Fetes & Village Hall Re-Opening

The Wolverton Express 30 May 1958

Carnival Queen

After the reopening of the Village Hall, a social and dance was held, and during the evening the carnival queen and attendants for the forthcoming fete in August were chosen. Mr. and Mrs. Elder, of Cosgrove, and daughter selected Maureen Synott as queen, and Marlene Tapp, Pauline Synott, Caroline Bibby and Sally Cooper as attendants. (See more about the opening at the bottom of this page.)

The Wolverton Express 30 May 1958


Successful conclusion to years of hard work by Castlethorpe village hall committee, which is made up of representatives of all the organised bodies in the village, and a generous response from the residents, was the re-opening of the Carrington Hall on Saturday evening after extensive modernisation and improvements.

The hall, which was given to the village by the Marquess of Lincolnshire, a member of the Carrington family, about 70 years ago, had fallen into disrepair, but has now been transformed into a bright and modern building that many villages much larger than Castlethorpe would be proud to own.

Cost £1,600

Mention of the success of the undertaking was made on Saturday by Mr. B. C. Tapp, vice-chairman of the committee, who, after welcoming those present, recalled that the modernisation and extension of the hall had cost £1,600, of which the residents had raised approximately £1,000 by social events in the last ten years. A grant of just over £500 had been received from the Ministry of Education, leaving £70 still to be found to clear the cost, and which he hoped would be raised during the summer.

The hall is run by a committee representative of all the organisations in the village, with the parish council as trustees. Mr. Tapp specially thanked the Women’s Institute for raising funds and mentioned the hard work that had been carried out by the committee secretary, Mr. Ron West.

First View

Mr. Harry Dolling officially handed over the hall from the parish council to the committee, and Mr. E. J. Whiting, J. P., unlocked the hall door to give the residents their first view of the up-to-date building.
The hall has a new roof and in addition to extension to the floor space, toilet, a cloakroom, and kitchen have been provided, with new furniture and fittings. Almost half the £1,000 raised in the village has come to hand in the revived efforts during the past three years by the just over 500 residents. Chairman of the committee is Mr. Arthur Bywater treasurer, and two representatives from each of the organisations.

The Wolverton Express 13 June 1958


The first British Legion fete at Castlethorpe for many years was held last Saturday in the grounds of Castlethorpe Lodge, by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting. Before the opening a large number of children in fancy dress paraded through the village and were judged when they returned to the Lodge.
Mrs. R. Dickens, of Moulton, Northampton, in opening the fete wished it every success. The British Legion was in need of new blood and of young people with enthusiasm, said Mrs. Dickens, and she hoped that the women’s section being formed in Castlethorpe would gain many members.
Mrs. Dickens was presented with a bouquet by the Castlethorpe Carnival Queen, Miss Dorothy Belton and was thanked by the Rev. D. Wingate (Vicar).

Archery Demonstration

Later in the afternoon an archery demonstration was given by patients of the National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital. There eight archers, six men and two women, who came with their instructor, Mr. T. S. Hill, and helpers, Miss Janet Woods, Mr. J. Groves and Mrs. S. Pratt. Included in their demonstration was a display of archery darts.
After teas had been served in the barn and the stallholders had sold their goods, a demonstration was given by Wolverton Division of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, with Ambulance Officer Mr. W. J. Richardson. The team was Messrs. W. Ditum, W. Clark, P. Lantbery, G. Webb, and J. Green.
Judges of fancy dress were: Mrs. R. Dickens, Mrs. J. Whiting, Mrs. D. Wingate, Mrs. J. Trace, and Mrs. R. Wear. Winners were: Girls (3-5 years) 1. Estelle Tapp (Little Miss Muffett), 2. Pauline Webster (Queen of Hearts). 3. Annette Nichols (Little Nurse). (6-10) 1. Marlene Tapp (Windmill), 2. Barbara Smith (Minuet), 3. Linda Nichols (Hula-hula girl), 4. Jennifer Marks (Belisha Beacon).
Boys 1. Gerald Pittam (television set). (6-11 years) 1. John Pittam (Belisha Beacon). 2. Stanley Keeves (British Legion Badge). Girls (11-15 years) 1. Susan Lane (The Sack), 2. Caroline Bibby (Cleopatra), 3. Rita Sills (Hula-hula girl), 4. Jane Bavington (British Legion Badge).


Stallholders were: Mrs. N. Cowley. Mrs. A. Bavington, Mrs. R. Mills, Miss J. Bates, Miss Dorothy Belton, Miss Ann Gray, Mrs. S. Pike, Mr. J. Fraser, Mrs. H. Ray, Mrs. E. Ray, Mrs. J. White, Mrs. M. Keeves, Mrs. R. Welch, Mr. A. Meacham, Mr. G. White (gate), Mr. H. Homer, Mr. J. Carpenter, Mr. D. E. Sills, Miss U. Coey, Mrs. H. Gray; Mesdames J. Carpenter, S. Thomas, A. Cook, T. Homer, T. West, D. Pittam, and J. Lane (refreshments).

There were also some very well known characters around the fete depicting Walter Gabriel (Mr. J. Carpenter), Mrs. Perkins (Mr. F. Keeves), Dan Archer (Mr. J. Gray), Doris Archer (Mr. S. Thomas), Tom Forrest (Mr. S. Nichols), and Prue Harris (Mr. N. West).

The fete was organised by Mr. A. J. Bavington, and Mr. A. J. Cowley (secretary), and committee of Messrs. H. Homer, N. West, F. Keeves, J. Carpenter, S. Thomas, J. Gray, D. Canning, S. Nichols, H. Cook, D. Prickett, and R. Painter. A whist drive was held in the evening in the Carrington Hall. Winners of the whist drive were: ladies, Mrs. L. Bates, Mrs. J. Fraser and Mrs. Denton (Hanslope), and Mrs. P. Limbrey; gents, Mr. J. Sawbridge, Mr. T. Clare (Hanslope), Mr. B. Tapp, Mrs. A. Bavington and Mrs. Ward. The MC was Mrs. Welch.
Total amount taken at the fete was £84.

The Wolverton Express 08 August 1958

Queen - Maureen Synnott crowned by Dorothy Belton
Maureen Synnott being crowned by Dorothy Belton the attendants were, Pauline Synnott, Caroline Bibby, Gerald Pittam, Marlene Tapp, Sally Cooper
Left to right: Pauline Synnott, Caroline Bibby, Gerald Pittam, Marlene Tapp, Sally Cooper

“Queen” at Castlethorpe

Castlethorpe’s second Carnival Queen, 14, year old Maureen Synott, being crowned by the former Queen, Dorothy Belton, at the fete last Saturday. Attendants are Sally Cooper, Caroline Bibby, Marlene Tapp, Pauline Synnott, with page Gerald Pittam.

Record Fancy Dress Turn-Out for the Castlethorpe Fete

Castlethorpe re-captured the pre-war carnival spirit last Saturday when a fancy dress procession and a fete were held in the grounds of The Lodge, by kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting. The Hall committee had practically the whole village behind them and the 48 in fancy dress was easily a record for the village and surpassed many town efforts of a similar nature.
The representations by individuals was varied and topical. It was a certainty for “God bless the Prince of Wales” to gain premier award, and the most topical was “Castle”-thorpe, a child being surrounded by a cardboard castle.
The chief feature of the programme was the crowning of the Carnival Queen-dark-haired, pretty 14-year-old Maureen Synnott who had the mauve crown placed in position by the first and retiring “Queen” Miss Dorothy Belton.
Those in fancy costume assembled on the village square, and the queen and her attendants were conveyed there by a tractor-driven trailer by Mr. C. Hancock. The Queen was daintily attired in a white net full-length dress with long mauve cloak. Dorothy Belton said it gave her great pleasure to crown Maureen as she was sure she would carry out her duties to the best of her ability. Maureen said she was very proud and honoured to be crowned the village carnival queen. She was proud to follow in the footsteps of Dorothy.
Maureen was handed a posy of red carnations and pink and white posies were given to the attendants. Sally Cooper, Caroline Bibby, Marlene Tapp, Pauline Synnott, and page boy Gerald Pittam.
Maureen is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Synnott, of the Chequers, Castlethorpe.

Village Parade

With Tom West as parade marshal attired in old English style with high hat, the parade moved off to tour the village. It was led by a lorry (driver) Mr. M. Smith conveying members of the British Legion, who depicted a South Sea Island scene. The group of Messrs. J. Bavington, N. West, S. Thomas, S. Nicholls, F. Keeves, J. Gray and John Sawbridge, were dressed as hula-hula girls in grass dresses, and sang popular songs, led by a piano-accordion. Residents were most generous in their response to the collectors, the sum of £6 5s. being subscribed.
Those in fancy costume were judged by Mrs. J. Sawbridge, of Castlethorpe, Mrs. A. Paton and Miss Nancy Paton, of Hill Farm, Haversham. With ominous clouds approaching the judging was speeded up and a short opening ceremony was just concluded when the rain came down in torrents. Everyone was able to get under cover without getting really wet. The paddock grass was so wet that the stalls had to be transferred to the gravel and brisk business was done.

Not In Debt

Mr. Arthur Cowley welcomed the visitors and thanked Mrs. J. Sawbridge for her presence to open the fete. Mr. Cowley said the hall fund had a balance of £40 and was not in debt, as some people were under the impression. The fete was to raise money in order that they could make internal improvements to the hall. “Although the hall does not look all that good from outside it is very nice inside”, said the chairman.
Mrs. Sawbridge was only able to declare the fete open before rain fell. She was handed a bouquet by the “Queen”, and Mrs. Sawbridge handed gifts to the “Queen” and attendants. The page was given a pen and pencil.
In the evening members of the Women’s Institute gave the mime “A bench in the park”, which was most amusing.

Some of the 48 entrants to Castlethorpe's fancy dress parade assembled on The Square before touring the village prior to the judging in the grounds of The Lodge

Some of the 48 entrants to Castlethorpe's fancy dress parade assembled on
The Square before touring the village prior to the judging in the grounds of The Lodge

Fancy-Dress Awards

Up to 5 years, 1. Estelle Tapp (Spanish girl), 2. Rosemary Cooper (harebell), 3. Susan Keeves (Welsh girl, Land of Song); girls 6 to 10, 1. Pamela Vaughan (Bo-Peep), 2. Linda Nicholls (Eastern lady), 3. Pamela Hitchcock (Dutch boy); girls 11 to 15 1. Susan Ridout, 2. Ruth Marks (Statue of Liberty), 3. Jane Bavington (Red Indian); boys 11 to 15 1. John Pittam (God bless the Prince of Wales), 2. Graham Fraser (the Devil), 3. Stanley Keeves (village sweep); adults (men), 1. F. Keeves (hula girl), 2. K. Evans (Red Indian), 3. Sid Thomas (hula girl); women, Pat Lane and Pat Fraser (‘obby horses), 2. Dorothy Pittam, Josie Lane and Christine Ward (minstrel trio), 3. Mrs. A. Cowley (village hall whist player); most original, Judith Grace (“Castle-thorpe”). All others taking part received prizes.
Competitions: nobbly knees (judges Miss Capman and Mrs. Simpkins), winner Mr. C. Hancock; shapeliest ankles (judges Mr. Poppycock, Luton, and Mr. Evan, Slough), winner Mrs. Wilkins.

Many Willing Helpers

There was a willing band of workers for the stalls and sideshows. Helpers: Josie Lane, Dorothy Pittam, and Christine Ward (children’s tombola); Mr. F. Keeves and Mr. Norman West (holiday spinner). £9 3s. Mr. C. Hancock, Mr. J. Carpenter, and Mrs. J. Bavington (housey-housey); Mrs. H. Gray and Miss Ursula Coey (iced drinks and minerals), £2 8s. Miss Coey, Mr. B. Tapp and Mrs. Welsh (competitions); Miss Coey dressed a doll for competition and £6 0s. 5d was raised, Mr. John West and Miss Bates (post office), £6 5s.; Mr. Tom West, Mr. S. Nicholls, Mr. S. Thomas and Mr. D. Pittam (ground skittles), £3; Mrs. J. Bavington and Mrs. Smith (adult tombola).
Gate stewards were Messrs. R. Holt, G. White, F. Sawbridge, and H. Dolling, and £4

Mrs. N. West and Mrs. T. West (produce), £1 11s. Refreshments were served by Mesdames E. Homer (convenor), A. Bavington, P. Chapman, McMillan, and H. Ray. Floating helpers included Messrs. Bert Tapp (vice-chairman), John Gray, D. Canning, and A. Cowley (chairman), Mr. Ron West was fete secretary and Mr. C, Bywater hon. treasurer.
There was a social in the hall to music by Mrs. W. Cook and gramophone records.
Taking on the day were £97 3s. 5d.
Collections round the village £7 8s. 2d.; donations Mrs. Sawbridge, £5; other donations £1 6s. 0d.; raffle of a doll (given by Mrs. J. Whiting and dressed by Mrs. H. Ward), £6; main raffle, £7 16s. 0d; pony rides, £1 0s. 9d.; ground skittles, £3 0s. 6d.; bran tub, £2 2s. 6d.; cake stall, £3 13s. 0d.; produce stall, £1 11s. 0d.; tombola (children’s) £5 11s. 3d.; adults, £8; housey-housey, £5 14s. 0d.; and many smaller items.
Expenses will not be more than £30.
The secretary thanks all who helped to make the day a success, in spite of a thunderstorm at the opening.
Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. J. Whiting for the use of the grounds of Castlethorpe Lodge.