During the late afternoon an hour’s display of maypole and country dancing was given by school children under the direction of the school staff Miss Buxton and Miss Eakins.
A social evening for the young people in the Carrington Hall concluded the day’s events. Music was provided by the girl’s youth club. Music in the grounds of the Castlethorpe Lodge was arranged by Mr. D. Pickett and in charge of Mr. F. Keeves and Mr. E. Booth.
Mr. Ron West, Hall Committee secretary, did a lot of hard work in the preliminary arrangements.
Gate stewards were: Merrs. G. White, F. Sawbridge, C. Hancock, and Belton.