The Wolverton Express 29 June 1962

Miss Castlethorpe, 1962

Queen - Jane Bavington
Jane Bavington - Queen - with some of  her attendants, Yvonne Homer, Annette Nicholls, Susan Frost
Image - Wolverton Express
Attendants were, Rosalind Harper, Yvonne Homer, Annette Nicholls, Susan Frost and page Martin Ray


Although the hall has been paid for, the Castlethorpe Village Hall Committee intends to continue money-raising efforts in preparation for any development in the village.
On Saturday, their sixth fete proved another success from the beginning, with a grand fancy dress parade in the village, headed by a decorated float on which 15-year-old Jane Bavington, this year’s “Miss Castlethorpe” and her attendants travelled.
The proceedings raised £140 which will mean a profit of almost £100, a splendid effort.

For the future

Mr. A. Cowley, the chairman of the committee, said that they had paid for the hall development in Castlethorpe they wanted to raise more money for the future.
He then introduced Mrs. F. Whiting, now of Gayhurst but for a time resident in Castlethorpe, who said she was very pleased to be able to join in the village life which was such a special and friendly part of England. She thanked Mrs. J. Whiting for the use of the pleasant grounds at The Lodge, and added that it would be the last time Mrs. Whiting would act as hostess.
The opener received a bouquet from “Miss Castlethorpe”, and in turn made presentations to Jane Bavington and her retinue.
On behalf of the Committee, Mr. Cowley made a presentation to Mrs. J. Whiting and mentioned the kindness the family had shown throughout their stay in the village. He was pleased that when Mrs. Whiting left the farm she would stay in the village.

Fancy dress

L-R Valerie Carpenter, Blanch Evans, Mary Keeves
L-R Valerie Carpenter, Blanch Evans, Mary Keeves
The fancy dress judges, Mrs. F. Whiting and Mrs. J. Stewart, selected Mr. “Paddy” Mullins as the winner of the adult competition for his entry as becoming and topical “Queen of Ascot”. Other awards went to Mrs. B. Evans (Quality Street), and Mrs. F. Keeves (“Old Mother Hubbard”).
All the competitors received prizes, the top three in other classes being: aged five years, Laura Graham (“Top Ten”), Andrew Webster (Stirling Moss), Avril Ray (“Red riding Hood”).
6-10 years, Debbie Andrews (“French Girl”), Estelle Tapp (“Time Marches On”), Susan Keeeves (“Keep Streets Tidy”): 11-15 years, Gerald Pittam (“Keep Death of the Roads”), Eileen Sibthorpe (“Black and White Minstrel”), Jennifer Marks, Charlene West (“Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom”).
The award for the most original entry went to young Wendy Tipple and Ruth Marks for their novel knock at the Chancellor with a “Take tax of sweets”.
The parade was marshalled by Tom West, and lead by the New Bradwell Silver Band who played throughout the afternoon.
Miss Castlethorpe” with her attendants Susan Frost, Rosalind Harper, Yvonne Smith. Annette Nicholls and page Martin Ray rode on a decorated trailer. The tractor was driven by Mr. John Sawbridge, and the ponies by Mrs H. Hill of Hanslope.

Estelle Tapp as "Time Marches On"
Estelle Tapp as "Time Marches On"

One of the big attractions was an aerial runway which even the “queen” found hard to resist. The scouts of the 2nd Deanshanger Troop were kept busy most of the afternoon.
Helpers were: Miss Carol Keeves secretary, Mr. A. Cowley, Mr. B. Tapp (vice-chairman),: cakes, Mrs. Mullins, Mrs. H. Homer, Mrs. D. Pittam: tombola, Mrs. A. Lane, Mrs. H. Ward, Mrs. J. Frost, Mrs. J. Sawbridge senior, Ruth Sills, Mr. D. Sills: refreshments, Mrs. H. Cook, Mrs. J. Robinson, Mrs. F. Keeves, Miss V. Aldridge, Mrs. B. Stephens, Miss L. Spinnelli, Miss Coey, Mrs. M. Cowley; gate Mr. G. White, Mr. A. Meacham: drinks, Mrs. E. Carter, Mrs. A. Gray, Mrs. J. Marks: holiday spinner, Mr. F. Keeves, Mr. N. West: skittles, Mr. V. West, Mr. K. Evans: pound store, Mrs. F. Lane, Mrs. J. Sawbridge, Mrs. H. Ray: bingo, Mr. D. Cole, Mr. J. Carpenter: pony rides J. Bavington, Anthony Mills, Sandra Hill, Carol Ireson